The Jones: Mail Call VI

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Join us as we discuss disappointing playoff performers, struggle to select an All-American Caucasian Team, and wonder which players would make the best wrestling tag-teams. All that, plus we give away another pair of Skullcandy headphones and hit you with your next prize worthy Q. Keep up the stellar work, All-Stars.


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Contest notes: A winner will be randomly drawn from all video or phone responses to the weekly “Mail Call” question.

Comments (32)

  1. iTunes-feed not working?!

  2. hahahaha, GRAVY BALLS!

  3. Most obvious tag-team: Shaq and LeBron. Like the Andre the Giant and Hogan of basketball.

  4. @J- video iTunes feed is working. Audio feed seems to be stalled. Seems to be a problem on their end. Sorry.

  5. what about Mike Miller for forward?

  6. Wrestling Tag Team: Steve Blake and Joel Pryzbilla. Former teammates, who both practice MMA/boxing in the offseason. They go for the high-low attacks

  7. Mo Williams for poor players, CJ Miles for good players. A reserve guard could have been Chris Quinn.

  8. It’s too bad he retired a few years ago, because the greatest player coach in history would be world famous superstar point guard John Sto….Darrick Martin

  9. Big baby is the best wrestler he could beat Shaq whene he was in college. imagen what he would do now.

  10. That kid that nominated Belinelli will have my job in 10 years.

  11. iTunes audio feed is working now. Thanks for your patience.

  12. Guy I would eliminate without much impact on a team would be Eric Dampier. Player coach of current players I’d go with Lindsay Hunter, Brandon Roy, Grant Hill or Ray Allen. Previous players, John Stockton, either of the Barry brothers, Lambeer, Scottie Pippen and possibly Kirk Hinrich

  13. LeBron’s a pretty shitty coach……

  14. PG: Luke Ridnour
    SG: JJ Redick
    SF: Chase Budinger (no, really – great play in small game time with the Rockets)
    PF: Kevin Love
    C: David Lee

    Bench – Brook Lopez (or Chris Kaman if he’s too hispanic), Ryan Anderson, Troy Murphy, Mike Dunleavy, Mike Miller, Kyle Korver, Jason “White Chocolate” Williams

    Hinrich’s been freaking awful this season, why the hell would you start him?

  15. GREAT call on Joe Johnson. How is this guy going to get max $$ this summer!?

    Kamen is technically German. He changed his citizenship to play for the German National Team.

    What a dumbass.

  16. I second Big Baby Davis as a good wrestler. He lifted Shaq!

  17. DJ Mbenga and Ron Artest would make a great tag team. They’ve already done the matching hair! Plus Mbenga is a black belt.

  18. There are a lot of guys out there who could be interesting wrestlers — but only a few truly ringworthy managers. I think Sloan, PJax and Don Nelson would be great managers.

    Of course, one of the best tag-team championship’s would be Sloan’s Millsap and Fesenko (of course, name would be something like Hammer and Sickle) going up against a Don Nelson led S-Jax and Turiaf team.


    glad someone remembered mike miller in all of this. all-american white boy team would be coached by Coach K, right? they just havta be?

    I’d put harpring on there, evnethough he’s not game worthy. (still tough)

  19. Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye. Worst tag team ever, they would get snapped in half

  20. Ridner? I know Ridnour. Stop drinking the booze so you can pronounce words better. Troy Murphy, Chris Kaman, Ryan Anderson, Chase Budinger, Luke Walton are on the bubble. Mike Miller>Korver (floor game w/ range), Steve Blake>Redick (passing w/ range, though less scoring). As for wrastling, KG is a twig, I thought you would say LeBron (signature move: Akron hammer where he smashes skulls) and Shaq (signature move: anything)

    ***PG: Steve Blake
    SG: Kirk Hinrich
    ***SF: Mike Miller
    PF: Kevin Love
    C: David Lee

  21. I would not like to meet DeJuan Blair in any sort of ring.

  22. where was our centipede explanation?

  23. Perk would be a great pro wrestler, except that he might forget it was fake and rip someone’s arms off.

  24. I’m surprised yall didn’t bring back Nate Rob “putemup putemup putemup.”

    I remember when Sheed had that belt. I was hoping when the Spurs beat them that year that Duncan would walk over and demand it, would’ve been greatness.

    As for tag teams, you could throw in the Lopez boys who could do the old switcheroo when one goes down to play possum and then trick the opponents. Them or a tag team of Dwight Howard and LeBron James would be fun to watch. Both are physical freaks of nature, and I can’t think of anyone who throws more vicious elbows down low than Dwight.

  25. Centipede! Centipede! Centipede!

    A few years ago I might have said Yao Ming for the wrestling question.
    His stage name being something like The Big Red Hope. But these days one shot to the legs and he’d go down like a sack of spuds.

    LVP- Allen Iverson
    Enough said.

  26. Yuck @ KG (does yell, but does not think), Kobe & LBJ (have already a hard time doing what they’re asked in order to win), and Billups (cannot motivate a team to save his life, since he thinks they just have to want it to win) as coaches.

    JKidd, DFish, Grant Hill, Battier and Walton are good picks… Surprise that there is no Nash in here…
    Got to go with someone who got where he is thanks to his intelligence, not his skills, no matter how awesome they may be, that doesnt make a coach…
    The best pick IMO would be Ginobili, because he never seems to take a bad decision on the court, plays hard, plays teamball, is willing to do anything to win AND would protect his players from any rodent trying to invade their hotel rooms… Plus he knows about international ball, which can hardly be underestimated at this point (although he must not be too familiar with the NCAA ball)…

    I love the Dejuan Blair pick at wrestling (sorry, rastling), but there doesnt seem to be another potent wrestler on the Spurs (except if you consider Bonner athletic)…. So yeah, Big Baby and Perk, or maybe Maxiell and Big Ben (especially in his best condition)… I dont mind the M’Benga/Artest pick either…

    Btw, is the KD that comments here Dwyer?

  27. skeets, the monopoly man! who gave u a get-outa-jail free card?!?! Nice shirt!

  28. Best wrestler, Varajao. (sp)? Artest, Varajao tag team. Best Sumo wrestler? Charles Barkley

  29. Amazing when you compare an all white American team to an all white world team…


  30. I’ll third the Grant Hill as player-coach nomination.

  31. You guys are overlooking one of the main problems of having a coach on the floor. Jason Kidd be running him over the whole game trying to draw technicals.

  32. Don’t forget Mike Miller

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