Ep. 565: Domination

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas wonder if the Hawks or Jazz can keep their series close. Is there any way to stop Dwight? Has Mike Woodson already lost his job? Can the Jazz get past the Lakers’ bigs? All that, plus Joe Johnson’s horrible passing, Kobe’s effective distribution and a warning not to play the Kevin McHale drinking game.

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Comments (16)

  1. @Travis, dude i hope you get a chance to read this since i know that you’re a fan to tbj and ball don’t lie like i am but i just wanted to commend you on your thoughts on the whole “los suns” post yesterday because for the most part i totally agree with you. I don’t understand how people can’t see how flawed of a law it is and can be a gateway to worse things. I remember when i was kid learning about nazi germany and being very confused about how so many people in that country could let someone like hitler get in power and let it get to the level that it got, now i’m not saying we’re going down that road but it’s very disappointing to see that we got the same kind of ‘tards in this country. You hit the nail on the head though when you said “nothing like a discussion about racism to bring out all the racists”.

    well anyways i just wanted to say that, since you took so much sh!t on ball don’t lie yesterday (i don’t think i’ve ever seen that many comments on a BDL post befor lol). i may call you an idiot when it comes to sports talk but that’s just friendly trash talking between fans of different teams so it’s good to see that you have a good head on your shoulders despite the fact that you’re a blazers fan lol jk.

  2. oops forgot to say great show guys lol

  3. I’m a day behind so sorry 4 writing bout LeBron today but there’s something i want to say. Usually I leave my comments short and stupid but…

    LBJ is going to be compared to MJ when all is over and done, right? When looking at LBJ’s numbers, how can one not? Personally, when I was watching him score 25 straight against the Pistons I was quietly hoping there was another “MJ like” that made your eyes stick to the TV.

    But with this elbow sh!t… ugrrh.

    This is a man’s game. LBJ seems like a child. Playing for the media, not for the Championship. Even if the Cavs win this series, it doesn’t seem that’s his No.1 priority.

    You never let your enemy know you are bleeding. You take that free throw with your right hand and move on to the next round.

    “Don’t let them see you’re hurt. If they see you hurt, they’re gonna come after you more and more.” – MJ to Horace Grant, 1991 against Detroit Pistons
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvB0stzkpWE (6:40)

  4. Artest had his hands on the ball the whole game. How many deflections and steals did he accrue? Jamiroquai! And who is the girl?!

  5. I agree with you about the Magic-Hawks series, Tas, but I don’t think you’re giving enough credit to the Celtics. The Cavs should, and probably will, win that series, but the Celtics are talented and are not going to give up (unlike ATL)–I think that will be a solid series.

  6. Come on, guys, Al Horford is not that undersized a center, per se. And, playing against Dwight Horward, almost everyone could be called undersized.

  7. Al Hoford and Dwight Horward, exactly.

  8. Hey thanks, illmatic-1, you just made my morning. Really appreciate it. I was fortunate to catch that post right away. I wanted to get some thoughts up in support of the Suns and Trey’s post because we know how quickly hatred and bigotry come out in blog comments. Then Yahoo! threw it to their main page and it caught fire. I went through a few pages and saw that some guy just kept copying and pasting some racist bullshit column from Michelle Malkin. Sad.

    Anyway, always happy to be a lightning rod on an issue like this. If people are going to get upset with my comments about the Arizona law, then it’s going to reveal some pretty bad things about them. The Suns just kicked my Blazers’ ass, but what a good move by the team. I’m pulling for them all the way out now.

  9. @illmatic-1: Looks like my second comment in that discussion got deleted by Yahoo!, which is pretty funny because there are about 8,000 comments on that post that deserve censorship more than mine did. Probably got flagged by 8,000 people.

  10. No woah boy? Guess Bryant’s line did have the 7 TOs.

  11. Wow. Where did you find today’s ‘cover picture’? Me likey. Feel free to send me a link.

  12. @Travis: wow your comment did get deleted, comments are up past 11,000 now, much of it pure anger, and threats to boycott the Suns from people. Kind of disgusting how peoples’ true nature comes out when given the anonymity of the ‘net. The Sun’s organization has my respect and so does Popovich from what i saw on TNT last night.

    @Grasssroots: Dwight Howard was the woah boy, how do you miss that? I’m starting to not like distributer kobe which i thought was a good thing for the lakers but along with distributer kobe usually comes turnover kobe.

  13. Great, great show today guys!
    Loved it!

  14. Great call on Artest needing some sort of extrinsic motivation. You guys may not be familiar with the Jazz’ secret weapon agaonst Artest: Matt Harpring. Too bad he’s in the studio booth doing commentary and not suting up.


    Lakers are fantastic when they go inside, and not settle for outside jumpers. Ross Siler (sltrib) talked about how this series also appears less urgent for the Jazz because a) they are going to lose, and b) beating the Nuggets w/o 2 starters was a surprise. Some of the Jazz guys may see this as playing with house money — hence, well, you know, being down 2-0. (which was supposed to be what happened in the Denver series but did not)

  15. @illmatic-1: Well now I’m pretty pissed off. They deleted my other comment where I quoted the law. Fuck Yahoo!’s censorship. They’ll allow 10k+ to be racist bigots in the blog comments, but if I compare the Arizona law to Nazi law, I get deleted.

  16. The Cavaliers are going to totally dominate the Celtics? Really, Tas Melas? The same Cavs who have lost home court advantage and came close to being down 2-0. I look forward to you eating your words when the Celtics either win the series or push the Cavs to the brink.

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