Ep. 566: Los Ganadores

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas enter a world where Los Suns are no longer San Antonio’s doormat. How did the run-and-gun Suns shoot only 42% and win? Why in hell is Tim Duncan guarding Grant Hill? Should the Spurs bring Manu Ginobili off the bench in Game 3? All that, plus the Spurs’ not-so Killer B’s, Nash’s left hand and Kevin Harlan’s booming voice. (Reminder: Don’t forget to make your TBJ Book-Off picks.)


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Comments (12)

  1. watching last nights game i came to realize that it doesn’t matter who wins the series, either team is screwed against the Lakers. the suns would be the worst match up Amare guarding Pau, anyone vs Bynum (the suns cant seem to guard him). Even hill on Kobe is bad match up. the spurs are about the same cuz if lou and amare out rebound you well lets just say their screwed.

  2. Los Basketball Jones… kills me everytime you call Tony Parker – TP! It’s hilarious and just wrong on so many levels. Headlines:

    - TP starts rolling in the 4th quarter
    - TP gets down and dirty
    - Another grind-it-out victory for TP
    - Eva Longoria can’t live without TP

  3. Skeets is correct. Frye won’t be raining 3′s in SA. Series goes back to Phoenix 2-2 and the pressure will be on the Suns reserves.

  4. - TP earns a come-back-from-behind victory

  5. Did Melas really just say “They’re humans, man” about Tim Duncan?

  6. It’s certainly likely that the Suns bench won’t be as potent in San Antonio as it was in Phoenix. But @Mike: Frye averaged 10.1 PPG and shot 40.2% on 3s on the road this season (vs. 12.3 PPG and 47.3% on 3s at home). So I’d expect a minor dropoff, but nothing drastic.

  7. Just watching the past three Overdose episodes this morning and wanted to say:

    Please do more of the random phone calls, they were hilarious. The guy that just hung up on Skeets was classic haha. Also, kind of cool that you mentioned Justin Bieber and being from the same hometown as him Skeets, because you guys mentioned thinking of Pamela Anderson when you think Canadian, and I’m from the same town where she was born. Just wanted to give my thoughts as I catch up on the Overdose. Keep up the good work. More Matt, same amount of chat.

    Loving the daily show as always, as well as the mail bag shows. Go Magic.

  8. You’re making way too much about the Phoenix bench on the road. Like AJR said, Frye doesn’t drop off much, Dragic dips a percentage point from 40% to 39% and Dudley shoots 50% from 3 on the road!

    But it doesn’t matter, these guys bring the energy and grit no matter where they play, the real question is will being at home be enough for the Spur’s bench to match their intensity.

    Also, about TP coming off the bench. I think Pop finds the Suns’ bench to be such a problem that he feels the need to have 1 of the big 3 in for the majority of the time the Suns’ bench is playing. He did the same thing in the last regular season meeting subbing out Ginobili early and bringing him back when the Suns bench was coming in.

  9. Pop doesn’t use his best bench player at all! Malik Hairston is getting no burn and he can play circles around Bogans. I just don’t get it!

  10. Suns bench played pretty well in the last series in Portland (game 3 & 6). It will be interesting to see how Spurs’ role players react, though.

    I think the reason bench players play worse on the road is because they get fewer minutes and a tighter leash (coaches over-react to the crowd when a bench player makes a mistake, panic, and send their starters back in too early).

  11. sorry for being a complete noob saibot but i am lost on how to make and send in a video message. i got a web cam and everything,

    go easy on the well deserved jokes.

  12. My Salamander friend, you can email in to tbj@thescore.com

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