Ep. 570: Broom Broom

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas say goodbye to two more second-round series. Will the Magic’s weak competition hurt them in the East Finals? Did Joe Johnson’s May play cost himself millions in free agency? And are the Lakers playing their best basketball of the season? Those answers, plus Matty O cleans house.

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Comments (9)

  1. I don’t think Joe Johnson gets a max contract. The guy can’t get to the rim anymore, poor defense, volume shooter who doesn’t make a high percentage of them…and that was all known before the playoffs this year.

  2. Hey TBJ crew,
    Another great show.
    What do you think was a more important last for the Jazz? Was Kirilenko or Okur? I think the match-up and Laker’s bigs make Okur the bigger lost although the better player is AK.

  3. As a Bulls fan, I really hope they don’t go after Joe Johnson after this performance.

  4. joe johnson has proved he is not a number one guy in this series. and guys, would you pick it up a little bit? geez. i want to win something and if 450 names go in a hat, i wont win. thanks guys, you rock!

  5. So why did you keep saying Boozer was the best point guard, while having a picture of Deron Williams on the screen?

    COME ON GUYS!!!!!!1

    Sorry for yelling. I need to go lie down now.

  6. I’ll echo Tas’ opinion that Joe Johnson did not play himself out of a max contract this summer. Do I believe he deserves one? No. But, as Tas said, there are so many teams out there with loads of cap room and only 3 players who deserve the max. But I feel bad for the fans of the team that pays JJ or Boozer max money.

    They are good players and a bad series should not take away from that. But teams should only pay such a large chunk of their available cap room if the guy is going to produce at a near MVP level. You need to say to yourself: “is this guy going to be in the top 5 for MVP votes for at least the next few years?”

  7. 2 f bombs Skeets… thats Boozer passion.

    Steve Nash is still the best point guard. CP3 did surpass him breifly.

  8. 32nd! Hurray! Lovin the Disney pic

  9. I think there’s only one guy in ’010 worthy of a max contract: Dwayne Wade…

    The reason: have you ever seen a Wade-led team underachieve?
    Their only terrible season (the Heat) was when he was injured…

    And you can’t say recent Cavs or Raptors teams haven’t underachieved…

    LBJ and Bosh have the best skills arsenal, but D-Wade is way better when comming to leadership and passion…. If you have Bosh or LBJ on your team, you have to have another vocal leader… Not so much with Wade….

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