The Jones: Mail Call VII

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Join us as we discuss underrated mid-range jump shooters, the NBA’s catchy — albeit not particularly dramatic — playoff commercials, and some All-NBA anomalies. All that, plus we give away a new pair of Skullcandy headphones and hit you with another prize worthy Q. Keep the goods coming, folks.


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Comments (26)

  1. When you took the question regarding the All-NBA teams, I was surprised you didn’t speak about Bosh being left off all three teams. Why, because his team didn’t make the playoffs? Just like All-Star selection, this is an individual award. How can you leave Bosh off?

  2. Good point. Bosh and Rondo would make my teams.

  3. With regards to the best mid-range shooters, I would definitely put Luis Scola in the conversation. He doesn’t create his own shots at that distance, but his jumper from the elbow is money, and it caused a ton of problems for the Blazers in the playoffs last year when they doubled Yao.

  4. Is it just me, or does the guy in the opening of the Bud Light Lime ad above look like a spitting image of the Congolese sensation – Mr. Dikembe Mutombo? Odd, but I feel like going out and purchasing some brews to see if I can start swatting away shots with the same authority as he.

    Well played Anheuser, well played.

  5. a) Who is this IMPOSTOR with the obviously FAKE NAME of “Trey W?” Nice try!

    b) Yeah, it’s Steve Porter.

  6. best mid-range game in my opinion is kobe. the reason i take kobe is because the difficulty of some of the shots he takes, it always seems like kobe takes the mid-range turnaround spinning the opposite way and re-positioning himself while in the air and of course sinks it. love that shot. i would give more input but i have to “get back into my game” (i know it’s our)

  7. and the usual suspects is a very good movie, just thought i’d throw that in there.

  8. That music used behind the compilation should have been retired after Tas’ Hedo video. Hedo should also have been retired after Tas’ Hedo video.

  9. Best mid-range game: Brandon Roy.

    Or, underrated mid-range game? I dunno–get to the goddamn rim!

  10. I’m surprised no one mentioned Nate Robinson for Least Valuable Player.

    He contributes nothing, both in games and in practice, since he’s not a suitable defender to practice against, or a reasonable offensive example to defend against in practices. Get this clown out of the NBA.

  11. Amare Stoudemire has a pretty nice mid-range jumper.

    DJ Steve Porter did do the NBA auto-tunes. The Magic Johnson commercial they are referring to is:

    The problem with going Bigs & Smalls is what about the tweeners (3 & 4s) like Lamar Odom & Rashard Lewis or any SG in Mike D’Antoni’s system? Why don’t we just do All-NBA team regardless of position?

  12. Oh, I meant Amare has an under-rated mid-range jumper. People talk a lot about him bulldozing inside, but he uses his mid-range game to keep defenses honest.

  13. Not best, but definitely underrated: Jameer Nelson

    If you watch any game of the playoffs this year Jameer will pick and choose his spots within 3-4 feet of the 3pt line and just drain jumpers.

  14. Luke Ridnour as LVP?? Because he steals minutes from Jennings? You’ve got to be kidding. Ridnour was super-efficient AND super-consistent this year. LVP… That’s not funny, dude. Jennings needed 6.4 shots more than Ridnour to make 1.5 shots more. I’m not saying the rookie had a terrible season, I’m saying the Bucks have one of the league’s best PG tandems. LVP… Good lord!

  15. THOSE PLAYOFF ADS ARE AWFUL! I get shivers down my spine when the old twinkly Where Amazing Happens ads come on. What in the hell happened to them?

  16. he doesn’t play anymore, but terrell brandon was SIIICCCKKK from mid-range

  17. DAYNJAHHHH!!!! is that the same song as when tas was turkogluing the streets of toronto?

  18. Good ears danga.

  19. I think there’s only one guy in ’010 worthy of a max contract: Dwayne Wade…

    The reason: have you ever seen a Wade-led team underachieve?
    Their only terrible season (the Heat) was when he was injured…

    And you can’t say recent Cavs or Raptors teams haven’t underachieved…

    LBJ and Bosh have the best skills arsenal, but D-Wade is way better when comming to leadership and passion…. If you have Bosh or LBJ on your team, you have to have another vocal leader… Not so much with Wade….

  20. As for must UNDERRATED midgame in nba… i would have to go with raymond felton…. he lives off this shot every game…. ‘cats rely on him to make a few of these to get their momentum going

  21. Will someone please explain to me how Duncan isnt a power forward. He’s pretty much THE standard for that position.

  22. @ Noah

    Duncan is 7 ft. tall, plays mostly in the post on offense, almost always guards the other team’s center, and is almost always the biggest guy on the court for his team. I think all those reasons override the fact that the Spurs prefer to call him a power forward.

    And, if you think about it, Duncan has a real incentive to pretend he’s not a center. In terms of all-star selection, he’ll get shafted by the Yao vote if he’s listed at center. Plus, in discussions about all-time greats, if you list him at center, he falls behind Wilt, Russell, Olajuwon, Shaq, and even D. Robinson too. But if you list him at PF, suddenly he’s in the conversation to be the best ever. If not the best then, at worst, 3rd best behind Malone and Barkley.

    I think Duncan is well aware of all this and that’s why he wants to be called a PF.

  23. Ridnour was a serious candidate for most improved, I thought, not LVP.

    Anyway, CP3 is the best point guard in the league, hands down. (Nash, DWill, Rondo are 2-4 in some order, Billups is 5). It shouldn’t even be a debate.

    Also, KG still has a very good midrange game

  24. Best midrange game among bigs (after Nowitzki) is Zach Randolph. Automatic, even with a hand in his face. He’s more known for his low post game, but anybody who’s watched him over the last few years knows he’s a deadly shooter from 16-18 feet out. Gasol/Stoudemire can shoot from that range but only if they’re open.

    LVP should be Chris Duhon. He didn’t score, he didn’t distribute, he didn’t play d, he didn’t get in the lane on offense, and he slowed down the fast break. How this man starts at PG for anyone, even a team as crappy as the Knicks is beyond explanation.

  25. grant hill has pulled up SO many times with that mid-range jumper. he hits a bunch almost every game.

  26. It’s like TBJ meets Dazed and Confused!

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