Skeets and Tas take a walk in the park to set up the Western Conference Finals.


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Comments (27)

  1. I don’t see this going beyond 6 games. Lakers in 5, max 6

  2. No Habs-Pens recap? Where’s Matty O when you need him…

    Did you guys get to see the old chinese guys doing Tai Chi in Grange Park?

    Ohh.. right… basketball… Key for the Suns is to double Pau and let Kobe/Fish/Ron jack shots. I know those guys shot well a couple games against Utah, but none of those guys are consistent shooters from the perimeter and I wouldn’t expect it to continue. Box out Pau/Bynum deep to avoid tip-ins.

    For the Lakers, double Nash at the top of the circle and get it out of his hands. Simple as that.

  3. Steve Nash got old neck. (Leon voice.)

    Suns in 6. Remember, they’re just as hot as the Lakers right now, and J-Rich’s open looks are coming on busted plays, transition, off turnovers, etc. From the set offense, the Suns are okay with RonRon trying to smother J-Rich. They’ve got other options. Fish can’t guard Nash, Dragic, or Barbosa. The Suns have been good enough in the postseason to weather bad (or absent) games from just about every guy, winning when Nash played poorly, Amare hardly shot, J-Rich had shaky nights, Hill didn’t score for basically three quarters. I think, and hope, the Suns will prove you guys wrong.

  4. J-Rich vs Kobe/Ron Artest is the key to me. If Jason Richardson can get free, Suns will win.

  5. I’m a little more optimistic about the Suns’ bench being able to put up points than maybe you guys are (especially Dudley and Frye’s ability yto hit big 3s and if J-Rich can spend some time on the floor without Artest in hs face getting set up buy Barbosa and Dragic.) But having a healthy (well, PRESENT, anyway) Bynum will help the Lakers where Phil Jackson’s teams have been quite mediocre at times in recent years: their pick and roll defense. If Nash can’t get go to those plays with Amare in the 3rd and 4th, I wouldn’t be surprised to see STAT average points in the teens, which just won’t be enough. I think each team gets a road win. Lakers in 7.

  6. I’m glad you guys are picking the Lakers, given your record in the Cavs/Celtics series I think that bodes well. Everyone is underestimating the heart of this Suns team and that is just the way they like it. Suns are going to shock the world: Suns in 6 – bring on the Magic!!

  7. Jones… It’s up to the suns if they’ll gonna make this a series at all. Lets see if they’ll have enough mental toughness vs the champs, i think that’s the key.

    If the Lakers will win games 1 and 2 in convincing manner, then i don’t see this going the distance.
    Lakers in 4!

  8. That squirrel saw his shadow, therefore …

    Lakers in 5.

  9. @Ryall everyone is underestimating the suns? i don’t think so c’mon everyone and their mothers is picking the feel good story. I say Lakers in 5 or 6, the suns are rolling on two teams with little fight in them. if they were as good as people say they would have swept the Blazers. Bynum has destroyed the suns this year save one game and Pau is better than Amare. Kobe is gonna destroy hill and or J rich, he can post up both those weak boys. the only bright spot for the suns excluding the bench(which could drop off lets face it their a bench) is Nash if they win or have a chance at winning he needs to score more forcing doubles away from rich. i love my Lakers but Fish is killing us with his Defense, and because of J rich’s play Kobe cant switch on him. So lets see if captain Canada can exploit fisher. P.s Nash needs to play better defense as well if he lets fish hit 3 balls consistently in this series they’ll lose in 4.

  10. TBJ are you guys gonna do the Celtics and Magic preview tomorrow, if the Celtics win tonight? since overdose is on Friday.

  11. @Nick Incredible Habs win last night. Even got Skeets to watch the game. He got into it.

  12. I was waiting for a typical beginning of TBJ show with mathew saying something for the habs!

  13. Get ready to eat crow, Suns in 6.

  14. i know its just the angle of j-rich’s arm but that looks like an un-photoshoped wanker of the week photo lol

  15. Lots of good points in there. And in the comments. I’m really interested to see how this series goes.

    Gasol/Bynum/Odom are just a beastly combination when they’re all healthy. That is an absolutely rediculous frontcourt, in my opinion, heads above any other in the league (it would be interesting to see whether Boston could contain them this time). Throw in an, elite, hall of fame shooting guard (and all time great player) who’s playing his best ball all year, and it doesn’t matter how shitty the rest of the team is. Odom can guard Phoenix stretch frontcourt players, and I’m not sure Gasol will struggle with them all that much. On the other end, Amare cannot match up with Bynum or Gasol in the low post. I expect loads of offensive rebounds for LA. And that’s Amare; imagine what happens with Dudley/Frye/Amundson trying to keep those guys off the glass. Yikes.

    Jason Richardson will absolutely have to be huge for the Suns. He needs a lot of his shots to fall, and for some reason, I don’t expect them to keep shooting the way he has been.

  16. Am I the only one that died laughing from the pidgeons comment?!?

    Damit Tas, that shit was hilarious! Not only what you said, but the way you said it and didn’t lose a beat. You’d do awesome at an improv class (like Michael Scott from “The Office”).

    “These guys are excited for the series. Understandible”.

    This ranks as one of the best TBJ moments. Right up there with hungover Skeets calling Bosh a franchise player over and over again.

  17. as much as i would like to see nash or the magic win the title. and believe me i do. i’ll be rooting for the lakers. i want kobe to get to 7, i want him to get to a number of rings that lebron can’t even sniff. especially after reading this: “Chris Broussard, who is close with members of James’ inner circle, fanned the flames early Wednesday in a TV appearance, saying the Bulls are James’ No. 1 option should he leave the Cavaliers.” he wants to be jordan, he can say all he wants, but that’s what’s most on his mind. lebron is an awesome basketball player, i’d say he’s number 2 behind kobe and a consistant jumper from passing him, but he’s a big pussy, and cry baby. i hope he doesn’t win a ring ever.

    as far as this series go, i think lakers in five unless the suns get game one then it’s lakes in 7


  18. team x in 6 is the default series prediction isn’t it? a sweep or 7 games is going out on a limb, and 5 games is too close to a sweep, so 6 is nice and safe.

    having said that, lalaland in 6.

  19. down to the wire every game, suns in 7.

  20. Squirrel. I had the Celtics. 8 in a row! 19th!

  21. But my beloved Lakers all the way! Frye’s a pussy.

  22. Robin Lopez is still gonna be a key in the defensive end IMO: he’s the only Sun almost able to guard Pau/Bynum, and he’s their best defensive rebounder…

    That being said I can hardly make a prediciton, I love rooting for the underdog… That being said, the most sane prediction is Lakers in 6… But Suns in 7 is a close one…

    If the Suns can come out of the gates firing, it could disrupt LA’s good habits that they have taken the last few games and they could go back to “Kobe-on-5″ that lost them some games against OKC… Especially if the Suns doule the bigs (which they prolly should) and force the outside guys to beat them… The Trangle needs inside game to be efficient, it has been shown in the past, so if the Suns can take that away at least partly (like OKC and their size-challenged bigs did), they have a chance…

    But yeah, it’s the Lakers’ to lose… If both teams play their game, they’re still the best team… Not the most tough team mentally ‘tho, and the Suns should exploit that… You can NEVER count the Suns out of a game, and the Lakers have a tendency to do that…

  23. If Suns go small- Nash, LB, JR, Dudley & Frye

    Do you really think the Lakers can stop that?

  24. Yeah I just don’t see the Suns being able to take out this Lakers team. The matchups are just too much in favor of LA. Who are the Suns going to look for to stop their bigs? Robin Lopez ? 2nd yr man ( 1st playoffs) Channing Frye? STATS will get his, but I am not sure he’ll do much of anything defensively. I am not a believer in Gorin Dragic…yet.

    Lakers have too much experience and again seem to be on a mission ( thank you OKC for waking the sleeping giant), and I can assure you that Kobe will not let them quit like Lebron did for his team during the last moments of Celts/Cavs series.

    Lakers in 5 ( if they decide to actually “play’) or 6/7 games ( if they are lazy)

    Either way. Too much talent, length, and experience for the Suns to overcome.

  25. This is good stuff. For a video preview of this series from a coach’s perspective, visit us at:

    We have been breaking down all the 2010 Playoff games with the kind of insight you won’t get on TV.

  26. FYI Devobrain, Frye has been around for a while (5th year-ish). Suns don’t need to worry about matching Lakers, they just need to worry about keeping and maintaining their own pace.

  27. Great preview, guys. As a long time Suns fan, I also really want to see Nash and this team make it to the Finals. But, we’re talking about perhaps the most focused team in the L right now. With that being said, I still think we can win in 6. I may just be riding the high from the recent events, but there are things that can happen that can get us going. First and foremost, Nash has to look to score and establish a presence early. Put Derek Fisher on his heels and hit some buckets. What i want to see is guys like Amare, J-Rich, Dud, and Hill take it hard to the rack and earn some ft’s. Make Bynum foul you, get him frustrated, and he’s out of the picture (for a game or two anyway). No matter who we put on Mamba (AKA the best on the planet) he’ll torch us 5 outta 6 times (holding out for one game to result in a 20 pt night for him). I think the focus should be on Pau (make him earn everything) and Artest (limit him to the shot-chucking of H-town days). I really think Artest’s poor shot selection (that is, if his professionalism and will to win allow it this series) is a key factor in having LA shoot themselves in the leg a bit.

    This will definitely be a great series to watch! All in all, I am proud of this team!

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