Ep. 572: Hug It Out

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas have a lot more questions than answers. Shaq on Garnett? Seriously? That’s the best you could come up with, Mike? Why’d the Cavs roll over and die in the final few minutes of this game? And, once again, did Boston win this series or did LeBron, Jamison and “friends” lose it? All that, plus Wanker of the Week, milk and Dr. Gupta. (Reminder: Don’t forget to make your TBJ Book-Off picks.)


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Comments (26)

  1. funniest thing ever was the kid in the stands with a Cavs jersey and a NY hat and Van Gundy saying “thats one conflicted kid right there” LOL

  2. I’m still not convinced that Mike Brown is actually coaching the Cavs. The reason why we saw no Hickson or Verejao is because someone wanted to prove that all the money the Cavs spent on trades would win the team the championship. My guess is that the decision to play or not to play certain players came from either the organization or LeBron. I’m fairly certain that this game will go down as one of the worst triple-doubles in NBA history. During the entire second half, LeBron repeated the laziness and disengagement with play that led to his collapse in game five. Of course he got to the foul line a little more and got some easier buckets, but his body language, attitude, and mentality revealed how little he cared about his team, his organization, and his fans. It’s amazing that he could get such a stat line and, yet, give such a poor performance. But, then again, that shows the huge discrepancy between his talent and his effort during games that matter. I don’t think he understands that he’s nearly halfway through his career and still hasn’t reached the level, mentally, of the top tier players of all-time like Bird, Jordan, or Bryant. He needs to start taking ownership for his failures.

  3. i got to say it was very sad to see the cavs just give up in the end, i was genuinely shocked just as the announcers were. I’m curious if anybody else picked up on what mark jackson said when it was apparent the game was out of reach for the cavs, he said something along the lines “here’s my problem with the cavs, you dance around and have a good time when everything is going good, well what about right now, why isn’t anybody dancing?”. I thought it was kinda of a dick move to pull on jackson’s part, sort of piling it on the cavs (still hilarious though) you could tell that dancing thing really rubbed jackson the wrong way and he was just waiting for the perfect moment to vent a little.

    All in all i think the series went as it should have except for the giving up in the end. I just don’t understand why it’s such a huge upset to everyone i mean after lebron, the next top 5 players wear celtic jerseys.

  4. Fire Mike Brown. Re-sign LeBron and Shaq. Get LBJ elbow surgery and keep shaq slim.. give it another shot next year!

  5. Mike Woodson is gone from Atlanta. I’m gonna miss Mr. Potato Head and his detachable eyebrows.

  6. @illmatic-1 Mark Jackson was trying to say that the Cavs looked really tight. They shot themselves in the foot because they lost the ability to play naturally when the game was in doubt. I don’t think he was trying to be a dick at all, just saying that it is odd that they can relax all season long, but fail to maintain that composure when their season is on the line.

  7. I know the ECFs start on Sunday and it’s weekend already but I thought I’d ask anyway: Will we get a Magic vs. Celtics playoff preview?

  8. No, we’re smarter than many coaches, and not nearly as proud or stubborn.

    Tas on fire!

    JJ Hickson played 10 seconds! Mike Brown is fucking clueless. But, that Cavs offense was as bad as it has been all season. Just awful. Also destroyed my pick-off record. I’ll never forget, Mike Brown, I’ll never forget.

    Woj is so excited because I retweeted his LBJ column. What an opportunistic wanker.

  9. Pick-off record? Also book-off record.

  10. Damn, the Celtics look good right now. KG was a beast last night. I wouldn’t count on him to hit so many turn-around jumpers, but his defense and rebounding were outstanding. Like I said last time, the guy finally looks healthy and that really makes Boston a different team. Rondo was brilliant. Beyond the highlights and great stat lines, the guy is just such a smart point guard, doing all the simple things to keep the offense going, getting the ball to where they can exploit mismatches. I really liked his simple little dish to KG for the slam on the break. He gave up his own lay-up to get his team a higher % dunk by a 7-footer. At another point, in transition, he had Peirce pretty much right next to him at the 3 pt line and again, gave it up to the more efficient shooter for a 3. And then you add his stellar defense (5 stls!). What was Ainge on when he was considering trading this guy?

    LBJ seemed to still be in a weird funk. I will say this, though: part of his poor play (a big part) was whatever’s going on in his head, but there were other factors. For one, his teammates did not help him. So many times he would drive into three or four Celtics in the paint, then have no where to dish it. Or if he did, Antawn Jamison or Anthony Parker would miss the open shot. Unless you punish a team for double or triple teaming, the guy they’re double or triple teaming will not get going. The other part was the Celtics’ excellent defense. KG was getting to the right spot in time, preventing LeBron from getting high % shots too close to the rim. And the double teamers were switching back onto their guys really well.

    One last thing: good wanker of the weak, Tas. I was thinking it should be LeBron for quitting in game 5. But I like your pick better. I’m sooooooooooo bored of the “where will LeBron go” conversation. If it were just on websites that I could avoid, I wouldn’t mind so much, but I hate the fact that I have to hear about it in pre- and post-game analysis. I don’t know if it’s too late, but if I may be so bold as to make a suggestion: please, please talk to Krolik about what went wrong for the Cavs in this series and how, or if, they can improve in the offseason and limit the “will LeBron stay?” speculation. Otherwise, you’d be a bunch of wankers (by your own light)!

  11. Yeah, I can’t say I am too surprised on how this series turned out. Especially after watching the first game, in which the Cavs nearly lost as well. They could of easily been down 0-2 going into Boston had it not been for Celts mental lapse towards the end ( that was rectified in the very next game )

    “illmatic-1 says:

    I just don’t understand why it’s such a huge upset to everyone i mean after lebron, the next top 5 players wear celtic jerseys.”

    THIS ^^^^. I mean if we’re really honest about it, the most talented man on the court is Lebron James. But whos the next best? Paul Pierce. Then after him who else? Mo Will ( Um no) Antawn Jamison ( nope) ..Shaq ( maybe 4 or 5 yrs ago, but he’s only a shell of himself now)

    They are arguably Celtics: Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo ( 1st yr All Star ), and healthy and determined KG.

    I knew it was pretty much over, when KG made a heavily contested layup and then went on to pound his chest and yell an expletive (albeit silent on TV, but everyone could read his lips) Their passion was just insane.

    It was essentially Lebron Vs. The Celtics. And it may have worked against the 2007 Pistons, but definitely not against an experience rejuvenated Celts team,who could very well beat out the Magic in the ECF. And dare I say, take home the Larry O’Brien Trophy in the end.

    The Cavs were doomed when they brought on Shaq, IMO. When are teams going to realize that he’s fools gold now. He’s useless when it comes to defending pick n rolls. Plus does anyone else think its just a coincidence that Phoenix is now in the WCF one year removed from the “big Aristotle”? If the Cavs are serious about winning, they need to let Shaq and Mike Brown walk. And if they really want to make Lebron happy, they are going to need another 2nd option whose not named Mo Williams.

  12. LeBron just needs a different coach. To compare: LBJ is to MJ as Mike Brown is to Doug Collins.
    Doug Collin’s is MJ’s guy (MJ’s first move as GM was to hire Doug Collins as a coach.) Even MJ couldn’t get a title with a coach that defers to his best player as much as these guys. LBJ needs a coach who has a system (Thibedeau’s defensive system, Tex Winter’s Triangle offence, etc…) just so the rest of the team knows where to go when LeBron is dribbling… The rest of the Cavs were watching Bron… waiting for him to bail them out… and Mike Brown was one of them… Mike Brown should leave and Bron should stay… their players are good enough… their coach just stinks… go Celtics!

  13. IMO Lebron may have had his mind made up for this summer before this series, but has to reconsider now.
    He tought he’d leave (or stay) on a somewhat high note (at least ECF), but that can’t be the same anymore. I’m pretty sure he assumed he’d have a great postseason (like he usually does) when weighing the different opportunities. That doesn’t mean he decided to stay or decided to leave, but he HAS to see things differently now.
    What I mean is: can he win in Cleveland with Mike Brown? Can he win on a new team with little help (Knicks)? Or will he have to go to somewhere where he’s not the only superstar (Miami with Wade or Chicago with Rose for instance)?
    Then again, we can’t be sure that winning is his priority given recent circumstances.

    If I was a GM this summer, Wade would be at the top of my list, then LeBron… Of course it depends on the team situation (James would be a better fit in Chicago than Wade, because they already have a small, penetrating ball-handler who can’t shoot the 3), but if I’m the Knicks, I’m looking at Wade, and if I’m the Heat, I’m looking at Bosh.
    You’d also have to wonder if maybe LBJ would like to share the spotlight with another bonafide superstar like Wade…

  14. Mike Brown has been a complete joke for a few years now. I specifically remember in ’08 when the Celtics made the playoffs and you guys asked “who is the worst coach ever to coach in the finals” and I made a point of e-mailing you because you omitted Mike Brown. He is hands down the worst.

    If it weren’t for LeBron being superhuman, Brown would have been done a long time ago. This has been the most predictable offense in the league for a whole lot of years now. On top of that, this predictable offense does not EVER put LeBron in a favorable scoring position when he gets the ball. All his buckets have a high degree of difficulty.

    The adjustment that needed to be made was going with the more high-paced, spirited lineup that got you the best record. I said it all along…..the more Shaq, the better for the Celtics.

    Shaq on KG? Jamison on Perk? This is desperation.

  15. Nick L.,
    But Mike Brown is a former COY!

  16. I know, that’s as big a travesty as Nash over Kobe for MVP in 06.

  17. Love LeBron after:

    “I’m not using the elbow as an excuse. It limited me some.”

    I rip him, but I’d eat my own shit to get him wearing green.

  18. @Devobrain
    Actually KG didn’t hit himself in the chest as usual, he slapped himself in the head like a crazy man, which I loved. He’s such a maniacal beast on the court.

  19. @Nick L.
    I’d eat your shit to get Lebron in a Celtics jersey too.

  20. @mike I think what you said about Mark Jackson words is pretty spot on and i hadn’t thought of it like that but for me it all turns the other way when you consider the last part of Jackson’s words “why aren’t they dancing now?”. to me that says “how do you like it when the shoe is on the other foot?, not very fun when you’re on the losing side.” but you know whatever, he could have very well meant what you said and maybe I’m just hearing what i want to hear since all the dancing during the regular season really bugged me lol.

  21. thanks brad i just puked in my mouth

  22. Hey Jones i am even worse than you in the Book-Off. Still one round left to beat you.
    Michael L.

  23. LBJ almost had a quadruple double! It was so unexpected to see the cavs not clicking during the regular season.
    I am not a cavs fan, but it was sad to see them lose that way.

  24. agree with Ric Hardwood.

    The final 4 teams have SYSTEMS that their respective best players fold into. When that player isn’t on the floor the other guys know what to do and how to do it. The Cavs have a PLAYER that they build the rest of their game plan around. When LeBron wasn’t on the floor or active in a possession the cavs struggled to be effective.

    Lebron needs a coach with a system for his whole team and who isn’t afraid to be hard on his best player. Mike brown is not those things

  25. That IS a big pocket.

  26. Rumor – Delonte West has been sleeping with Gloria James (lebron’s mum) for a while and LBJ only found out prior to Game 4. Discuss.

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