Ep. 575: Runaway Train

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On today’s show, Skeets and Tas wonder if the 2010 Lakers can be stopped? Seriously. Can anyone beat them when they’re scoring points in the paint, Kobe’s in the zone AND the bench is contributing? That, plus the Suns’ defensive game plan, Channing Frye’s questionable shot selection and The Greatest Missed Dunk Ever.

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Comments (7)

  1. did skeets black flag shirt say beach boys?

  2. It’s funny how the Suns players are saying there’s nothing you can do to stop Kobe, that he is just going to make his shots. If it’s Boston-LA in the Finals, the celtics will show how untrue that statement is. They stopped Kobe in the ’08 Finals, Lebron this year and did a great job on D12 in game 1.

    More funny stuff – Dooey from the movie “Scream” gets knocked down at Lakers game – http://sports.espn.go.com/los-angeles/nba/news/story?id=5197408

  3. The Suns will be lucky if they win one game. This looks like a horrible mismatch, not just in size, but in mindset. The Lakers have ramped up all facets of their game, thinking championship. The Suns have no idea what that next gear is.

  4. I’m sorry Ms. Melas, OOOH! I am fo real! Or I should say my beloved Lakers are. Amen to Alex, and here’s a semi-bland quote for you:

    “Every rise of the Sun, must set.”

  5. I don’t know, you guys gave the Suns credit for playing good D but I was actually surprised how badly they played in the half court at times. Odom just got anything he wanted. Not impressed with the Sun’s D.

  6. Suns D was mediocre (about as good as should have been expected – Amare was getting abused, Kobe was able to shake every defender on him, etc.). I actually think the Suns should have shot more 3s. Sure, Frye took a couple of bad shots, but I thought the rest of the gang needed to start letting it fly (even if the shots were not open – AHEM J-Rich).

    Also, Suns came out looking like they were content to make it to the conference finals. This could be a quick series if they don’t change their mentality.

  7. Tas, I really don’t think Amar’e knows he himself has to play better. Apparently, he’s just hoping for a “lucky game”…

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