Hey, Kevin, throw us a freakin’ “spoiler alert,” dude.


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Comments (9)

  1. Sooooo good. More of these, guys.

  2. Absolutely Glorious! Fantastic job!

  3. We have to go back, Tas…

  4. Fuck Lost. And hell ya, 11 in a row, 4th place! Lakers W shall make it 12!

  5. The island isn’t done with you, Skeets.

  6. Great movie, but there is one fatal flaw.. Could Garnett actually explain anything for 40 seconds without dropping a f-bomb or two?

  7. Glen Davis in that video looks like any out-of-shape guy sucking wind during a pickup game.

  8. [...] I get any of the references, but here’s Kevin Garnett explaining the island to Glen Davis (The Basketball Jones)Remember Tiago Splitter? He was just named MVP of the Spanish League (BallinEurope)Goran Dragic of [...]

  9. a fuckin masterpiece !

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