Do you know which team will win the NBA Draft Lottery? We do. Are we psychic? No, but we know someone who is.


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Comments (22)

  1. Woo! Awesome, as usual.

  2. Didn’t make it to the end. Too painful to watch her try to make sense. Still better than Skeets and Tas doing stand-up though.

  3. Aww come on Mart J! Why all the hate? This little bit was beautiful and I actually love watching psychics trying to make sense and adapting on the fly to what they think might be right. And as for Tas/Skeets stand-ups, they’re extremely entertaining IMO and is actually getting better and better.

  4. I guess I’m going to have to be the one to say it. That psychic was smoking hot.

  5. She can read my cards anytime. I didn’t even hear a word she said.

  6. Great job as usual so entertaining.

  7. What’s with the klezmer music?

  8. “Do you know how Lost ends?” lol, classic

  9. Why not ask her how the remaining games will play out so you guys can impove on your TBJ Book-Off score ;-)

  10. Just a nice Greek girl for you to take home to your mother.

  11. Always hating on the Kings. This psychic is obviously in bed with the east coast media conglomerate. It’s alright, we’ll rock a #4 and ROY again.

  12. Yup, hot psychic alert!

  13. I still think Miss Cleo is hotter. NOT. 6th place, 10-win streak on Book-Off, unfathomable…

  14. If the Jazz get #1, business may pick up for her.

  15. [...] draft lottery and she confidently predicted that New York would get the top pick. Wait, what? (The Basketball Jones)If you were wondering whether LeBron James would ever respond to rumours that his teammate, Delonte [...]

  16. Watching the lottery and my god she’s good. Top 3 are all from the East (NJ, Phi, Was). Please post what she said about Lost.

  17. she said the team with the top pick would be a team that has done well recently
    the Wizards were in the playoffs around two or three years ago, none of the other teams have been i think
    shes good haha

  18. She did say she was concerned for Sacramento too!

  19. Not bad. Top 3 were East teams and Cali(Sac and GS) actually fell in the draft.

  20. Washington DC is kinda close to New York…

  21. I think only you can decide whether or not you think you are psychic. Start keeping a dream and vision journal, and go back to it often. You’ll start to see a pattern, noe way or the other.

  22. @Dallas nj traded their pick to utah in the deron williams trade. GO RAPTORS GO! NUMBER 1 PICK BABY!!!!!

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