Ep. 576: Heart of a Champion

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas debate when the Magic lost Game 2. Was it boneheaded shots/decisions down the stretch or a lackadaisical third quarter? Should Orlando fans blame this one on the officials? And are Lewis and Carter mentally tough enough to hang with these Celtics? All that, plus signature moves, signature flops, and a psychic psychic.

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Comments (22)

  1. Nice opening Skeets! “Bloodbuzz Ohio” is a great song.

    Tas, c’mon, Rashard has not shut down KG. And you certainly can’t say that KG has done nothing. KG hasn’t shot well to be sure, but in this series he’s averaging 10 rebounds, 3.5 assists, a steal and a block–all above his season averages. That’s hardly a non-factor. And you can’t sit there with a straight face and argue that Rashard Lewis (Rashard Lewis!!!) is playing lock-down defense, but that the Celtics–an inarguably elite defensive team–didn’t do anything to limit Orlando’s shooters in Game 1.

  2. Vince gets injured like a pussy, stays in the game, chokes. Classic. Toronto, you can have him back if you want.

  3. Contenders: Boston
    Pretenders: Orlando

    also if the NBA was smart they would finish the finals before the World Cup starts.. but eh they arent

  4. Russell Harbour (via FB): “The Rondo ball fake/layup is in NBA 2k10. It’s hard to nail the timing on it but it’s always money when you get it right. It’s hilarious whenever I play online and do it and the opponent instantly goes to watch the reply thinking “WTF just happened” — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oD935gvoyz4

  5. I ‘m not sure what’s happened to this show. Melas, lay off the hyperbole man. What game did you watch where Dwight destroyed anyone? and rashard on the shut down, come on! Is it that you just hate the Celtics that you are constantly the apologist for their opponents? All through the cavs series and now the magic it’s one thing or another. You know that the final score of 95-92 belies the fact that the magic put up their best shot and got knocked down. And Skeets, dude, you are good for at least one ‘I don’t have the numbers in front of me’ a show these days. If you are going to use numbers to make a point, get it together. @markjackson says your better than that! I don’t know that the ‘two guys bs’ing about ball’ has translated well to a studio, you guys are great but I think that the overall analysis needs a better mix of from the gut emotional (which is great) and actual basketball break down. I think you really should aim for Dwyer’s style on film with your own voices bringing the Jones funk. On the other hand I don’t know shit about shit so, do your thing.

  6. Man, these playoffs are breaking my heart. Lame. Suns are my last hope for justice in the NBA world. Rondo aside, Celtics are so unlikeable.

  7. @ajm: You might want to check out KG’s lines from the last two games. He hasn’t just been shut down, he’s been embarrassed.

    Anyway, chill, bro. That post reminds me of the crap that gets thrown around at the Yahoo! blog. Awful discussions, pointless criticism.

  8. Celtics are playing great D, no doubt about it. Lakers are as well but all that said, the losing team in both conference finals has to put the ball in the hoop if they want to win. Dragic is shooting better than anyone on the Suns team, not getting enough burn. The Magic are not getting the Celtics bigs in foul trouble soon enough. Two guys never beat six guys in double figures offensively. When Odom plays well, the Lakers are unstoppable period! Maybe Nash needs an eye patch? The suns need to get Gasol and Odom in foul trouble early as well. Frye has always been a streaky 3 pt shooter and pedestrian defender, that’s why the Blazers let him go. My prediction..Celtics win it all this year. Game 7 1pt overtime champs. Bring it on!

  9. I’m so glad y’all talked about your shirts because the whole time I was watching this video, all I could think was, “Aw, how cute, they’re wearing matching animal shirts!”

    I am in shock and disbelief over how this Celtics team has come to life. As a Lakers fan, I already hated them (and especially Rondo) but now, to be honest, I am a little afraid.

  10. Nice little shout-out to The National. Great song, album.

    A month or two ago, if you told me that there would be a Finals rematch of 08, part of me would believe it … but a large chunk of me would have written it off completely. My, my, what a shift in mindset, intensity, purpose has occurred in these series. It’s great to see.

    Tas, I admire your persistence. I am similarly talking myself into believing my beloved Suns can win this series in 6. I try.

  11. What are KG’s most important roles on the Celtics? Defense and rebounding.

    He is making Rahard work really hard to even get the ball, and breaking down his spirit in the process.

    He’s also pulling down a ton of boards.

    And, on top of that, when the team needed a big play in crunch time, he stepped up and hit a ridiculous shot.

    His shooting numbers have been down. But, I certainly wouldn’t say that he’s been shut down. He is making a mark on this series.

  12. The thing is: the Celtics play up to their potential, the Lakers play up to their potential, and the other “contenders” (Magic, Suns; Cavs before) don’t…

    The Magic could and should play better, and I think that’s why Tas thinks they can come back… Because he hopes they’re gonna play as hard/good as they should…

    But hey, that’s only a credit to the Celtics: they bring their A+ game almost every night, so you have no chance if you don’t do the same.

  13. And I agree with Nick L.: who cares if KG desn’t score? He’s still doing his thing, which is D.

  14. KG is definitely making a mark in this series, but not offensively. That is all I meant. He’s not scoring, otherwise, he’s KG being KG – always contributing something.

  15. @Breyzh – yes, that’s exactly why I think they’re capable of coming back.

    On another note, the 1-0 mark for LA, even going on the road for games 3 and 4, is much more of a sure thing than the 2-0 for Boston, going home. I’m sold on Boston – they won’t fall off – just think the discrepancy between LA / PHX is greater than BOS / ORL.

  16. I’m not saying KG hasn’t contributed in this series, but offensively his shooting has hurt his team more than helped it. He’s got 20 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 blocks, 0 turnovers in the series. But: 9-30 shooting from the floor, 0-2 on FTs for the series. Awful in a lot of ways. Scary thing is that the Celts are still winning on the road against a good team.

  17. I believe stan VG should play gortat more along the side of howard, frees him up from double teams.
    Also they have to get carter to do more hard pick and rolls like what hedo use to do with howard, it worked wonders a year ago why not try it again, albeit carter is a much worse passer but your down 0-2. Time to put up or shut up.

    please no celts vs lakers finals again. it was so boring in 08.

  18. Rashard playing defense?! You must be outta yo got damn mind Tas. And Pierce, what a bitch. Can’t wait until Artest tears his ass apart and tugs his shorts down again. Rondo is nice, but his behind-the-back dipsy-do looks borderline carry. And a reason why you shit the bed in the Book-Off: ORL is getting swept, guaranteed by the Best Actress. Hah, LeBron Jang #23 Cavs head phones. Better change the number and team. BUMP!

  19. Even with Orlando getting 30pts out of dwight AT home they still couldn’t get it done. Tas is delusional to think the magic have a chance in this series. Like I said a few days ago….celts in 5. Should be a good finals with either la or phx though.

  20. stop playing nelson big minutes. he should be put in the sixth man role now. the magic need a pass first point guard. there have been numerous times guys have been wide open and he has failed to deliver. ive seen him fail to throw wide open alley oops to howard. he is stinking it up right now.

    how does this lineup sound: williams, carter, lewis, gortat and howard. lewis is not playing well at the 4 right now, KG has a lot to do with that. move him to his natural position and get him shots early. the magic need to get him going. and if carter cant guard pierce, put barnes on him. try bass out. if hes out of it, if he becomes a black hole on offense, quickly bench him. but give him a shot early in the 1st.

  21. Tas, you said that Rashard “has shut down KG” and that KG “has been a non-factor in this series”. KG has absolutely outplayed Rashard in this series. No question. I guess I’m just confused as to what you were trying to say. Rashard has sucked.

  22. If and when Orlando loses to Boston I think they roll the dice and trade Lewis for Agent 0. It’s a decent fit IMO. The Wizards shouldn’t let Wall anywhere near Gil.

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