The Jones: Mail Call VIII

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Join us as we discuss which playoff performers have helped/hurt their wallets, Grant Hill vs. Tracy McGrady vs. the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, and whether the back-to-the-basket big man is extinct? All that, plus we give away a new pair of Skullcandy headphones and set you up with another prize worthy Q. Keep the goods coming, friends.


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Contest notes: A winner will be randomly drawn from all video or phone responses to the weekly “Mail Call” question.

Comments (11)

  1. Loved the Jay-Z references at the end. Keep up the good work, guys.

  2. Bad = Rashard Lewis. The guy has never been great, but if he makes more than the MLE in his next contract, I’ll be very, very, very surprised.

    Bad = Stephen Jackson. The guy has shown that he is crazy, once again. This time, he imploded in the playoffs.

    Hill also showed that he can be a valuable player in a diminished role, which many players are unable to do. Not to mention, Hill completely changed his playing style – more of a defender than a scorer to suit the needs of his team. I’m not sure if McGrady can do this.

    Pau Gasol & Tim Duncan (he’s less effective now, but still effective) are also excellent back-to-the-basket guys.

  3. The Brooklyn Nyets? The Brooklyn Baskets? The Brooklyn Brownstones?

  4. Got the bronze in the Book-Off! Rose is overrated. Stephen Curry has a better chance of being top PG w/ range, ability to play the passing lanes, and excellent percentages. Knee-Mac will never win anything. His lazy eye will. Wade might change address too, not sure if I wanna feed the candy to my skull just yet. The Brooklyn Hovas (H to the Izzo, V to the Izza)

  5. The Brooklyn Lopez?

  6. Can’t believe you picked Grant Hill over T-Mac. T-Mac was good for a period of time?

    Have you forgotten that T-Mac was as good as Kobe and they were constantly compared for a period of time?

    T-Mac led one of the worst teams in the league to the playoffs. With him injured, the Magic were the worst team in the league. With T-Mac healthy, they were 3-1 up on the first seed.

    T-Mac has Grant Hill beaten in every single metric. If you compare them it’s not Close.

    PER – 30.3 ORtg- 116, DRtg- 104, Win Shares 16.1,

    Grant Hill
    PER- 25.5, ORtg – 114, DRtg- 100, Win Shares 14.6

  7. Oh, yeah, don’t worry about the other side of the ball. Defense? Pfft. Fuck that shit.

  8. I’d add Roy Hibbert to list of back-to-the-basket big men. He’s young too, so it appears to not be a completely lost art.

  9. Brooklyn Bounce, then they can easily use a cheesy 1997 techno song as their new introduction/hype up theme:

  10. Brooklyn needs a roller derby type name, Bruisers, Bonecrushers, Demolition or if Carlos would sign on, the Brooklyn Boozers

  11. @ J.E., In the playoffs, T-Mac had to guard Dirk and lead the team offensively because of all the injuries. The Rockets still almost won in 7 games.

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