Ep. 577: Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas can’t help but feel sorry for the Suns. Seriously. How in the world do you stop the Lakers when they’re playing this well? Should Gentry stick with doubling Kobe out on the perimeter? Should he run with that third quarter “small ball” lineup more, hoping to “outgun” L.A.? Should they just hack the shit out of ‘em? All that, plus hazardous courtside cameramen, “Amare Stouemire” and car talk.

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Comments (14)

  1. I cracked up at Skeets’ “The defense is the backbone.” in the robot voice. Good stuff.

  2. Lets be honest here, the Celtics are beating the magic barely by playing great defense. Thats not going to cut it with the lakers and come on Melas tell me that playing Howard, Lewis and Gortat is the same as playing Gasol, Bynum and Odum. for one Bynum is way better at scoring than Howard is even with the injury, Gasol will destroy KG. yes the games will closer. also remember this if you play against Phil you must win game one or forfeit any chance you have. This of course is all here say, the suns could still come back and so can the magic.

  3. Skeets cracked me up with the line I’ll adapt to my basketball vocabulary, “bench predunktion” More bench predunktion, gotta get more predunktion from the bench!” Classic! So I guess Skeets will be using public transportation to the cottage while Tas drives his classic (albeit limping) car! Have a great holiday guys! Go Celtics! Anybody beats the Lakers and I’m happy!

  4. Pretty disappointed with the playoffs. Skeets, you said a while back there haven’t been enough close games. On top of that, there haven’t been enough close series. Cavs/Celtics was up in the air until game 5, but the Cavs went down with such a whimper, it was really anti-climactic. The last Celts/Magic game was pretty good, but I’m almost ready to call that series. Like a lot of people, I was big on the Magic going into this series, but Lewis and Carter just don’t look like guys who get it done in the playoffs, and without them playing well, the Magic don’t have enough. Gortat might be a relatively good back-up center (that’s what Barkley keeps saying), but he’s certainly the most over-rated back-up center. When he comes in the game, it’s a lay-up drill for Rondo.

    johnny, I disagree, I think the Celtics match up very well against LA. They’re playing the same kind of defense that held Kobe to like 30% shooting. Garnett matches up well with Gasol, and Rondo will be Fisher’s worst nightmare. I think it will be a close series and I’m praying it will be, given how boring the playoffs have been so far.

  5. I agree pastry chef. This years Playoffs suck balls. Not a single game has gone into overtime. Last year – just one series (CHI-BOS) had 30 of them.
    This year – one good game so far – game 3 of Lakers n Jazz.

    Hopefully it’s the Celtics and Lakers in the Finals, cuz their last three meetings have all been decided by one point.

  6. I thought the Suns-Blazers series was the best so far

  7. Although some of the series have been short i enjoyed the spurs-suns series, dallas-spurs series, lakers-thunder and the first 3 games of the utah-lakers series was decided by a total of 13 pts. But yes, fans could benefit from a long drawn out series right about now.

  8. The Celtics do match up well but remember when the Celtics beat the Lakers there was no Ariza or Artest on that team and Pau was center no Bynum. With all the rest that he’s getting in the suns series he will be ready for who ever comes out of the east. Also Fish has seen Westbrook, Williams, and Nash. Rondo isn’t going to do anything he or the lakers have seen in these playoffs. i did say it was going to be a close series but the Lakers will pose to much problems for Boston and if they continue to struggle in the forth then they have no chance. Rondo needs to start taking over in end of games.

  9. yea we really do want Boston, i want revenge!, last year’s championship was great and all but if felt a little hollow considering we didn’t beat Boston, maybe beating Cleveland last year would have been a good substitution but it still wasn’t the same. It just didn’t feel like a true finals match up last year. Listen to me getting ahead of myself when there is still work to be done this series, no wonder why so many other fans hate Laker fans for their smugness lol (it’s not on purpose i swear)

  10. “Yeah, yeah, you really want Boston, Lakers fans.”

    I think I caught a prediction in that comment, Melas. But, consider: would any of us be totally shocked if the Boston D couldn’t really slow down the L*kers? Who ideally guards Kobe, Tony Allen? Not Ray or Paul. And Gasol? Does KG shut down Gasol? Laughter!

    Anyway, appreciated that bit of cynicism. Oh L*kers fans.

  11. Easy pissy japanissy. Am I retarded, or are all Skeets’ opening lines lyrics to songs? You guys gonna make cottage cheese?

  12. 1-on-1?????????? Kobe and Pau will drop a combined 600 points! No one on the Suns (other than Hill, Dragic, Amundson, & Dudley) is even an average defender. Their team defense, and even their zone defense are the reasons for their (relative) success on defense.

  13. i hope the Suns win game 3. that will keep the Lakers sharp and remind them that this IS series. that way they will be better prepared in the Finals. the Celtics/Magic are not the 76ers from 2001.

  14. No NBA till’ weekend. What a bummer.

    There are no games to discuss so I suggest that we bring back the “Rodrigue Beaubois” nick-name contest. Or… Let’s award Rondo with his very own nick-name contest.

    Rajondo, Rondonator, Raj Ron (pronounced Ray-Ron)…

    Any other ideas out there???

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