Ep. 579: Where We At?

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas catch up on this long weekend’s games (thanks, Queen Victoria!) Should the Celtics have called timeout before Pierce’s game winning attempt in regulation? Why can’t Vince Carter find Dwight Howard? And, does Alvin Gentry stick with the zone defense that won the Suns Game 3? All that, plus the C’s fourth quarter woes, “LOST” nonsense and stinky glasses/beards.

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Comments (20)

  1. Um, Tas, Celtics do give up leads. I do not know where to check out the stat, but is why they had the 4th seed in the East. Too many 3’s for my fucking Lakers…attack the zone! I could have done w/o making picks these past 2 games, but I am not a Forgetful Lucy or pussy (13-game win streak is quite impressive…I could bet w/ real money…)

  2. I think the magic could be the first team to comeback down 3-0. Mostly cause the Celtics cant score in the forth and rely on winning the first three quarters by large numbers. also with only one day rest in between games now Boston has to close out in game 5. Its not a huge possibility but its just hard to believe their offense (Orlando) wouldn’t pick up eventually. so I’m gonna say magic in seven.

  3. Finally an overtime win in the playoffs!

  4. Matt: Loved Lost finale. JD: Hated Lost finale. Am I right?

  5. Hey Tas

    the Celtics don’t give up ten point leads? I don’t have the stat handy but its a well known fact that they blew either the most or a hell of a lot of ten point lead games this year, its been stated on ESPN numerous times.

  6. @Travis. No, we actually both hated it. Now we’re mainly arguing about JD’s unwillingness to engage me on my hatred.

  7. @DTF / @gazelle – I’m talking about the playoffs, not the regular season at all. This team’s intensity, which has obviously been turned up, rarely allows teams back in the game. The 4th quarter offense, however, was a problem during the regular season and remains a big issue.

  8. The Suns wearing the “Los Suns” jerseys and Phil Jackson basically supporting the Arizona immigration law is the only thing keeping me marginally interested in the playoffs right now. I REALLY want the Suns to win this series, and if they lose, I really hope LA loses in the finals. It’s frustrating how LA is always somehow the morally worst team, but they keep winning.

  9. Dear Orlando Magic,

    After watching the playoffs this year it has become apparent that losing Mr. Turk (and replacing him with Mr. Wince Carter) has been a painful experience. We wish to extend an offer to have Mr. Turk reunited with your team in Orlando. We are asking very little in return – 1 or 2 warm bodies not named Lewis or Carter (for obvious reasons). Respond by July 5th and we will throw in a couple custom Colangelo suits for Stan Van. Nothing says progress like a dapper coach/GM.

    The Raptors

  10. Oh JD and his passive hatred.

  11. Tonight the Suns are up by a few in the 4th quarter and we hear a chant from the crowd:
    “We want Bos-ton!!!”. That would be awesome.

    Funniest LOST review – http://techland.com/2010/05/24/the-lost-finale-reviewed-by-someone-whos-never-seen-lost-before/

    The first comment there is the best. It’s why everyone loved the show. Mythology my ass.

    Great ending, true to the show. You didn’t care about the man in black once you saw the black dress.

  12. Maybe this can help explain why something went..er. a lil’ foul in Magic locker room …

  13. Suns need their 3-point shooters to go off.

    If the Frye wakes up from hibernation Suns won’t need that many FTAs to win.

  14. no talk of the suns bench? this is a group that averages 35 points a game during the regular season, and about that during this playoffs. will they get that much? of course not. but you would expect them to at least play up to this competition. expect a big scoring output to send the suns to a 2-2 series tie.

  15. Tas, please do not jinx the celtics by saying they are going to win game 5. your predictions can never be correct.

  16. Celtics will win game 5 and then go on to win a championship. I hope it’s against the Suns, but Frye and Richardson need to shoot lights out for them to win and Odom has to fall asleep for the remainder of the series. As far as all the TV infatuation with “Lost”, I thought it sucked after 3 shows into season 1. Terrible show! In recent history only 24 and Boston Legal were worth watching. Was surprised there was no commentary on Brown getting canned in Cleveland.

  17. LOST finale was great. All of it. Perfect end to the show.

  18. The LOST finale was fantastic! But at our LOST party I was the only one who liked it, and got it.

    BTW, Tas looks wasted. A few to many at the ol’ cottage there Tas?

  19. Skeets, your Nash t-shirt would now look very cool with a broken nose on it.

  20. If Rondo looks tired, it might have something to do with him averaging 42 MPG in the playoffs: http://www.basketball-reference.com/teams/BOS/2010.html#playoffs
    Second highest is Ray Allen, who seems to spend half of his 38 minutes running around screeners, but doesn’t show his age yet.

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