Ep. 580: All Tied Up

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas are in the dark, but see the Suns. What hurt the Lakers more: their inability to rebound, Phoenix’s scrappy zone defense, or Gentry’s superb 10-man rotation. Does Phil Jackson go back to doubling Amar’e in L.A.? And, why didn’t Kobe continue shooting in the fourth Q? All that, plus Jake Gyllenhaal!

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Comments (18)

  1. boy am i getting tired of hearing about this goddamn zone defense from the suns and how it’s doing a number on the laker’s offense. Sure i’ll admit that it is slowing the laker’s down when you compare the laker’s scoring output in the two road games against the monster games they had at home but they still scored 106 points yesterday! Scoring is not the laker’s main concern, everybody seems to be overlooking the fact that the lakers are playing crap defense, jesus they act as if they have never gone up against a pick and roll.

    I wont take away from the suns winning yesterday though by saying that the lakers lost it yesterday because the suns bench won it for them yesterday. One more thing about yesterday, i cant remember how many times they waved kobe off while he was asking for the ball, Why are they doing that!? I’m usually the first one to applaud when the laker guards don’t give kobe the ball when he’s having a shit game and he’s trying to shoot himself out of it, but goddamn it not when he’s having a game like he was yesterday, you don’t waste that. In any other team when a guy is that hot they try to get the ball to him always and just ride em to the finish line, they don’t worry about “gee sure this guy is hot right now but we really need to get everyone else involved”, which is what seemed to be happening yesterday. Fuck the rest of the lakers just give to kobe on a night like that.
    I do have a bone to pick with kobe’s game yesterday though, towards the end of the game i saw kobe drive into the heart of that zone defense at least 4 times in a row and it resulted in someone scoring, and all i could think was “why weren’t you trying that at least 5 min. before? Sigh* very frustrating game to watch yesterday if you are a laker fan lol.

  2. Its funny how no one wants to bring up that the lakers have outplayed the suns in both losses but the suns got bailed by the refs. Yeah i bought that the suns were more aggressive in game 3 but they shot more jumpers then LA in game four and yet still get to the line 19 more times. come on the lakers shot 13 FTs are you fucking shitting me, it wasn’t the bad calls for me (because the suns got theirs by working), its when they call something against the lakers and dont call the same against the suns.(Pau was fouled left and right and call it hustle but those rebounds were off pushes)

  3. @johnny: bullshit dude, don’t make the rest of us laker fans look like a bunch of whiners by bring up fouls. The lakers are not going to be getting any foul calls when they’re shooting 30 3-pt attempts. Yes there are missed calls here and there but they’re on both sides, don’t be biased man pay attention to both sides of the floor for both teams.

  4. Ya Johnny, grow a set.

  5. What the hell? A reasonable Lakers fan? This play-offs are surprising in many ways. Ok, illmatic, as you seem to have a pretty realistic take, I have a question: Are you worried yet? Any doubt that the Lakers win the series creeping in?

    Cause today, for the 1st time I believe Suns can win this series.

  6. @illmatic the suns shot more jumpers in that game then the lakers did. Its not the main reason they lost but a huge one. its hard to beat a team when they shoot 20+ more fts, game 3 was cool the lakers settled and suns didn’t but game 4 was the same offense on both sides. So dont give me that shit about jacking up 30 3s, for one they shot 28 and the suns jacked up 30 with only 2 more makes and the lakers still had more fg attempts and makes than the suns.

  7. That was a very fun game to watch. Finally, we have a series. I love that Suns bench. If you just looked at them, you’d think they were terrible: a bunch of short, skinny guys who looked like they’re still going through puberty, half of whom (literally, half of the five) are white. But man, every single one of them played harder than everyone on the Lakers not named Kobe, and every one of them contributed. That whole team seem like they’re good buds and they get excited when their bros play well. Fun as hell to watch. I’m also a big Gentry fan. His decisions have been good and I think he’s got a great rapport with the players. I remember him in that Spurs game telling Dragic to be aggressive and not worry about making mistakes, then Dragic goes out and scores 25 in the second half on 90% shooting or whatever it was. With Phil Jackson’s comments on the Arizon immigration law and the Suns wearing “los Suns” Jerseys to oppose the law, on top of everything, and the Suns are clearly the good guys in this series.

  8. In the past few shows it really seemed like Tas is trying to suck up to Celtics fans. Oh well… I’ll be rooting for the Magic to win their home-game tonight.

  9. I want Tas’ t-shirt.

  10. Thank you for saying that Dragic was outplaying Nash, I couldn’t agree more. This guy is playing great! I have to say Frye was a big plus as well knowing the Lakers weren’t really guarding him at all. He actually played some defense for a change as well. Amundsen played like a young Charles Barkley in the paint last night! Guy is a hustler! I loved seeing Gentry stick with his bench to start the 4th. Gentry outcoached Phil last night. I thought Phil was lazy with his time outs and let the Suns keep momentum for long stretches.

  11. Skeets nailed it: Kobe tries to force it in the 4th and we’re all over him. If he doesn’t, he gets ripped for not shooting enough. (And yeah, I’m one of the first to get on him when he’s forcing shots.) So, we have to just give the Suns defense credit. They made it tough for Kobe to get shots in the 4th, and they swarmed around when the ball went inside to the bigs. If they can keep this energy and bench play up, and Nash can play like Nash, Phoenix has a real chance to win this series still.

  12. Am I the only one who noticed Dudley wasn’t playing zone in the 4th Q? It was a 4 man zone with Dudley sticking to Kobe (even fronting him at times). This doesn’t absolve Kobe for not working free to get the ball, but I think it had something to do with the lack of shot opportunities. And the second Dudley left the game and the Suns were back in the 2-3, Kobe started driving the ball.

  13. Damn guys, really good show today.

  14. Great show guys!

    Hey Taz – Here’s a great breakdown (from nbaplaybook.com) of why Kobe only took 4 shots in the 4th quarter:


    They modified the zone so that Kobe had defender glued to him no matter where he went.

    “… a terrific defensive adjustment by the Suns coaching staff. Kobe Bryant was really going from the three point line last night (6-9 for the game), but the Suns were able to keep him from even attempting a three in the fourth quarter. In fact, Kobe only had 7 (he scored 38 for the game) points in the 4th on 3-4 shooting. This wasn’t because it was “passive Kobe” either. This was a defense keeping the basketball out of his hands and forcing him to pass it late in the clock so he couldn’t get it back.”

    GO SUNS !!!

  15. Here’s why Kobe didn’t shoot that much in the 4th: http://nbaplaybook.com/2010/05/26/suns-4th-quarter-defensive-adjustment/

  16. @maciek: you’d be surprised how many reasonable lakers fans there are, the key word being “LAKERS” fans, not the bandwaggon kobe lovers who make the rest of the fans look like retards. Pretty sure cleveland has or had that problem depending on whether lebron stays or leaves lol. To answers your question though, I wouldn’t say worried that’s too strong of a word all that has happened is that both teams defended home court, so no i’m not worried maybe concerned but not worried. If the suns win tomorrow then i’ll be worried. I will acknowledge that this team has what it takes to beat the lakers as do many other teams, they’re not some god team with no weaknesses.

  17. Nick, I noticed that too. I saw Dudley sticking to Bryant, and thought: “Nice adjustment by Gentry for the 4th quarter. Box-1 zone.” I still think Kobe could have won the game single-handedly in spite of the box-1, but I’m proud of the Suns bench for being active, and hustling their butts off.

  18. Gentry is showing just how good he really is as a coach! Great adjustment and I really was impressed that he kept the bench out there to start the 4th quarter! Great effort by Phoenix.

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