The Jones: Mail Call IX

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Join us as we discuss which NBA’ers would make the most entertaining reality television, whether teams with coaching vacancies should fill ‘em before the free agent market opens up, and our All-Euro starting five. All that, plus a new Skeetsism, RV tales and another Skullcandy headphones winner. Word.


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Contest notes: A winner will be randomly drawn from all video or phone responses to the weekly “Mail Call” question.

Comments (29)

  1. iTunes feed not yet working?

  2. maybe you could add the 3 turkish players for the all european 2nd team (mehmet okur, hidayet turkoglu, ersan ilyasova)

    i wish juan carlos navarro was still around. i would have taken him at the 2 spot….

  3. forgot BATUM, he’s not bad at all…

  4. i think you guys forgot boris diaw. i dont think he should be on the team by any means but i think his name wasnt mentioned. great job, keep up the good work!

  5. Brooklyn Deckers is not a Blade Runner reference dumbasses:

  6. nash needs his own show oh wait, he did… kinda. anyway, manu? kirilenko? and mayb stojakovic a couple of years back.

  7. If Manu was from Europe, sure.

  8. Depends on whether or not you consider Russia European or Asian, you may have forgot Kirilenko. Also, I AM HANDSOME.

  9. No love for Andris Biedrins? He’s a tricky player because he’s not that valuable on his own, but if you pair him with a good PG he can do some things. As a Warriors fan, I saw him improve greatly when we had Baron Davis running the offense and he’s floundered a little bit without a true PG like Baron. I don’t disagree with your 5 but I think he warrants a little more consideration.

  10. I think any superstar should play for a coach whom he respect. Or rather every good team should have a coach who demands respect from his players, superstars or not. Some examples would be Phil Jackson, Pop, and Jerry Sloan.

  11. Call em the Brooklyn Czars. Got Mike Fratello on the mic and a Russian owner.

  12. Heh. Why not Brooklyn Lebrons? I think it would be hilarious if they named the team after a player that was NOT on their team.

  13. Here’s a question….why does every analyst call rashard lewis “rasheed” by accident. I know they’re similar but it’s their fucking job to get the names right. They showed him at shootaround and Stuart Scott referred to him both as “Rasheed” and “Sheed” in a 10 second span.

    And then Magic Johnson said the Celtics should be careful because “Matt Barnes got going last game – 10 points…..Rashard Lewis got going last game – 13 points”. Is he aware of the difference in salaries between those two players?

  14. 1. Tony Parker
    2. Marco Belinelli
    3. Dirk Nowitzki
    4. Andrea Bargnani
    5. Pau Gasol

    not much defense but they’d definitely make it rain.

  15. Parker, Hedo, Dirk, Scola, P Gasol

    Zone defense only

  16. oh i think the brooklyn islanders would be alright because of the coney island but new york already has an islanders, they’re probably go with the dragons like they were going to in 94′

  17. The Brooklyn Jiggaz, cuz stern wouldnt allow The Brooklyn Niggaz although that would be a name for the ages.

    TBJ – The Brooklyn Jiggaz.

  18. The Brooklyn Heights

  19. 4-game skid on the Book-Off after winning 13 straight. Yikes. You are missing Zaza Pcahulia. Not a misnomer. Just check online ;) Louisa Amundson = Taylor Swift, Jared Dudley = penis. Fuck Zelda, go Sheik.

  20. @Trey
    Russia even won the Eurobasket tournament in 2007, so I think it’s pretty safe to regard it as a part of Europe. At least basketball-wise.

  21. No one ever considers Russia Asia.

    Anyway, here’s my favourite NBA look-a-like because I can’t be bothered phoning in: John Salmons and Wesley Snipes.

  22. Hilarious mail call guys, loving it!

  23. @MC Welk Thanks for the correction.

    And thanks for not being a dick about it.

  24. Meant to get this in earlier, but oh well: The Brooklyn Balls. You get the simplicity and the basketball-relatedness of the Nets, and you keep with the alliteration. Logo could be a pair of basketballs. If you’re nasty, you could even make it the Brooklyn Bawlz. This would instantly become the favorite team of every rapper.

    Also, Tas? I’m pretty sure Link to the Past is the best.

  25. last time i checked scola was argentinian

  26. My suggestion for the new Nets name: Brooklyn Renaissance, aka the Rens, paying homage to the great Harlem Rens team, the cultural movement its named after, and the fact that the move to Brooklyn is a rebirth.

  27. JD, atleast put in the part when I say I’m calling in drunk! I should like I’m mentally retarded (which considering I call in every week drunk, I think I am).

    Thanks for putting me in there three times and for listening to the whole fucking message though. JD runs TBJ!


    can’t believe no one mentioned him. I’d rather have Kaman over Marc Gasol

  29. just realized he was born in michigan, but still he played for the german national team so yeah…

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