Ep. 581: Pressure Builds

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas pick up “double technicals” for being awesome. (Kidding. That would never happen.) Should the NBA rescind one (or both) of Perkins’ questionable techs? Where was this push-the-freakin’-tempo Magic team earlier in the series? And could we possibly see a Brian Scalabrine sighting in Game 6? All that, plus Tas accidentally channels Raymond Babbitt for a moment. Find it!

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Comments (17)

  1. No mention of Brandon Bass getting some minutes in the past two games? Seems like in both series the momentum shift has a lot to do with coaches making adjustments.

  2. I just have to say this guys. I love absolutely love how 90% of your game predictions turn out wrong. Sort of feels like watching Artest throwing bricks from behind the line:)

    …crazy freeking playoffs

  3. Tas, are you legitimately STILL saying the Celtics don’t give up leads??? Come on man. Two of s called you on that yesterday, the Celts were one of the worst teams in the league for giving up leads, I’m actually gonna go find the link now so you can stop saying that.

    Hollinger quotes:

    “For starters, the Celtics’ offense went into a funk late in the game, continuing a season-long pattern of fizzling down the stretch. Boston lost the fourth quarter to Orlando for the fourth straight game, scored only 39 points in the second half, and produced only six in the five minutes of overtime.”

    NO, here it is
    an entire per diem dedicated to how often the celts blow huge leads..
    “Boston was second in the league with 15 blown leads of 10 points or more; only Memphis (17) had more.”

    enough tas lol.

  4. FYI: The NBA has rescinded the second technical foul Kendrick Perkins received in Game 5.

  5. And could we possibly see a Brian Scalabrine sighting in Game 6?
    if theres a sighting, i think you would probably see it. trolled!

    anyway, the celtics are going to be hurting big time down low for game 6. orlando has a huge advantage in the game just from that. wallace also tweaked his back. they are going to get boned hard by dwight in game 6.

    and then, game 7 in orlando?……..its tough to see the celts pullin this out, bros.

  6. still going to be short on big bodies. and perkins wont be playing aggressive since he wont want to pick up another tech and be suspended for game 7.

  7. @gazelle – REGULAR SEASON. I responded the same thing yesterday. Don’t you think there is a slight difference between the regular season Celtics and the playoff Celtics? Just sliiiiiiightly different teams, no? How many leads have they given up this postseason? That is what I am referring to.

  8. Need for Sheed!

  9. Tas you got to step your game up with the quotes lol. When you were on yahoo they used to
    be awesome as of late they are slipping like the Celtics.

    Money line for the Lakers is huge tonight. Realgm has a running gag that it is guaranteed Bennet Salvatore is going to ref the game meaning auto win for home team.

  10. Damn Tas, use a coaster!

  11. And you came in dressed like a trainwreck

  12. You guys talked more about Scalabrine than about Garnett, Pierce and Allen combined. Yesterday’s show was great.

  13. Def- def- definitely a rain man moment for Taz.

  14. @SLJ – Exactly!

  15. First the Flyers, and now the (black) Magic. Bostonians will jump off ledges for sure. Donaghy’s spirit lives on! This just in: Delonte calls LeBron, telling him he has a new brother, named…wait for it…DeLeBronte =D

  16. tas seems to be a day late and a dollar short when it comes to hopping on or off the c’s bandwagon

  17. “Wearing socks in the summer is sin”

    Tas, this foot fetish thing is getting out of control!

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