Ep. 582: Stomach Punch

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas get back on the corner to discuss Ron Artest’s lucky/determined game winning putback, Nash’s inspirational fourth quarter play, The Machine vs. The Dragon, how the Lakers attacked the Suns zone defense, and much, much more. Try the deep-fried avocado artichoke. Good night.

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Comments (10)

  1. Craig Sager is fearless. Artest got spanked by him and didn’t even fight back. Amazing.

    That game should have been a draw.

    Yeah, Nash obviously knew and felt they had to win Game 5. I’d never count them out, but it’s gonna be tough for the Suns to prevent the close-out. (ORLY?)

  2. Charles and Reggie HATE each other and it’s getting too painful to watch. As the fourth guy/girl they should have a LA celebrity so the TNT guys can make fun of them and their lack of b-ball knowledge. That would be awesome.

    Imagine Chuck asking Kim Kardashian what she thought about the double penetration during the game.

  3. Lakers actually shot worse against the Zone this game than last game. The key was the Lakers D.

  4. Eh. Try TheLakersNation.com. It was formerly GetGarnett.com back in the day, but it has wisely changed into a general fan/blog site.

  5. friday goes by and no wanker of the week? my vote goes to Eddie Rush

  6. That picture of Alvin Gentry puking into the trash is making me want to puke.

  7. wheres this overdose at? so bored this afternoon

  8. How come there aren’t any screaming fans standing outside, holding up signs?

  9. General thoughts:

    I think the zone for the Suns worked the best this game. As mentioned by Bing above, the Lakers had their worst shooting night against the Suns last night and had the least amount of points. In general I would say that the improved defense of both teams was a huge change for the series. You knew that the Lakers were going to up their defense which really showed in the 2nd and 3rd quarters after their last loss, but I didn’t expect the Suns to do the same.

    I wanted the Suns to win the game, but I couldn’t possibly be angry about the ending. When Richardson’s ugly three fell I laughed and when Artest was at the right place and the right time I laughed as well.

    As for Reggie, I feel like he’s that annoying friend who comments on everything that happens around you as though you don’t notice it. Like if someone says something sarcastic he’ll reply “that was so sarcastic! that’s awesome!” as though he’s hoping for approval, or like he tries to say so many things about how you should like him but fails to notice this desperate plea for attention just alienates others. The end game discussion of Artest’s shot perfectly exemplified this.

  10. Wanker of the week candidate : Ron Artest for robbing us of the overtime.

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