In a recent interview on Turkish television, Raptors forward Hedo Turkoglu explained that he is actively seeking a release from the Toronto organization.

Take a wild guess why.

On March 28, 2010, Turkoglu was a healthy scratch for the Raptors, his first benching in over four years. The shocking decision came in the wake of reports that “The 53 Million Dollar Man” was spotted out at a Toronto nightclub, immediately after missing a game due to a stomach virus. He was fined by the team.

Naturally, Raptor fans and the media were furious. And, well, if you believe Turkoglu’s words in this interview, those last three weeks of the regular season have driven him to extreme measures.

Check out the translated NTVMSNBC transcript below:

Kaan Kural (chubby host): We’ve been wondering a lot about the crisis at the end of the season. Some rumors have been spread about you partying after the Denver game?

Hedo Turkoglu: Yes.

KK: The team’s management didn’t deny it and charged you instead. That’s what got the whole criticism from your own fan base going. [...] To face the fans is a hard thing to do for a professional.

Murat Kosova (other host): Also a dangerous one.

Hedo: Yeah. I’ve been playing in the USA for 10 years and this is the first time I’ve been booed by my own team’s fans. It’s a shocking situation and it made me feel extremely bad after. That was the most embarrassing moment in my life. God bless everyone, no exceptions!

KK: As far as we know, it’s not so common in American sports culture except in a few cities.

Hedo: I never experienced it before, maybe some little grumbles but…

MK: But we can treat Canada as an exception, Kaan.

KK: Yeah, it’s a much different fan base.

MK: Remember the protests against Vince Carter.

KK: Philadelphia and Toronto have bad reputations.

Hedo: Anyway, that’s why I said I have some issues with the organization. I felt sore at the Jazz game and didn’t play against Mehmet [Okur] in the second half. I’ve never come out and said, “I won’t play tonight” during my career. And it was not the case in Toronto either. I played through a hip injury, some ankle pain and, as you all know, cheekbone damage all year. I don’t even remember the shape of my nose anymore. Despite all of these challenges, I always intended to play and try my best.

After a sleepless Thursday night and not having eaten much, they asked me how I felt. I explained the situation and said, “I didn’t sleep. I’m not feeling good.” Their answer was, ‘We shouldn’t put you on the court without practicing.”

Hedo: Our Italian physiologists said, “You are not starting today. After training on Sunday you’ll give it a go against Miami and Charlotte.” I nodded and did some weight work on game day.

Although they allowed me to go home, I wanted to watch the game with my teammates. After the game, I went back home. Some European teammates called me and said, “Hedo, are you sleeping?” Then they told me where they were hanging out, which is actually 100 meters away from my home. I said, “OK” and when I arrived, all the guys were here. And if you check the camera records, you will see that I left there in 15-20 minutes with Andrea Bargnani. I guarantee it. And if they prove me wrong, I will give back my contract!

The day after, the whole controversy erupted. They claimed that I intentionally skipped the game. And the worst thing is that the people making the claims were from Raptors’ management and they wanted to suspend me for two games. My attorney settled the dispute and Mr. [Bryan] Colangelo promised me that things would stay between us.

The following day, I was fined and did not play against Miami. After the statements of the front office, everybody in Toronto heard the news. Think about the situation I am in …

As I told you before, I have played for four different teams in 10 years in the NBA and I have never experienced anything like this. I bet nobody can prove these “party machine” rumors.

(TBJ note: Woops!)

Hedo (continued): In fact, these events put me off both basketball and the Raptors organization. Needless to say, the fans started to lose my love. On the other hand, I have always had a good relationship with the fans. Before this incident they were incredibly happy when they saw me around town … They thanked me a million times for choosing Toronto over other options.

KK: Your relationship with fans in Sacramento, San Antonio and Orlando is well documented. There has never been an issue with you. You have always been a fan favorite.

Hedo: When the circumstances turned against me, I lost my enthusiasm for this city. My lawyers have talked to the front office recently. Honestly, I do not want to go back to Toronto. My lawyers talked to Mr. Colangelo and I hope that they will come up with a solution soon.

During this process I talked to [Raptors head coach] Jay Triano several times. I promised him that whether he starts me or not, I will do my best on the court. However, if I had a more temperamental personality, I would have left the team. Yet, I did exactly the opposite. I did my best. I told him that I have no problems with him. I am not a young player, so it’s not a big deal for me to come off the bench.

KK: The next game against Chicago, you grabbed 19 boards which was a career high.

Hedo: Yes, I tried hard.

MK: Apparently, problems are much bigger than we thought.

Hedo: I feel relieved now. I spent four weeks with my wife and daughter in Orlando. We had great time. This helped a lot.

MK: Hopefully, you will have a great summer here …

Thanks to TBJ friends Kubilay Kahveci, Cem Pekdogru and Arda Ocal for help with the translation.

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  1. that’s some passive aggressive if i ever heard it. if i was a more temperamental guy i would have quit the team, instead i wait till i’m not in the country anymore to give my side of the story and shit on my team. here’s hoping you buyout your own contract. i’m not mad at hedo for sucking, i’m mad at colangelo for paying him so much to do that sucking. he had the same year he’s always had, but was also an idiot.


  2. Sounds like whoever wants Chris Bosh is going to be getting Turk as well…

  3. Yeah it also doesn’t help when his lazy ass is taking low-percentage shots in jammed positions while never looking for an easy assist to an open man with a clear shot. It doesn’t have anything to do with his poor defence on the court which always led to a quick basket. It never helped WHEN HE THREW A BALL TO AN OPPOSING PLAYER WHEN HE WAS IN A POSITION FOR A HIGH PERCENTAGE SHOT.
    GET OFF THIS TEAM YOU HORRIBLE BALL PLAYER. Brian was wrong in signing you.

  4. BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What’s happening to our team? Bosh is on his way out… Hedo wants to go… is there a light at the end of this tunnel? Colangelo is strangely silent for the past months… what’s going on???

  6. ‘Philadelphia and Toronto have BAD reputations’ <– wow! that's news… never thought we had that kind of reputation among players and even in the world! What's Vince not telling us?

  7. What’s TMac not telling us?

  8. Hedo… we still want you… we still believe in you!!! Don’t give up on this city to easily. Please.

  9. we don’t want you.
    go somewhere else.
    kay bye.

  10. Hey there Skeets, he said the word “lawyers” and “lawyer” in Turkish but he meant his agent (he said his name as well: Lon Babby) … So I suppose his agent is negotiating with the Raptors management not his lawyer(s).

  11. but what team would want him and his huge contract??? it won’t be that easy to trade him… and if they did… what value will we get in return? Can we run a franchise with Bargnani as our franchise player?

  12. Who cares Hedo dont let the door hit you on the way out!
    The bottom line is the Raps are in trouble….I dont think they will get an impact player for Hedo. We will probably get another under achieving over paid forward with a expiring contract and a second round pick(s) in return for Hedo

  13. It’ll save us money in the long run if we buy him out outright.

    And my us I mean, Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment. I’m not an assistant coach or anything.

  14. Hedo… we still believe… there was a time when Kobe wanted to get traded… but now that he’s stuck with the Lakers… look at where they’re at right now. Guys, don’t give up on this too easily. Colangelo is still a hero.

  15. I was a Turk fan..I even defended him. When he picked toronto I was upset but being a fan of the European love for craftyness I gave him the benefit of the many doubts I had.

    From the get go… When asked why the bad game he would reply “I did not have ball in hand..I do not know how to be spot up shooter” … ” they are not using me correct”…emmedietly followed by “but I do not complain”… But you know what he’s done nothing but complain.

    And here he is complaining…never taking responsability for his poor season. if we can move him … There will be no tears shed by these fans… Who have a history of being loyal to hard workers like bosh, Antonio Davis, Adub, bonner and the list goes on.

    But if your going to complain and play halfhearted you deserve the citisism, and all you have to do to make it better is play with Some passion. But to turn around and add insult to injury.. that’s low.

    Even if the incident happened … First Poff, no one cared for more than a few days if that. Second how can you blame the fans for not being able to see into their cystal ball for the truth.

    What a complainer, we’d be lucky to move him. But no one wants him.

  16. We’ll trade you Vince Carter for Hedo… deal?!?!?! Hedo’s absence is the reason why we’re not going into the finals this year. Go Suns!!! What do you mean ‘beat LA’… this is Nash’s year.

  17. …or better yet — sign and trade — Chris Bosh & Hedo for Vince and Rashard — take it or leave it … that’s my best offer.

  18. no one wants to play for raptors and maple leafs anyways, even wanye gretzky wouldnt ever play for toronto back then.

  19. No one will miss you when you’re gone Turk. Expect boos upon your return to this city. This is some of the best Raptors news to come out of this summer. I can’t wait to see what horrible contracts we’ll end up if he’s traded.

  20. …and if you call right now… we’ll give you JJ Redick, for free!!!

  21. I have a better offer… Hedo and my best friend Jose Calderon… and I’ll give you Rondo and Rasheed… you like?

  22. I believe the technical term is “good riddance”.

    I hope he does get released from his deal.

  23. Hedo had fans prior to the incident? Really…..What fantasy world was he living in? Not sure how you get rid of him without taking a massive cap hit.

  24. Bad timing for hedo to want out.. LBJ, Wade, Bosh all free agents he won’t even be on the radar……

    He’s right about one thing though to much booing at the ACC not just at him but in general. Swear at the other team and the refs no matter what, but never the home team.

  25. I’m from Canada but damn what’s wrong with T.O Fans? traded damon, boo damon. Tmac quit, boo t-mac. vince force trade, boo vince. Now here comes turk and bosh. Although in my POV, turk wasn’t the same level as them.

  26. Hedo and Bosh to the Bulls for Luol Deng, Kirk Hinrich, and Brad Miller. Miller and Bosh would have to be via sign and trade, but Toronto could give Miller a one year deal at about $7 mil to even the trade up. Maybe the Bulls could throw in James Johnson too, to add a little youth to the mix. Gets Hedo out of town, frees up cap space for the Bulls to still sign LeBron. Everybody’s happy. This is assuming Bosh is resigned to the fact that he wants to leave.

  27. I do agree that Toronto fans are bad, come’on still booing Tmac and VC?! it’s been years and we still hold a grudge! If Stoudmire got back into the league we’d probably still boo him, I know we did when he played for Portland.
    Bad signing… only good signing BC did was for JJ but we all know he did that to help please Bosh for the season.

  28. My god, what a bunch of morons. The problem with Toronto is the fans are so f*ck*ng stupid.

  29. If Hedo isn’t lying, -which seems true (since it can easily be corrected by Bargnani according to him)- you guys need to give the guy a little apology for those ruthless partying jokes.

    If he is lying and the entire Toronto is right, the guy guarantees to walk away from his famous contract. Isn’t it everyone’s dream up there?

    Sorry everyone but the real “support” is backing your guy when he is having hard times but fans are the least responsible in this case. The press had made a party joke in every 30 minutes all season so they believed. And if he is talking the truth, I wouldn’t want to play for the Raptors neither. Disgusting management for Raptors, I mean, if the guy is talking the truth.

  30. hedo is absolutely right. the problem is raptors fans and organization. he is kinda funny guy. everybody loves him in orlando.he is 31 and he knows how to act when some bad things happened.

  31. ‘Good bye Hedo, you played like crap before this hole “Club” scandal came up, and also after. I was so happy to hear he wants out of Toronto because we want him out of here, so it makes it easy for us….. He apologizes to his Toronto Fans on his end of season interview for playing so badly, now wants out? Good Riddens!!!!!!!!!

  32. If Hedo (‘the Phantom’) was actually prepared to accept a release I would paid for his ticket out. As it stands, he essentially has one of the most untradeable contracts in the NBA. Shame on Colangelo for signing theisloser. Bravo to the Raptor fans for exposing him for the self-centered clown he really is.

  33. Hedo played terrible all season and now is just trying to place the blame somewhere either than himself… That being said I think Toronto sports fans act like uneducated hicks with the amount they boo and the reasons for it. You should never boo your own home team like raptors fans do, no matter how bad they’re doing, you stick with them. Leave Vince, T – Mac and everyone else alone, and treat your current players better and you’ll actually attract some good talent instead of having a terrible reputation as a fan base. Honestly who boos a nice guy whos given his life for the team like Calderon??? over an air ball??? you’d think he’d raped somebody they way the fans acted.

  34. I’ll trade Hedo and Jose for Vince. Get rid of two bad contracts/players for a guy who needs a resolution to his career as a hero instead of a goat.


  35. Bravo Raptors fans, media and organization, you once more showed real class and taught every NBA fan how to support a basketball team.

    First, you made a guy overpaid by giving an unnecessary contract.

    Then, you started hating the guy when he was playing bad.

    You booed your own player, who is a veteran and clearly didn’t do anything wrong except than having a bad season after a brilliant one and accepting a lucrative offer which is offered by you. You guys didn’t even waited for the next season to give the guy an adaptation time.

    What are you going to do, if Bargnani will come up and say, “Yes, we called Hedo that night and everybody was there. We left in 15 minutes.” Bargnani is a first pick and he is still underachieved. Will you boo him too?

    Will you boo Chris Bosh after his first 30-point game next season?

    Yeah, right. It’s a real class to do that. When you are rooting for a team, you should support the team and the players. You should back them up when they are down. You should help them .

    And what about the general manager? First he gave a bad contract and then he fined the guy for something he says he hasn’t done and made him a public target. Now everybody talks about Hedo’s poor work ethic, who is a problem-less veteran in this league. Nobody talks about Colangelo’s poor decision making. Real class, bravo, bravo Colangelo.

    You guys are real losers, hope Stern will cut you and bring back the game to Seattle.

  36. We love Hedo, he was great in Orlando, he was the most important player for the Magic when Magic got their first and only Eastern Championship last year. Magic should have kept him, or he should had gone to Portland. What are you doing in Canada Hedo? Come back to US again.

  37. lol this is hilarious, T.o fans are the most dedicated fans, we boo these players aka mostly Vince Quitter, because they lack the drive to play to their potential, being from toronto, and a raptor fan since the franchise came to toronto, theres been nothing but love, in regards to turkoglu and his play this past year, he doesnt fit in with the team the raps put together, whether or not he was at a club or not, its regardless, turk is a number 2-3 scoring option, and with raps he is 3-4 depending whos on the floor, shame on all u suckers hatin on tdot, come to a game and see wussup!


    I hear all this about booing in Toronto

  39. That’s one of the most biased reports I’ve ever seen. Its good though, because Toronto doesn’t want him either. it’s mutual. Take your pizza and go, but leave the cash.

  40. Fuck Hedo and fuck all those who say it’s a biased report. Hedo doesn’t want to be in Toronto, Toronto doesn’t want Hedo in Toronto.

    I want him to just leave. Trade him for “future considerations” and I’m happy.

  41. Wow, Raptors have a really disgusting front office. Hedo had a bad season but it could happen in sports. But why did they punish the guy if he didn’t party ?

    If I were a reporter, I’d investigate the situation. Hedo or management is lying. It’s harsh to label a guy who is a ‘dad’ and a ‘husband’ at the same time as a party guy, if he is not and already having a tough time.


  43. i remember when hedo said his goal for the 09-10 season was to ‘make the all-star team’ — that was before the season [obviously] and it was from that point that i knew that hedo was wiener — a sock fucking, house cat, rat dick… he makes my blood boil.

  44. Let’s kill Turkoglu.

    Obviously, he is the first player who has played below expectations in his first year.

    You’re a real sports fan Paul Coffee-boy. Keep up the good work.

  45. The guy played terrible, but if he gets traded for nothing or close to nothing (which is about his trading value right now) Toronto fans will get mad again (because they’ll need to take salaries back AND less talent) I’d say start the season with him and then trade him… His stock has never been so low… You don’t sell at the lowest, ‘cuz you just ain’t gonna get anything worth it….

    What would be the point of trading him for, say Peja Stojakovic (veteran with a horrible contract and way past his prime)?
    Replacing him with another overpaid guy who would prolly be even more useless is pointless…

    You made your bed, now you have to lie in it… You signed a guy, he seems to not give everything, then you try and help him play at his best (cheers for the fans, pressure and X’s and O’s changes for the coaches), not just assume it’s 100% his fault and that you couldn’t do anything to change that.

    @ tekin – Yeah… Shaq brought the Magic to the NBA Finals in 1993 (or ’94, I don’t remember), but I guess they just hopped over the ECF without playing them… What I mean: last year wasn’t Orlando’s first EC title…
    And Hedo wasn’t the most important player on that team… He was offensively, but overall, Dwight still was…

  46. finally some logic, good point breyzh!!!

  47. who the hell are you saying that why hedo isnt wearing his earring cos he would get reamed by turkish viewers? get the hell out of here or learn something about turkey or turkish viewers before opening your big mouth..with zero knowledge, keep talking like are getting ridiculous and clown

  48. fuck turk that bitch….pls bc, get that bitch out of here…and make sure chris botch is gone as well. think about it, those 2 are supposed to be our best players and both are just pathetic.

  49. Canada…skill killer country..since 2000, approximately 40000 phd and 80000 master degree skilled immigrant came to Canada.
    98 percent of them left the country after 3.5 years or less..

    dont worry hido…not only you

  50. This sums it up:

    KK: The next game against Chicago, you grabbed 19 boards which was a career high.

    Hedo: Yes, I tried hard.

    I guess he didn’t try hard every night? Must be nice to half-ass 53 million….

  51. seni bu kötü takımda görmek istemiyoruz hedo.Sen çok iyi bir oyuncusun böyle bir kötü takıma nasıl gelebildin hala anlıyamadım senin sezondaki 81 maçınıda izledim en büyük fanlarından biriyim.Toronto nun taraftarı ve yöneticileri çok kötü sen daha iyi takımlara laiksin işallah carter ile takas olursun!!

  52. I know Hedo personally, you can bet that he’s talking the truth about not partying. And as I watched the whole interview I can honestly say that he’s not just blaming the coach, the management or the fans only, he said that he played bad, and blames himself most for the last season. Toronto fans, before talking shit about a man, and this man is your own teams player and trying to give his best all times whether he comes from the bench or starts the game in first 5, try and learn something about him, don’t follow the shitty rumours that your shitty team management spread around. period.

  53. It’s really funny the way you idiots think. Hedo played in NBA Finals last year, then he came back Turkey and played for national team. Later, he back to the US. Can’t u get how that summer was tough for Hedo? Beside, he was injured thoughout the season and even before joining Raptors, which Colangelo should-and probably- know.
    Also, for Hedo, Raptors was not the best team to sign. The system in Raptors is not compatible with Hedo’s style. There were too many guards in the team. Remember, last year, East semi-final, who was playing at point guard in Orlando? Wasn’t he 6-8 Hedo? Can’t you remember guys how his performance increased after Jose’s going to bench? Come on, just try to be more unbiased.
    Other than all these stuff, was the Raptors a great team before Hedo’s coming? Of course the expectations of Raptors fan was high and Hedo couldn’t fulfill them, but, you fans, have you ever thought about the greatness your team? Did you indeed expect him to make Raptors a tough defensive or unstopable offensive team? This team is the softest team in the league! No hard penetration, no sacrifacing body, no rebounding hussle, no nothing! Can you blame Hedo for these???

  54. What made it so easy for us to get rid of Orlando this year? No Hedo.
    If T.O. has some sanity in them, they’d learn to appreciate who their team or they’ll move to Alberta!

  55. I am not gonna slander anyone as there is no point.I fully agree with alot of points others have made and right fully so as expectations were realistic(hence All Star break standings). I will say that this summer has just become the most interesting ever in franchise history!

  56. I tested both these trades out on the ESPN trade machine already and both worked:

    1) Turkoglu/Banks for Arenas

    2) Turkoglu/Banks for Brand

    Which team(s) say no? (Keep in mind all the contracts of said players before considering that question)

  57. For all you guys expressing surprise at how Toronto boos former players, honestly is this different for any other city? You don’t think LBJ is going to be booed in Cleveland if he signs with another team? Such a ridiculous point.

    These Turkish hosts are great. And by great, I mean awful. Hedo makes it sound like he was only booed because of his “partying” ways. Fact is, he was playing awful, complained about his role, came to camp out of shape and was ineffective almost the entire season. And he didn’t seem like he cared at all. Don’t sign a huge contract if you can’t take the heat. They talk about the 19 rebounds game. This of course was the most important game of the season – the game against the Bulls for 8th seed. Hedo went 2 for 12 for 6 points and the Raptors lost. Yet Hedo and these hosts make it sound like he had a good game? Ridiculous.

    The hosts also decry Toronto for booing players and saying we have a bad reputation. Isn’t Turkey home to fans who booed the Armenian National Anthem at a soccer game? Classy.

  58. @ kevin garnett
    i dont know if your the REAL Garnett or not, but whats more appreciative than a 53 MILLION DOLLAR contarct on a team that you didnt have to prove yourself, hes a bum and has been since he joined.and if your ARE THE REAL KEVIN GARNETT then maybe you should try working your balls of in the mud and rain for $40,000 A YEAR spending your last fucking dime supporting these GREEDY RICH ASSHOLES that could care less about the team or the game you love. FUCK YOU GARNETT!

  59. So soft. Excuses for taking crap shots and can’t even run run and pick and roll good enough for this team. Export your ass back to Turkey
    Fans have every right to boo, you know how much it costs for one fucking ticket to a game, and you get 10 mil for the year plus bonuses while bums on right outside the ACC are looking for shelter and food
    Don’t bitch Hedo, just do your job

  60. Anyone else remember this nightclub incident with Turk? Suuuure, you’re a diligent player…

  61. @BB

    Clearly you have more to do with his nationality. What a cheap shot..

    WTF about Turkey – Armenia football game? Yes, Armenian anthem was booed because Turkish anthem has also been booed in Armenia a year before, where Turkish president could only watch the game behind bullet-proof glass. Besides these two countries have political and historical feud for decades. WTF is related with this?! What a hater!

    BTW, this is not the full script of that show. Turkoglu had also admitted he didn’t play well. This is the part where he told about the “partying” incident. He told that the front office acted in a dishonest way in that incident and if anyone proves he is lying (that teammates called him and he left in 15 mins with Bargnani) he will give up his contract! That’s the reason he wants out. He also told he chose Toronto even though he could make more money in Portland.

    Guy played nearly the same amount of game, shot the same percentage, numbers decreased as his minutes and his field goal attempts. Orlando system was perfect for him and had a defensive beast behind him who can fill the defensive holes Turk create. Toronto doesn’t have a suitable system for him. They are already soft without Hedo. They already have a ball dominant guard. And they don’t have a coach to make adjustments and try to do anything to take more from him. And he didn’t say “Ok, let’s steal Toronto tax-giver’s money.” He accepted an “offer” which is made by an overrated GM who couldn’t see the guy won’t fit that team.

    It’s bullshit to load all sins and cut the bill to one guy. Everybody could have a bad period. Have some empathy. Didn’t you or your friend had a bad year? What would you feel when people turn their back to you?

    You simply can’t blame one guy and cry about it, instead of trying to make adjustments or trying anything to take more from him. This guy played NBA finals last year for god’s sake.

    Is it a better idea to hate and boo the guy immediately than supporting him to get better and wait for him to adjust or fit in?

  62. time for you and otis to bury the hatchet and for you to get traded back to O-Town bro!

  63. So what do you guys think about his statements about the nightclub incident?

    If he is lying, he should be booed every single minute for the rest of his career and his contract should be taken away as he promises according to this translation.

    If he is not, he is a good teammate to keep his mouth shut despite being treated unfairly by the front office because of hanging out with his teammates.

    He says he watched the game even though they told him that he shouldn’t play and he could go home but I clearly remember reports said Hedo was partying while Raptors playing and he was the one who didn’t want to play.

    Something’s fishy..

  64. He makes himself look even worse, if thats possible by bad mouthing the organization he plays for.

    This guy really is something else.

    This is a real mess in Toronto with the team. Even the projected sign and trades for Bosh
    are crap.

  65. im happy he wants to go because nobody in toronto wants him on the team…he was consistently terrible all year, and now hes just trying to make an excuse as to why he was so bad…he doesnt wanna blame himself so he’ll blame toronto..hes a chump..get rid of him cuz hes awful and it annoys me to watch him give the game to the opposing team..and we arent the only fans that boo…cleveland just booed their “amazing” team this playoffs…including their king LBJ…we are honest with our team..if we arent happy with the way that they are playing..we’ll let em know

  66. trade him to the nets for 1rd yi and lopez

  67. Re: Ball

    I’m not a hater of Turkey at all. What I am saying is that it’s complete BS for a Turkish host to say Toronto has a bad reputation, Canada is an exception and cite examples of players we boo, when this act has been displayed in Turkey as well! If you can’t understand that, I can’t help you.

    If Hedo played well in the season, this club incident wouldn’t have mattered. But here we had a guy who did the following:
    a) came into camp out of shape;
    b) Played poorly all season compared to his own standards;
    c) Complained of his role on the team to the press;
    d) embodied his attitude and approach in a pizza pizza commercial where he was eating pizza and being lazy; and
    e) already had an incident at a Toronto night club where he bullied a local.

    He 100% deserved to be booed. He played like garbage and whined. And continues to whine. Yes he wasn’t the only raptor that didn’t play well. But I don’t hear Bargnani saying “I don’t get ball enough at three point line” or Jose saying “Jay Triano is not using my clapping defense appropriately.”

    Hedo, please go away.

  68. I apologize in advance
    Hedo is a “son of a bitch”.. Turk talk about one night, but he ruined a whole season for Raptors fans. I would not trade turk, I would bench him for 4 year or tear his contract up.
    Ungrateful ass.
    Turk leaving would be reason for Bosh to resign trust me.

    Turk sucks please leave you loser, release your chain of burden from us, so we can win

  69. Not all Raptor Fans and definitely not all Toronto fans are bad. Hedo Turkoglu is hated on Toronto fans because he is a sleazebag.
    He signed a deal with another city, bailed on them last second to come here for the culture, and then irrelevant of his partying, signed a deal that was way beyond his pay grade and stunk up the joint. Let’s be frank, Hedo Turkoglu was playing with one of the best Power Forwards in the game. Also, if you don’t feel comfortable hitting a spot up jumpshot, why are you asking for anything other than league-minimum, let alone 50+ million dollars.

    Shame on Hedo Turkoglu for ever blaming the Toronto fanbase for his shortcomings- and shame on Brian Colangelo for bringing this coward into our locker room. The sad thing is, while Hedo is BC’s only major blunder during his tenure, this failure has probably cost the team Chris Bosh. Thanks a lot Redo.

  70. the raps should be able to sue that over rated piece of shit for not doing one good thing the entire year! You had one good game (mind you it was against the fuckin knicks) and you followed it up with the wrost post game interview ive ever seen… Ball? real intellectual turk. Go to fuckin Euroleague or some shit! clearly you will never have another good year in the nba hedo.. face it.

  71. which motherfucker does write this??

    “chubby host” what a rude!!! you can say “first host” and “other host”

  72. I am not from Toronto, but I have to say, this is 100% NOT ON THE FANS!

    I can’t believe I am reading people posting about how fans booed Turk, and how TO fans should be embarrassed. Turk sleazed his way into Toronto. Not the fans fault, not Turk’s. Who wouldn’t take the money. BC is at fault there. Bad contract for an average player.

    Since day 1 Turk didn’t fit in. I won’t say my source (Raptors employee), but all season long he has been killing team spirit. The team meeting early in the year was basically over his lack of effort.

    Turk played very hard last year (contract year). This year he signs a huge deal and absolutely coasted. I watched every game and Turk coasted 90% of the season.
    Turk made an excuse for everything. Not the right system, not enough time playing point guard….STFU Turk. At the price we paid, he needed to show some sort of versatility, but failed epically.

    With this interview, he absolutely burned a bridge back to Toronto. BC will be forced to trade him by July 1st, rather than wait until mid-season where his value might go up.

    It is a pathetic move by a classless Euro-Cunt. I like the idea of benching him and telling him to stay away from the team. Fucking gross that he will still get paid that huge amount of money. I wish we could void the contract some how…

    So, what will the trade be folks?

    Minnesota makes sense. Perhaps we could pull a three way deal with Bosh and Turk. Jefferson and picks from Minn are a must. We could ship Bosh wherever, and Turk to Wolves.

    Jefferson and Bargnani is better than Bosh and Bargs, plus the picks will help. Turner or cousins would be sexy.

    I wish I knew how to say FUCK YOU in Turkish.

  73. I know some of you will disagree, but this might help Bosh STAY in Toronto, if we decided to keep him.

    I still like the idea of a S&T getting Bosh outta here. Nothing against Bosh at all. The wins never came. He is a true professional. Best of luck to Bosh where ever he ends up. Bosh will not be boooed in Toronto.

  74. The frustration of the fans is not brewing from the players, but rather the management. Unfortunately the players get the short end, and this is exactly why players refuse to come/stay in toronto. BC and his cocky self should beat it, and let some no name come in and start again. If bosh and turk leave, alot of players will have to fill the void, which again means rebuilding. Im frankly tired of this ever-rebuilding process, and have officially left the raptors for a better team. RIP raptors

  75. I am a Raptor fan, but please give the guy (Hedo) a break. We should give him the benefit of the doubt and let him prove himself this next season. Hedo should just step up to the challenge to become noble by saying to himself: “I signed with the team, I’m not happy with the current situation, but I signed so I must deliver on what I signed to do”. If you do that Hedo, not only will Raptor Fans admire you, but also other teams and their fanbase who would seek to trade to obtain you.

  76. ITS NOT OUR FAULT HE SUCKEDD it was HIS he CAME OUT OF SHAPE he PLAYERS horrible he didnt try, and yes if you dont bring it you will certainly lose respect, RAPTORS TRADE IS A$$

  77. Hedo always has excuses when he SUCKED and he had 82 excuses, douche bag, its not the raptors problem you sucked

  78. DECEMBER 9,2009 ……Road game against Milwaukee in 30:43 he went 4-8 ended up with 9 points no attempts from the stripe, 2 boards and 3 TURNS. HE HAD MORE TURNOVERS THAT REBOUNDS. Demar a rookie 2 guard, not a SF in 24:29 had 6 rebounds. Jareett Jack had 3 boards. Take that 19 board game and shove it up ur security guys ass. THAT SAME GAME DOWN 1 OR 2 LATE IN THE GAME, RAPTOR SHOT GOES UP ON THE RIGHT ELBOW. WHATS THE TURK DOIN INSTEAD ANGLING FOR A BOARD, HES BENT OVER TUGGING AT HIS SHORTS. ARE U KIDDING ME MAN. REALLY? LISTEN I KNOW HIS MOM WAS IN THE HOSPITAL AND THATS TOUGH FOR ANYBODY BUT HONESTLY HE PUT IN NO FUCKIN EFFORT. NONE WHATSOEVER.

  79. i am turkish and this guy was a beast in orlando… now his career is over if he stays with toronto

  80. what are you guys really getting from this story….that hedo should leave toronto bcuz he stabbed us in the back by not playing against the nuggets or that he should leave toronto bcuz he simply isnt the same player we signed out of orlando?

    the bottom line is that hedo is garbage, he thought he was a star struck celeb the moment he arrived in toronto, and it was just a straight up bad signing. BC will correct his error…mark my words!

    ps….Bosh aint going nowhere. he’s staying in the city that he made and that made him who he is.

  81. I wonder who post their comments here. bunch of kids or something? everything’s clear. toronto management needs a scapegoat. do you idiots think if hedo leaves all the problems will be solved? hedo is overpaid, but portland was ready to give him the same contract, so was orlando (including the zero income tax in florida) so there were 2 other teams willing to gove him a similar contract. hedo chose toronto. that was a mistake, he should have given a call to vince and tmac. a losing franchise that is destined to lose and boo their own players. what a waste of time!

  82. one more thing to all you turkish ppl who i have absolutley nothing against…..

    just bcuz Ball is from turkey doesnt mean u gotta be on his ass about staying in toronto. a washed up player is exactly just that ! other then that, turkish food is amazing and so are the women. but hedo is NOT ur best player hailing from the turkey motherland…at least not as of recently

  83. One thing I don’t understand. How can one man be out of shape when he played 101 games last season + a summer full of national team training camp and Euro Champs where he played throughout injury. He is not athletically gifted, clearly he couldn’t handle the longest season of his career.

    He played below the expectations and he admits that. He’s not producing excuses. He says he’s unhappy. He says Raptors and him is not a good fit. Isn’t it obvious? Is it an excuse? He also admits maybe the team he will play after Raptors won’t fit him neither, like the way he fit in Magic. Is it an excuse? It’s an observation.

    He is not hating you guys, you hate him. He wants out because he feels betrayed by the management. He feels he is treated unfairly.

    He says being booed by his own fans, is the most embarassing moment of his life. Would anyone who doesn’t care, even say that?

    He says he will walk away from his contract immediately, if they can prove the punishment incident is real. If Colangelo wants to erase his bad move, he can find that camera record and show it on a press conference and invite Hedo to keep his promise. Or just ask Bargnani.

    I know fans are angry because he didn’t perform the way they expected. But think about how much patience guy has not received. Then this incident, in the most important period for the team. Unless Hedo is lying, it’s a scandal to punish the guy and throw in front of the fans for partying while team is playing for play-offs.

    I know Hedo for years. You might call him anything, I won’t object. But one thing you should know, guy is honest. Really. Even it will get him in trouble, he speaks the truth.

    When I read the things you say, you guys really hate the guy. Why so much hate? I mean this guy is a 10 year veteran after all and correct me if I’m wrong, there’s no such problems in his CV. Fans liked him in Sacramento, he played in Spurs (a team which cares about players’ off the court behaviours as well), teammates were sad when he left Magic. I think this guy didn’t deserve to be hated like he fixed a game.

    He just didn’t fit in. And he admits that.

    You guys are angry because your big signing didn’t meet your expectations. But hating so much won’t help anyone.

    We can’t say he didn’t tried. That is bullshit, sorry about that. Nobody could say that except his teammates and his coach.

    If you say, “I’m paying for those tickets, I can boo him”. You may be right. But I don’t agree. It’s a complete different sports perspective. A little support in bad days can be a huge boost in these situations.

    And a little different angle. Let’s say Hedo died and you are free from his contract. Or you never signed him. Are you happy from your team’s moves? Coach? Defensive effort? GM? Even if you bring a better co-star, wouldn’t Bosh still leave?

  84. @ BB

    They are talking about the American sports culture. Read carefully before insulting people you don’t met.

  85. the interview was not all that above. hedo also mentioned these:

    1. In Orlando when i drive to the basket, there were two or three options. If the long guy came to help i throw the ball up the Howard and he dunked in. If the help guy doesn’t show up, i was finishing it. And also if i miss the layup Howard is there to clean it up, that gives to confidince too.

    In Toronto when i drive in, Andre is waiting for an open look at three point line and Bosh is not in the perimeter. I don’t blame them, that’s their style. But when you drive in and help comes, you pass it to your big man. If your big man is not there, then you make a bad shot. Those kind of plays made me look bad.

    2. We played 82 games all year and every game the guys on the opposing team asked me ‘What are you doing here man?’ They asked that because i was one of the the opitons in Orlando, then came here and became the 3rd or 4th option on offense. And they said ‘Didn’t they know your playing style before you came here?’ That was my biggest concern too, because when play static and make less shots the defenders job is easy. In the last 2-3 years the opposing teams always defended me with good defenders, this year they did the same but there as is said it is easy to defend a forward just waiting in the corner for an open look three.

  86. Turk your nickname is supposedly the Michael Jordan of Turkey, your new name should Benedict Arnold of Turkey – you interview is very feminine and lacks the masculine quality of a real ball player – I guess Lebron must have been watching you against the Chicago Bulls game against Toronto hence his infamous quitter comment. You show no class but that is what is big fish in a small bowl does. So long bye bye farewell stale fish. BC tried to win Bosh over by signing the stale fish which makes the case that from now on the GM should do what is best for the team and not just for one individual, it has not worked in the past.

  87. i didn’t translate that comments exactly cause i dont have the script or video record. But you can get the idea of what he mentioned about the team’s game style.

    i’m not a big fan of Hedo and Orlando was a big chance for his career. Howard was hungry inside for Hedo’s drives and passes, Rashard was clearly better playing with Hedo because he had open looks. Jameer Nelson can not be a go-to-guy in the clutch time because he is too small and he can’t pass the ball when the things become serious. Hedo made good clutch plays and he had reputation out there with game-winning shots.

    Orlando lost the conf-finals and they will not be in the nba finals for a couple of years i think. because Carter can not play better with his age, Nelson does his best nowadays and he won’t become a superstar with his lazy defense and passing abiliteis.

    Heado leaving Orlando: Bad choice for each

  88. Somebody said something about taking the team to Seattle, which I agree 100 percent.

    Dont you forget, Hedo all by himself has achieved more in 10 years than the Raps have in 15 years. I bet it would take another 15 years for Toronto to make the play offs.
    1- nobody wants to play in Canad.a
    2- you have a very bad management.
    3- your fan base (with few exceptions) have no idea about basketball.
    4- you have no media coverage.
    5- you dont have a chance to sign a star.
    Examples – Hakeem came when was 150 years old. Jermaine came when he was getting ready to wrap up his career.
    Examples – TMAc, one of the best players of all time, hit the road without packing.
    Vince Carter chose the Nets over the Raps. (This should tell you something about the state that you are in.)
    Chris Bosh ( although I blame it all on him for this joke of a season) He has the ball 90 percent of the time and has no effect under the rim. Surely teams will want to get him. but with LeBron, not alone. Because everybody knows without a leader bosh means nothing.

    Gretzky went to LA, Nash is with the Suns. Even Canadians dont want to be there. why dont you come off of your high horse and except the fact that you are not up to par when it comes down to professional sports.

  89. When you look half dead on the court it doesn’t take more then a passive basketball fan to notice. Give me a break Hedo! Sorry that it seems everyone’s against you all the time, but gee, it’s clearly just a coincidence you’re the only Toronto athlete this past season in the papers for the wrong reasons (let’s not forget that ridiculous cell phone incident where Hedo basically bans people from taking his photo without his permission).

    That Chicago game where he grabbed 19 rebounds was probably the worst Raptors team effort of the season, which coincidently was the Raps MOST important game of the year. I was at that game and all I can remember is Hedo (and the rest of the team for that matter) jacking off-balanced brick after brick. That game was the first game I’ve ever left early it was so hard on the senses.

    Look at our blue chip players like Amir Johnson and Sonny Weems? They simply reek of hustle and as a result (not surprising at all) get cheered by the Raptors’ fans.

    It’s not hard to notice hustle and it’s even easier to spot zombies on the court just taking an easy in the first year of a massive new contract.

    You’re a control-freak with no control Hedo. I really hope Bargs publicly throws Hedo under the bus and says he was stoned-s***faced that night in question and Hedo actually follows throw on a promise and buys out his own contract.


  90. what do they mean by bad reputation in Toronto and Philadelphia? For some reason basketball players never want to stay here. look at vince carter, damon stoudamire, Tmac, chauncey billups, and I think it was antonio davis who didnt like our metric system, alonzo mourning, now chris bosh and hedo. I dont get it, we need players who want to be here.

  91. @Club

    By your above statement it’s clear to Toronto sports fans everywhere that you have NO idea what you’re talking about.

    After I believe LA, New York and Chicago, Toronto has the fourth largest sports market in North America.

    I agree that our management of the Raptors has been sub-par even in the best of times, but Colangelo is widely credited with putting together the Phoenix Suns team that contends year after year (well basically that team’s all Nash).

    No fan base? Go on and check out the number for Raptors forums. We have the MOST by far. This is only a 15-year franchise that’s never been past the second round and only made it out of the first round once. The fans want a winner especially when you consider the Jays and Leafs haven’t exactly been tearing it up themselves recently.

    No media coverage? We have FOUR major dailies, FOUR all-sports TV stations, ONE all-sports radio station and oodles of online writers, bloggers etc that cover the team as well. It’s no secret that Canada gets zero respect from our neighbours south of the border (which you’re obviously from). That’s not our fault.

    It’s the fault of people like yourself who, like I said above, don’t have the slightest idea of what they’re talking about and then spread these B.S. rumours about Toronto and/or Canada to the uneducated and then they assume the same thing without actually doing ANY research at all.

    Yes players don’t want to play here… their loss. Toronto’s a great city to live in. There is truly something for everybody here and unless you’ve actually lived hear you wouldn’t know it. Players will come here and freak out when they realize there’s not a TARGET or PUBLIX down the street.

    So instead of just blurting out the uneducated status quo that so many other ignorant people like yourself, actually do some thinking for yourself for once, read up on the city and sports culture that exists hear (and not just the wikipedia article) and then do something you probably haven’t done for many years: form your OWN opinion.

    Cool? Cool.

    P.S. oh yeah, didn’t Canada just host what were widely considered the greatest Olympics ever or something? Oh yeah that just happened didn’t it? I realize that was Vancouver and not Toronto, but Vancouver is also an amazing city you should visit sometime.

  92. I like Turk, I like his game at times, and I think he is a real cool guy that is getting a lot of undeserved flak and hatred. But I don’t want him to stay because of that unholy contract that he will never live up to. It’s not his fault, management simply placed far too much expectation on his shoulders.

    I hope he does manage to leave and thrive in a different city, or at the least have his contract shortened.

  93. Matt M;

    There is no question, Canada is a great country with great health care system, lovely people etc etc.
    thats neither here nor there friend.
    When I say media coverage I mean around the world including the States. Not Toronto’s local stations.
    you always find a way to crush players. I dont have to give yoıu examples do I?
    If you hadnt, Hakeem would have been for Toronto what Ewing is for Orlando.
    I urge you to leave that high horse. You are driving Bosh out of town. Do you expect to get a better prospect out of the second round pick Miami will give you. Or you might want to create an improved MJ out of Derozan.
    one thing for sure, you are dreaming.
    Utah’s fan base is the best in the league, isnt it? Everybody knows this for a fact. Krilenko fucked up big time, but nobody has (at least I know of) wanted to murder the Russian. On the other hand you are all out for blood.
    First you have to support the team and your players. You bash Jose, Bargs, yes even Bosh, you killed Banks, lets remember what was said about Jack.
    What do you expect, leBron will pick his shirt and come rent a condo in toronto or Kobe will get divorced and fall in love with a Canadian and decide to play in Canada and make canada again and again? come on be realistic.

  94. Please go Turkoglu – please…terrible player who couldn’t give a crap when he is out there. Insane contract…please void it and let him go far far away.

  95. CLUB, you are very proud of your country. USA, USA, USA…..awesome dude. I know “y’all” think it doesn’t matter unless it happen in the USA. If USA media doesn’t cover it then it must not be news worthy.

    But, just because you don’t know about other things, doesn’t mean you should hate on them. You come across as an arrogant, pompous asshole.

    I don’t even want to take the time to counterpoint your posts….I don’t argue with idiots.

  96. These forums are looking more and more like Yahoos. Unfortunate.

    Club — what you say is reflective of half the NBA. Not every team can be Boston or LA, especially one still so young. Media coverage? Well that’s a given for a Canadian team. It’s not the fault of the organization or the Canadian people that Americans have myopically narcissistic vision. That’s not a valid reason against the cities of other countries having sports teams, especially in a sport invented by a citizen of said country.

    You’re statement about Raptor fans is a demonstrably ignorant, baseless opinion. The raptors have many educated fans that still appreciate their team. If you don’t, watch something else and keep your mouth shut.

    People bashing Canada — Fuck you.

    Rob Shellson — I’d definitely take Brand. That guy still has good game.

  97. Man!

    Lots of interesting comments here, although a lot seem biased (angry Raptors fans, Turk fans, Toronto inhabitants)…

    One thing is for sure ‘tho: Bryan Colangello made a bad decision last summer…

    He just reacted like a casual fan: I might have made that signing (I loved how Turk played with Orlando and thought he could do OK on pick-and-pops with Bosh, and was a better catch-and-shoot guy (which I remembered him to be from his days with the Spurs)), but luckily, I’m not a GM!
    He gets a lot of credit for that Suns team, but maybe, a casual fan would have wanted Nash on his team after he made Dallas able to run, appearing on lots of highlights that year…
    Amare’ is also somewhat a guy a fan would draft: an explosive and quick power-forward with a good touch, but not always the best attitude…
    Marion may have been a mistake that turned out right: he was drafted as a shooting guard (at least according to the french basketball magazine I read at the time)!
    You could argue that D’Antoni’s style would have impressed a casual fan enough to consider him for a coaching job. Still D’Antoni had success, but nobody saw his team winning in the playoffs.
    He also traded away Joe Johnson (!)

    I loved this Phoenix team, but you could argue he got a little lucky. Plus Kerr and Gentry show us that you could do more with, arguably, less.

    I also loved the idea of trying “international style” in the NBA, but it has kinda failed. At least you need one big that will hustle and play around 30 minutes (not Bargs, not Reggie Evans either), Scola if you want to stay international.

    The decision would probably have been a better decision for Portland (Roy doesn’t like pick-and-rolls but their bigs need them to score) or the Magic (since we saw the Vince experiment wasn’t much of a success, at least in the 1st year), but still bad at that kind of money and especially years.

    I would love to have the insight of someone who has seen a lot of Raptors basketball this year while not being a fan of the Raptors. But I doubt that person exists, not to knock on the exposure ;)

  98. @Bodhi
    I can tell you not a lot of people care about the Raptors in France ;), the casual fan goes for the spectacular or the succesful, which is not the case of the Raptors right now (again, to the casual european basketball watcher).

    And yeah, I like Brand too, plus he would fill a big need (REBOUND and D!!!), but would the Sixers take Turk?
    I know they hate Brand’s contract right now, but Turk isnt really fitting their style (run!)
    And that’s assuming Bosh is leaving, because they would be short together.

    I hate Gilbert Arenas (I can’t help it), and he dissed Calderon a couple of years ago (mainly making fun of how overrated he was. Yeah, Arenas!). I doubt there’s any love between him and the Toronto players/fanbase/organisation.

    I don’t like the Al Jefferson trade: another horrible defender, although an inside scorer.

  99. Bye now you did not play very well and excuse injuries, learn a lesson from Steve Nash

  100. Oh dear,oh dear …There is only person to blame and it’s your G.M,you morons.Every decision he made during his tenure is a bust (except signing J.J and drafting DeRozan)

    There is what you have and there is what you may get.What you get from Hedo,is a laid-back,partially nonchalant personality and dictating the offensive system by reading the movements of the defence and reacts with the best possible solution.I watched enough Orlando games to see that and I see that you either didn’t watch them or you watched with your ass,not with your eyes.He was the mental and physical leader of that Easter Conferance Champion team.

    As you see,there’s no way in the world for him to suit the bunch of crap you have.And his defensive woes suddenly became bigger and bigger or should I say intolerable because of his offensive shortcommings.His laid back personality inflamed the critics.And really,I mean come on,really woluld you expect a predator of him? He’s like this like forever.

    You know,this ball game still plays with five man each.If it doesn’t suit what you got,you can’t make him the scapegoat for your G.M’s crappy decision making and bad engineering.

  101. Lets all Hope that BC can pull off another blockbuster.

    Im thinking Hedo and Reggie Evans for Steve Nash. Financially it works and it also leaves room to move jose calderon for a solid perimeter defender.

  102. Who could we trade turkoglu for??
    Orlando?? Probably one of the only teams that would be stupid enough to take him back…..

  103. so Colangelo being named executive of the year in 05 and 07 what was what? A tribute to his dad? I know hes who he is because of his old man but hes not in the bottom half of the league in terms of GMs I’ll tell you that. Chris Wallace anybody? sure LA take PAU GASOL….. Kevin McHale, sure my ex-teammate Danny Ainge take KG, Mike Dunleavy LOL, PAT RILEY LOL THE HEAT TREAT THEIR PLAYERS LIKE SHIT, if you wanna talk about loyalty….. Gregg Popovich even said there were something funny about the Gasol trade. FACT OF THE MATTER IS THIS; YOU THINK HE ONLY PARTIED THAT ONE TIME? That was after the word got out that he was gettin straight off the charter and going straight to club, AFTER EVERY ROAD TRIP. He would go with Rasho and Bellineli all the time. THE WORST INFRACTION BY FAR WAS WHEN RAPS HAD A 12PM SUNDAY START, which happens frequently in the raptors schedule, AND HE WAS OUT TILL AT LEAST 2-3 AM, THE NIGHT BEFORE. MAYBE if it was a night game but a fuckin 12 pm start. NOW THATS CHEATING THE GAME, NEVERMIND YOUR TALENT. Baron Davis going 1-6 from 3 WAY TOO MANY times in the last 2 seasons OR Vince not taking it to the cup is cheating your talent. HEDO CHEATS THE GAME AND FANS THAT PAY HIS SALARY.

  104. @ Poul Coughee : Well,I’m sorry about the comment ı made before,about Hedo not suiting the crap you have.If it’s about cheating the game,he suits your team the best.Bargnani,Calderon are first class cheaters in your terms.

    And BC is an angel.He never makes mistakes.He’s not son of Jerry,he’s son of God,he’s invincible.My bad …

  105. Why he’s security was taking peoples cameras and deleting pictures when they took pictures in clubs the incidents happened. He got big money now he does not care. He’ll go to another club getting same money and then go to europe to finish his career. HEDO sucks and I’ll boo him every time.

  106. NYK Means ‘not your kin’ or ‘never your kind’ – keep writing nyk you will find a cousin real soon

  107. hedo is a lazy fucking shit , this guy is the biggest waste of 55.5 million
    ….this guy was holding his hip, wen he should be playin defense ….get the fuck out of toronto you lazy turkey…….if hedo is around nex season imma boo his ass every game…..i got season tickets …….fuck hedo…….he made bosh want to leave for sure ……..what team would want a lazy fuck like hedo anyways?………hes going to Europe 2011-2012 season yall watch….hes shit n aint worth any teams money……hedo’s a bum ………IZZLOW follow me on twitter

  108. i am writing from istanbul. i think, basically toronto fans are right. because if you are a fan, you want your player to give his heart to the game. but hedo didn’t. so fans are angry. if you have a big contract, you should try to do your best. on the other hand, we know hedo’s cv. he hadn’t experienced so bad relationships with fans or s.body. that’s why we can only criticise him for this year’s performance. that’s it. and after all, he had better go to an another team, it’ will be good for him and toronto fans. but remember this, he is not a bad player or a bad character as you think. if i were a raptors fan, i would like Gm to trade players who don’t defend or can’t defend. raptors is a soft team, man! that’s all i want to say.

  109. Lol@ all the fucking doucher turks in here defending Hedo. Sum it up any way you want, you know what’s expected of you when you sign a 53 million dollar deal. And he did less than deliver. First of all, I don’t know why you guys are defending him like he’s a nice guy. He embarrassed a Toronto fan favorite (Jack Armstrong) on national television, when Jack asked him what the reason was for him having such a good game (congratulating him). Hey buddy, I think you can offer the guy something a bit more than ‘ball.’ Or maybe he was out of the breath because he’s a lethargic piece of shit with terrible work ethic. Newsflash retards, he admitted to going to the club. Because his buddies told him to? You’re 30 year olds and folding to peer pressure? Fact is you underperformed and when you’re team needed you, you were no where to be found. Don’t sign that contract if you can’t live up to the expectations, and if you do, get ready to be booed in ANY city if you perform like he did. If you’re not booing a guy like him for the way he acted/played, YOURE fan base is uneducated as shit.

    Toronto fans boo guys who don’t give it their all. Booing Calderon was uncalled for, but T-mac and VC deserve every single boo they get. Look at their careers now. Karma’s a bitch. She’ll find you next year too, hedouche.

  110. @ Poul Coughee : Well,I’m sorry about the comment ı made before,about Hedo not suiting the crap you have.If it’s about cheating the game,he suits your team the best.Bargnani,Calderon are first class cheaters in your terms.

    Are you retarded????? Read my 3rd sentence again.

    so Colangelo being named executive of the year in 05 and 07 what was what? A tribute to his dad? I know hes who he is because of his old man

  111. after the season he had i hope he’s not thinking that portland wants anything to do with him or his stuck up socialite wife!

    note to kevin pritchard:

    round 2… ” sorry hedo…not just no but hell no!” ” have a great summer… bu bye now!”

  112. Anyone that thinks the Raptors do not have the makings of a good team is blind. Aside from the Hedo bust, look at where we were before Bosh was injured.. a few games away from the Celtics to take fourth place.

    What’s Miami without Wade for 20 games? What’s Cleveland without LeBron for 20 games? The only teams in the league you can make a compelling arguement for being very well rounded instead of relying on one or two guys are Boston, L.A., Phoenix and Atlanta (although they’ll receive a shakeup this year no doubt), maybe a couple I’m missing here.. Chicago is close but need a couple more pieces

    Anyway, it blows my mind that people think that Jack is the only good signing last year. Did nobody watch Amir Johnson?? Guy’s the future of the team. Nobody saw Sonny Weems break out in the second half of the season??

    I don’t see why there is so much negative talk about Bargnani either, he is a very good, well rounded player who has been consistently improving every year, and coming into his 5th year, if he can just get his rebounding up a bit will be a force to be reckoned with.

    Some of the comments I’m reading here sound like they’re coming from people who have watched maybe one or two games this past season…

    Let’s be real here for a second and look at the facts

    First of all, Hedo is someone who I have defended and stood up for the whole season, I really felt bad for the guy and wanted to give him another chance to make amends up until reading things said in this interview.

    He made headlines during ANOTHER nightclub incident, where he was out drinking and manhandled a woman 2 feet smaller than him because she took a picture of her friend with the back of Hedo’s head in the picture. This is not an isolated incident.

    You can look at numbers and stats all you want, but as mentioned by some people above, there were games where Hedo would be standing around holding his hips and looking around instead of doing anything whatsoever to defend or move the ball.

    He would throw up air balls and horribly aimed shots at times. But his ball handling, dribbling and passing WERE fantastic most of the time (something DeMar Derozan severely lacks, all fancy dunks aside).

    There were games he could be clearly seen and heard SCREAMING at his team mates (notably Antoine Wright) if something didn’t go right. Even looking past all this, I still wanted Turk to do well. But don’t ever, EVER talk down about the fans, regardless of if they booed you for one single game where quite frankly, you deserved the reality check.

    They pay their hard earned money to see you perform, not dilly-dally around, intentionally take bad shots when you have a great pass option and outright refuse to dunk at 7 feet tall. They have no voice other than in the heat of a game, and every right to voice their displeasure when you aren’t even trying.

    When it’s all said and done, we will be a much much better team without Rasho, Reggie, Hedo and as much as I like the guy, Jose. Even Bellineli is a problem, although he has shown moments of greatness.

    Bargs, JJ, Amir, Sonny, DeMar (minus his bad ball-handling) + a couple new additions is a great core of guys to build a team around, providing they have that one well rounded all star to work with

  113. pete, if you think that Amir Johnson and Sonny Weems are the future of the Raptors, then you must be hoping for a decade of lottery bound teams.

  114. They won’t be without a solid all-star to play along with. with certain guys gone though and more time allotted to them, there’s no reason whatsoever they can’t be 15+ ppg in average

    Look at Amir’s rebounding specifically and scoring in the absence of CB, disregard the part of the year he was healthy

    one could argue that Bosh’s wide open miss in the closing second of that epic last-minute Sonny rebound cost us our season too (can’t remember who we were playing, im sure most know what i’m talking about)

  115. Turkoglu was terrible for the Raptors, but its not his fault BC threw all that money at him…
    That signing made no sense. The Raps needed toughness, defense,and athleticism and they signed turkoglu??

    I don’t know who would take him with that contract, but I hope we get rid of him.

  116. hedo…aslan gibi ama…bro you sucked this season, i had high hopes and they were shot down..

  117. Most people here are mad mostly because he’s overpaid, and then plays bad/half-ass (well, in a system that doesn’t suit him)…

    If Collangelo had signed him for half that price, you wouldn’t be that mad.

    Sure, the guy deserves some heat for not playing his ass off, but yeah, exspectations were too high because of that ridiculous contract (which would have, again, been better for Orlando or Portland).

    And you can’t blame Hedo for taking that contract (well, a little, since it showed he hadn’t much will to win or idea of how the Raps played), you can only blame Collangelo for offering it!

    The guy is a good GM overall, but you can’t say he never made a bad decision or got lucky…. And it seems he has a hard-time signing good/great defenders (who can do a little more than defend, too) or rebounders….

    Still, disapointed by Hedo… If he goes somewhere else, I’m sure he’ll play better…. He wants to redeem himself, just not to Toronto fans it seems :/

  118. And hey, if you’re gonna sign a bad defender at 50mil$, then you should make sure he’s not your 4th offesive option… How is that even possible with the level of talent of that team…

    I mean: Bosh, sure, 1st option, no problem… But then it should have been Turk, not Bargs… And who’s after that? Jose?

    They should have tried some pick-and-rolls with Bosh, even train him at that if need be. That would have opened options for Turk (obviously), Bosh (other that fade-away jumpers, which he still scores at an incredible rate), hell, even Bargs and Jose, who are good catch-and-shoot guys (good pick-and-rolls open up 3pt shots because the help has to come)… Plus Bargs can hang out of the 3pt line like he likes: it opens up the lanes!
    And yeah, Hedo should have trained at spotting up, since he knew Jose likes to have the ball a lot…

    All the Raps have left (assuming both Bosh and Hedo go) is a team in the making… And that’s annoying IMO, since that’s what they’ve had for 15 years…

    idk, maybe I’d give it another chance if Bosh is willing to resign…

  119. NUNYA WHERE YOU BEEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. hedo + a for gortat n pietrus + a~ will be great ~ :)

  121. hedo is gargabe…worst raptor ever!
    Leave now, you piece of crap!!!

    Toronto fans hate you!

  122. Quite Honestly, this is good for Toronto. If they can manage to pull a sign and trade with another star then they have something to keep Bosh in Toronto.

    Hedo was never as great as the media plugged him to be. He was lucky enough to be on teams that made it into the spotlight. ie. the Sacramento Kings with Cwebb and Bibby, and then Orlando. with four other allstar players.

    He has had the opportunity to play without the spotlight being on him as a star player, because when people do pay attention they see a player that really doesn’t have that star capability.

    Get rid of him is what I say, it’s not like as if he is in his prime anyways…do it now before other teams start realizing his suspect ability.

  123. Hedo the hero has left the building dropping a long of he-do do on the way out.
    There are some good players on the team and while some players are more talented than some it should only be about the team. There is no I in team just me or tea or eat or mat you know what I mean. Be strong people of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We have a beautiful city, province, country and the Raptors will be prosperous from now on regardless of what we may have to do before the season starts. From now on any player who plays for the Raptors will find that it is a privilege to play for the Raptors and truly represent the NBA on an international level. We will not sit on our hands at the Raptors games from now on.
    Scream loud Raptors fan shout and scream for this beautiful city and country shout your joy for life shout for freedom to move without restrictions shout for our respect for human life shout for the hard working players shout for each other. When you are at the raptors games just SHOUT and keeping shouting leave it all on the floor cheer our team on. Yeah.

  124. Hedo complaining aboot the fans booing him is ridicolous. Fans boo and you want to leave the city? What a joke. You play pro sports, have you never seen anyone get booed?! Fans are suppose to cheer, yell, scream and boo so loud that you can’t hear yourself speak in the stadium. It happens all the time, in every sport, in every city all over the world. If you can’t handle that, don’t play professional sports. Give back the millions of dollars and go shoot baskets at your local ymca gym. Grow up, suck it up and play.
    You play like sh!t, you get booed. If you don’t like it, play better. It’s that’s simple.

    I never thought Hedo was worth that contract. He had one good playoff run on a team where he wasn’t the focal point and that’s it. He’s not a big time scorer and can’t play defence at all. He’s not a first or second option player. He’s more of a third option or good complimentary player. He’s lucky there were no free agents to compete with last summer and that’s why he was seen as the big catch of the summer.

  125. oh wow… it looks like we have another vince carter. I’ve hated Hedo since day one. I knew he wouldn’t fit in to toronto. He’s WORSE then a carter cause carter actually gave the raptors a reputaiton. And now i’m a hedo and carter hater. Wow, i bet now bosh will get a little break of all the questions and its all about hedo now.

  126. Unfortunately thigns didn’t work out between Hedo and Toronto. There is no doubt that, given expectations, both the organization and Hedo performed below what was hoped for. However, what is Hedo trying to accomplish by saying he wants out of Toronto? Wouldn’t it be better to handle matters internally? If he does wnat out, then he is forcing the issue publicly and making things worse for both raptors and himself. What organization would want to give Hedo another chance? keep in mind that reports have been made about hedo’s consistent lack of effort and need to have someone on his case all the time to get him to perform. He just made it moredifficult to get himself traded.

    Anyways, it’s best if they part ways and start anew. I’d like to send Hedo to Philly for Elton Brand if it gets us the 2nd pick.

  127. It is tough to argue with you.
    Still, pls answer this. . .
    Miami, and Toronto came to the league around the same time.
    Miami has some shiny championship hardware, Toronto has players who cant wait to get of Dodge.
    We love Naismith for what he did, then again spagetthi is a Chinese thing but would you rather have it in Beijing or Rome?
    Toronto Raptors are in the same category with the Clippers.
    Howbout Tijuana Chillie peppers? Or lets say Mexico City Sombreros.
    See it doesnt work that way.
    You are away from the media coverage therefor away from the hearts of fans all over the world.
    Why do you think BC goes for Euros? Because you couldnt persuade anybody, any player with goals to come to Toronto. Do you think Hedo would have come to Toronto after San Antonio or Sacramento?
    Your best bet is to pack up and go back to ice.
    Dont get me wrong I love Canada. To me it s the best country in the world. Somewhat raw, rugged yet again far far away from ,- well pretty much everywhere.-

    ps – my arguement was solely on basketball, I really dont appreciate those rude remarks.

  128. turk can go suck himself. colangelo made a big mistake on this 1. to put things in comparison rondo is making the same as turk- ask urself which is better value for money. the raps SHOULD have gone after millsap- a strong up and coming power-forward which would help them on their interior toughness for the same amount of money and he was available at the time last year….

    now looks like they’ll have to get a low return on turk by him demanding a trade. would have rather kept marion anyday.

  129. fyi part of the problem was the expectations on turk were too high to begin with. he’s an average to slightly above average player at best whose offensive flexiblilty is severly limited by a total disregard for defense. when he first game to the city he was overrated and a lot of the reason why he did well was because he had the best defender in the game (dwight howard) to cover up for his defensive deficiencies and to give him wide open shots by drawing the double team. w/o that he doesn’t know what to do with himself. if turk goes somewhere else i honestly don’t see the situation working out to be much better for him.

  130. Agree with that comment that this Site looks like yahoo forums. Seems most of Toronto fanatics (sorry can’t call you fans) are completely lost. With such comments full of prejudice, and no knowledge of the game, you get what you deserve. Instead of commenting on Hedo’s performance, some of you need to go watch a movie or do something else but bball. No substance, no solid ground in your comments, like I said, true fanatics, just fanatics.

  131. This conversation has been changed!!!! Hedo didn’ said like that. Yes he want to leave from Toronto but not like that!! He said ” Yes I went to cafe after the game, but my teammates with me. And its not a party, its a cafe!!”. By the way I said my coach before the game, “I can play but I have some pain” but coach said “No you shouldn’t play, there is no reason,you can rest and feel good.” Everyone saw last year Hedo’s game, he’s the great player.If he can’t play in raptors I think he’s not a problem.Team is the problem

  132. We are happy family

  133. Hedo Turkglou is a disappointment, this guy comes to toronto everybody is happy and stuff and then he puts up like 10 points has a bad season then blames the crowd, obviously the crowd is gonna booo you if your play like SHIT!!! I say raptorrs rebuild, tierd of theese up and down seasons

  134. Club, again…

    -Miami has one championship – which they partially lucked into – and they mortgaged their future to do it – which has only recently been “paid” down with this summers cap space. Plenty of teams were constructed better than Maimis in 2006, including the Mavericks.

    More to the point though, there are a dozen teams in the league with many, many more years behind them that still don’t have a title. And a dozen others that only have ONE or TWO in 50+ years. These things are not easy to come by and good fortune plays a huge role. So championship droughts are not something to gauge a teams success on.

    New York had a VERY, VERY bad decade and only has 2 championships in 64 years. Does that mean the Knicks should move somewhere else? Silly argument.

    - The Chinese invented noodles, not spaghetti. This is a completely asinin analogy. Obviously you would not go to China for Italian cuisine, but Chinese cuisine does have some very good noodle dishes that I might choose over spaghetti. Further, when you say ‘move the team’ you aren’t simply saying it’s better to eat spaghetti in Italy. You are saying you should ONLY eat spaghetti in Italy. Again, silly argument.

    - I don’t care to guess at BC’s decision making process and neither should you. I can say that Toronto is a very metropolitan, multicultural city so it’s natural some of that diversity be reflected in the team. Also, don’t pretend Toronto is the only team with lots of foreign players. If they weren’t any good they wouldn’t be in the NBA, enough said on that.

    - The media coverage I already.. covered. Americans just aren’t much for looking outside their own little sandbox. Your comment about Canada being “far away” from “everywhere” is a perfect example of that. It’s not.

    - Rudeness.

    How am I to take things like,
    ‘Nobody wants to play in Canada’
    ‘Raptors fans know nothing of basketball’
    and that the team should leave because you don’t like it?

    How arrogant and narcissistic of you. If anyone was rude here, it was you.

  135. in reponse to:
    PlayerEs says:
    Agree with that comment that this Site looks like yahoo forums. Seems most of Toronto fanatics (sorry can’t call you fans) are completely lost. With such comments full of prejudice, and no knowledge of the game, you get what you deserve. Instead of commenting on Hedo’s performance, some of you need to go watch a movie or do something else but bball. No substance, no solid ground in your comments, like I said, true fanatics, just fanatics.

    What does player es means – it means I wanna be a player can I suck my thumb please.
    Apparently he is a wannabe cool guy. Probably sucking his thumb and lisped as he typed his words. He cannot call Toronto raptors fans because he is so cool. Yes thumb sucker we should get what we deserve which are hard working players who realize that the land that produced the person that created basket ball deserve to have players that are willing to work hard. We are more than willing to watch a movie after watching a hard fought game we do not want to see any bball or baby ball give us mball real men ball. There is substance in our comment there is solid support of our raptors and we are fanatic some true some or not unlike your we are real and not wannabe cool thumb sucking lisp speaking couch riding wannabe cool oh I am not a fanatic but a true fanatic dump. Go flush your toilet you little piece of sh—–t.

  136. To no name or whatever you r, a girl may be! I to get to know u, you know to talk about Hedo’s or about sucking u were mentioning, seems u need to be tamed, not to worry no name, I ll tale take care off you. About Toronto, it seems all that failure drives fanatics like No name real insane, U need to relax or wannabees like me Will have to take care of U guye starting with mr. No name. Or ms No name, my preference .. Ms. Sweet No name.


  138. PlayerEs says:
    To no name or whatever you r, a girl may be! Id looove to get to know u No name, you know,, to talk about Hedo’s… or about that sucking u were mentioning, seems u need to be tamed, not to worry no name, I ll take care of you. About Toronto, it seems all that performance failure ! drives fanatics like No name real insane, U need to relax or wannabees like me will have to take care of u guys starting with mr. No name. Or ms No name, my preference .. Ms. Sweet No name.

  139. Hey player – good to see you took your thumb out of your mouth- dont dish it if you cannot take it – no Toronto fan of the raptors will sit and let your walk all over them so shut up – you are one person against a great city – walk on by just walk on by – see the raptors wish them well and walk on by or else it is a whole city, province, and country that you have to deal with. Torontonians are nice people if your are nice to them. You are always welcome to the city and country but not if your are going to put down the raptors fan the city the province and the country with your negative remarks. You make the choice but be willing to live with it.

  140. To No name
    No name says they deserve hard working players,… And also says quote ” give us real men ball. Yeah no name, yeah you’ll get what u wish 4, like i said, i’ll take care of u, nooo problem, tough n hard working PlayerEs 4 u, u’ll get real men ball that U r lacking on court in Toronto, i suspect u, real nice Ms. Sweet No Name. u want it real rough, apparently Hedo breaking his nose and fracturing that orbital bone wasn’t though enough for u, not to worry, i’ll take goood care of you. Ms Sweet No Name.

  141. To No name
    what is this No name, all of a sudden you and the whole country, may be u should have thought of that before U call someone U dont know ‘little piece of Sh-t starting this, but if U wanna go on and think U r though enough U shouldn’t worry about anything, should continue calling U ms sweet No name backed up by all canada

  142. Nice talking to you Hedo – wish you had put the same effort and loyalty playing for the Raptors – Go Raptors Go – Raptors will improve, prosper and move on – so long player there is nothing you can say and do that will damage the raptors franchise – the city of Toronto is on to you player and people who want to manipulate Chris Bosh regarding his choice – We hope Chris Bosh will stay but we also wish him the best. Let Chris Bosh make his decision in peace. The city of Toronto appreciated his hard work and dedication for the time he was with us and if he decides to stay he will be welcome.

  143. That’s better No name,

  144. İ can’t see how they manage it with all the team spirit and chemistry gone, but surely wish Hedo, Bosh and all the Raptors a strong season next year, the bottom line is they all are professionals including the coaching staff making millions most of us can’t even imagine so may be they put this season behind and try to find a sound way to get better. afterall it’s all about having a Good time watching our team win, we all love basketball that’s why we even take time and write here but no need to swear and loose control if someone else doesn’t share our ideas or thinks differently.

  145. Here we go again….another overpaid whiner leaving Toronto. I guess our hockey mentality of attacking players when they suck or do stupid things has scared another player away. Well let him go, we need players that can take criticism, we put it out there because we are passionate about our team and if Hedo is too sensitive to handle that then it reflects his unwillingness to gutt it out on the court and WE ARE TIRED OF SOFTIES. Lets bring someone in who likes taking responsibility, who appreciates passionate fans. Blue collar players. I read something out there about Hedo for Vince…why? lets turn the page unless its for the sole purpose of losing his contract at the end of the year. Maybe we could trade for him than waive him.

  146. Hedo wasn’t suppose to come here and score 30 each night. Hes a respectable 13 – 5 – 5 player. Raptor fans are very harsh and gotta learn more about the game before we start booing. He’s extremely smart on the court, let him run our offence. If Hedo was still in Orlando and not carter i can guarantee they’d be in the finals right now. Bosh isn’t coming back he likes his texan food and weather. We need Turk more than ever right now. So stop booing the raptors and start booing your leafs.

  147. … Don’t be mad.

    Hedo just likes to party.

  148. How are people even pointing the blame at TO fans? Management I understand, but the fans? They have every right to scold Turkoglu. It’s not about his poor season. It’s about a lack of effort. I put more effort into a 20 minute shootaround after work each day than he has all year. Same thing happened with VC. They’re booing because we continue to get players that underperform and are overpaid. TO fans won’t boo Bosh I can guarantee it. Because Bosh actually gives a damn, and he’s shown more integrity than any other star player the Raptors ever had.

  149. to the dude who said no one wants to play for toronto rators or the leafs. turk wanted to play for the raptors. and when you say wayne gretzky didnt wanna play for them. the leafs were the only team he wanted to play for. but they couldnt afford him and his dad said no.

  150. Raps fan, you’ve got to be kidding… Why the hell would phoenix take on the steaming pile of crap of a contract that is hedo, for a guy who averaged 16 points, 11 assists and is one of the nba’s top point guards, despite being like 35. The raptors would be lucky to dump hedo for shitty expirings let alone bring back nash…..

  151. And to the guy who said Hedo fits in perfect with the raptors….. No, no he doesn’t. He is an attrocious defender and the raps already have enough of them(Bargnani,Jose) and plus they have Jose running the pick and roll and a good amount of shooters already too. Hedo may be a decent player but he is worth more like a 3 year 15 million deal..

  152. I did not know Toronto fans were this unrelated to Basketball and nasty. No wonder Toronto Raps suck at Basketball. I truly do not think that Raptors will ever be a reasonably successful team ever! After I read all the comments left here by Raptor fans, I am kind of disgusted by the level of negativity which Raptor fans put out there. I believe that it makes the NBA look bad. In my opinion Raps should be fined for all this garbage.

    Aside from the nastiness, Raps, when you sign a good player with good money, you make sure that you give him a chance to play his game. You do not try to force him to play your LOSING game which you had for maybe 50 years now. So this is all that needs to be said. If you purchase a cow you milk it, you do not try to make it jump over tricks for you.

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