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Comments (11)

  1. You lazy buggers!

    I’m sure the majority of TBJ-fans would have loved a show about the last two conference finals games. Give the people what they want!

  2. Probably b/c it is memorial day. Everyone is out commemorating and partying, like I will be soon. LAKERS FTW!!!!

  3. grrr….
    come on, guys.

  4. I agree, the Lakers and Celtics are the teams everyone really wanted to see in the finals! This series is a high anticipated one. Make no mistake, the Lakers are out for blood!

  5. Question: What are you guys going to do during the summer? Are you going to do a video previewing, reviewing, analyzing trades/trade talks/the draft, etc.?

  6. Was that Hedo on top of the building behind you, contemplating a jump?!

  7. The two most important games of the playoffs… and they get a 30 second summary? You guys take a few days off… then give us a weak ass 90 second “We’ve got a lot to do this week… those games were SOOO long ago…” rooftop spot. Are you gonna give us the same if the last game of the finals falls on a Friday or Saturday?

  8. haha u guys know that you’re starting to get really propular when you starting having whiney, bitchy fans that start getting mad at you for not entertaining them, pretty soon you’ll start getting the “fans” that want your show to come to an end because it’s not what it used to be and it hurts them to see what it became and start complaining every show how bad it is but still continue to watch just to tell you how much you suck now because they’re your “fans”

    haha just wait it’s only a matter of time.

  9. Tas, could you please critique this Wedding DJ’s work…..



  11. i am officially boycotting Canada now!

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