The Celtics and Lakers, who have combined to win 32 of the 62 NBA championships, will meet again for the title this Thursday night in Los Angeles. But before we look forward, let’s take a look back to see how we got here. Cool? Cool. Roll tape, JD!


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  1. [...] and Skeets recap the 2010 NBA playoffs up to now. My only complaint? Needs more Gentry puke. (The Basketball Jones)The Raptors officially announced today that P.J. Carlesimo will join their coaching staff next [...]

  2. Woah… this is what Chuck must have felt like when he downloaded the Intersect.

  3. Well done boys…but I do have to say, I think the sound effect of Gentry puking has to be one of the grossest I have heard in a long time. Damn thing made me squirm. Can’t wait for everything else you guys have in store.

  4. pure liquid awesome.

  5. lmao good stuff

  6. lol you guys win, i doesn’t matter what you just win…

  7. brilliant! great show and props to JD for splicing it together

  8. foreshadowing…!

  9. Inglorious Basterds ftw! And seriously, fuck those ladies. I saw Mr. Potato Head. And the making of DeLebronte West. Good Will Hunting, not too shabby. Carlesimo, Shmarlesimo, Toronto is still doomed, basketball-wise. Bargnani…ftw?

  10. loved the Say Queensbridge at the end!

  11. awesome job JD

  12. Great work guys.

  13. Could not help but watch this 3 times in a row. Fantastic job!

  14. JD making the magic happen!!!!!!!!

  15. Foreshadowing…… Excellent!!!

  16. another one for the ages. thanks, guys!

  17. Bra-fukin-vo pure EPIC. So many little hilarious tidbits u have to watch it 3x to hear them all.
    So clever, funny, and awesome.

  18. Wow, great stuff, guys. JD–seriously doin’ work. You guys made the playoffs look a lot better than they’ve actually been!

    And thanks for the repeated CP3 appearances. Best PG in the league, no doubt, so keep your cool, people!

  19. only thing missing was some mention of Melo’s people of Utah — and losing to the Jazz (who were playing w/o two starters). great job as usual!

    (yes, i’m super late in checking all these videos)

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