Ep. 586: Game 1 Recap

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas breakdown Game 1 of the NBA Finals. What’d the Lakers do to minimize Rondo’s impact? How important is Ray Allen to the C’s success? Are there any “silver linings” for Doc to build on? All that, plus missed bunnies, fouls, Kobe’s “symbolic” three, Chris Rock, towers and more.

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Comments (15)

  1. Skeets, your shirt is rad, dude! Totally rad!

  2. Superb Lakers performance. I definitely don’t want to do this “you guys won because we played like shit” stuff that I was hearing from Cleveland and Orlando in the last two rounds. LA was nearly flawless aside from Odom. It seemed like the Celtics were going against ten footers inside of the paint.

    I still feel ok about things though. All those whistles and the Lakers great offense led to what seemed like no transition whatsoever for the Cs. Celtics were outplayed so badly all game long, and yet if you take Kobe’s last three out of it it would have been a ten point game.

    Was happy that Pierce was able to come up with that turnover/and1 at the end. Cs won’t fold.

  3. Glad to see you guys finally got that The Beer Store product placement all set-up.

  4. Y’all seem awful willing to give the Celts the benefit of the doubt considering how much they stank up the place last night. Bottom line is they’re OLD and have been running on fumes for the past two series. They about folded in the Orlando series, missing two close-out games before pulling it out of the fire. They are done, dudes.

  5. Kobe almost shot them out of the game, Tas? I don’t think you were watching the same game as everyone else. Kobe maybe settled for 3 jumpers the first half (he only shot 2 threes the whole game), and everything else was in the paint. AND Kobe in the paint is money; even if he misses a few, that is what you, the Lakers, Kobe, and Pau want.

  6. great advertisement for The Beer Store @12:40

  7. I just want Mark Jackson to go away–no TV, no coaching. Well, maybe coach an AAU team somewhere or something.

  8. @Everett – I was talking about solely the first quarter where he forced three shots on drives, trying to get the call, and not getting one. His mates bailed him out a bit and didn’t allow Boston to take the lead – that’s all I’m saying.

  9. Going into the next game, the Lakers still have to be worried about their jump shot happiness whenever they get up by a big lead. In ’08, that cost them a pivotal game and perhaps even the championship. The start of the fourth quarter in game one was horrible as their lead dropped to 9 from 20 after they started forcing shots and not working the triangle offense inside. They need to stop settling for jumpers or its going to be a repeat of the worst parts of the Phoenix series. I think you guys nailed it besides that though. They need to prepare for Boston to come out rebounding in game two.

  10. Tas,

    I have to agree with Everett. He missed one layup right at the hoop that Pau was there for the putback. That’s not forcing. He MAYBE forced 1 shot in the first quarter. That was hardly shooting the Lakers out of the game. I agree Pau was arguably the MVP. But Kobe was pretty damn good last night. Kobe’s played a number of games where he’s taken a ton of bad shots. This game really wasn’t one of them.

  11. OK I was hoping some sense would come to all the people claiming the Celts got the bad end of the ref stick. This is just not true, they shot more free throws then the Lakers. Ray Allen’s foul trouble was hurting them for sure, but before anyone acts like this is so unusual lets look at the facts. The Celtics had over 1800 personal fouls in the regular season! The Lakers had just under 1600. Averaged its 22.1 per game for the celtics and 19.5 (or there abouts) for the Lakers.

    This wasn’t LA or the Refs, it was just the Celtics being themselves and finding in the Finals against LA they have no ‘cushion’ of favorable calls due to the prestige of the franchise and the players on both sides.

    The numbers don’t lie, the Celtics fouled early and often over the whole regular season. They aren’t changing their ways now. But the refs are, because its the Finals against the Lakers they can’t ignore all the ‘little things’ the Celtics have been getting away with so long.

  12. too many calls. Ray probably got a couple phantom calls. But I don’t think the refs favored either team.

  13. Looking at that first quarter again. I still don’t understand what Tas saw to say Kobe almost shot the Lakers out of the game. He missed 3 shots and 2 fall into the forced/bad category.

    The first miss was a beautiful drive to the cup that went a little too hard off the rim. Pau was there for the putback. Million Dollar move, peso finish.

    Second miss was the forced 8 footer off the dribble drive in traffic. Just a bad shot. The worst of the two misses.

    Third miss was toward the end of the qtr. He was clearly looking to get fouled on this. But it was a bad shot. no way to get around that.

    Regardless, I don’t see how all of these equate to almost shooting the lakers out of the lead. In fact, Some of his decisions defensively were FAR more detrimental to the Lakers cause. He lost track of Rondo a couple of times trying to help KG. Picking up his 2nd foul being overly aggressive etc.

  14. Commentators – thumbs down
    Kobe feature – thumbs up
    Jackson/Rock – thumbs up
    national anthem – thumbs up

    this is still a series and Ray Allen is still a big factor…. so is Odom’s offensive game.

  15. Most celtics fans that I’ve talked to don’t think the game was officiated in favor of the Lakers. They just didn’t like the way it was called. 54 personals and 3 techs in 48 minutes! 4 of Ray’s 5 personals were off the ball out on the perimeter. Fine, because the whole game was called that way. But, games called that way are tough to watch.

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