Ep. 587: Game 2 Recap

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas breakdown Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Did the officials have anything to do with Ray Allen’s hot shooting? How’d the Celtics manage to get it done late? And why’d the Lakers go away from Gasol? All that, plus Doc’s explosive timeout, the triangle (pen) offense, and much, much more.

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Comments (23)

  1. There’s nothing like a TBJ show to lighten the Monday!

  2. why isnt this on itunes?

  3. Anybody catch the hilarious unbleeped “myyyyyyy nigga!” when Rondo hit the second of two free throws down the stretch???


    Say what?!

  4. re: the kg/gasol ball call

    if u actually play bball and go for a rebound
    and u are about to grab it but someone hits your hand to knock it out
    its still your ball (you woulda had the rebound but when someone slaps your hand from the back and knocks it forward so you knock the ball out..guess what)

    i call that everytime
    i agreed with the call after sitting and thinking about it

  5. oh and rondo blocking fisher, and fisher still flailing = utter gai.

  6. i agree with you guys whether you’re a lakers or celtics fans you can’t really complaiin about the officiating but as a general basketball fan the refs are really sucking ass these playoffss. The foul calls that kobe gets are a perfect example, he gets hacked there’s no call, nobody touches him and foul on ray allen. Just let ‘em play?

    very disappointing game last night, the lakers honestly play the stupidest brand of basketball some times, it’s almost as if they do it on purpose just to make the game harder for themselves. The lakers suffer from the same type of problems that the cavs did at the end of games, where they just give the ball to kobe and expect him to go 1 on 5. There is no need for that type offense with this team, and if it has to be 1 on 5 (i know my fellow lakers fans probably wont agree with me here) i’d much rather it be pau gasol, who if the lakers pull out this series has got my vote for finals mvp. Another thing is I think that ray allen is playing some very smart defense on kobe, where other teams are ok with kobe making jump shots as long as he doesn’t drive on them, the celtics seem to have adopted the exact opposite philosophy, ray allen is giving kobe no space on that jumpshot.

    Looking forward to tuesday to see what kind of game the lakers come out with, and even though i feel like the lakers made some really stupid decisions the whole game, i still gotta give the celtics their props for winning this game, bastards lol.

  7. hahaha myyyy nigga

  8. @fhdhgf- It went up later than usual due to technical problems with our hosting site. It’s up now though. Enjoy!



  9. I agree with bigmarky on the out of bounds call; Gasol’s hand created the momentum knocking the ball out of bounds. Garnett’s hand shielded Gasol’s hand from making contact with the ball, but the refs usually will call that out on the player in Gasol’s position.

  10. Tas’s Skeetsism: “Oh we us” = “Woe is me” (I think?)

  11. Great show guys, I’m glad it’s a series as well. Flops should be just like technical fouls. Flop 7 times and sit a game. Each flop gets a freethrow! Refs also need to be accountable for their mistakes. Fine refs for blatant miss calls and they’ll call a better game! Rondo was great but Ray Allen is my whoa boy. Set a finals record, you should get the nod!

  12. oh and something i forgot to mention, i really hope someone gives mark jackson a coaching job just so they can break up this godawful announcing trio, but i have a feeling whoever does hire him is going to reget it as is evident by this little gem from him yesterday, “you can’t teach that, that’s fundamentally sound”, really? you can’t teach fundamentals? lol does this guy even think before he talks?

  13. Hey Skeets –

    Fisher’s fouls that you were talking about came in the 3rd quarter after Ray had already hit 7 of his three pointers, so I don’t think they effected anything too much.


  14. @Becquer – good catch. The weekend was a brain-killer. Woe is me.

  15. I thought Kobe got the worst of the officiating (surprisingly)… and I’m just worried that the refs are going to “even things up” in game 3.

  16. lol Bosh wont play for lakers u kiding there couldnt he be there just to watch the finals ever basketball player has to be watching this game that dude who said that just wants to get noticed

  17. lol Bosh wont play for lakers u kiding there couldnt he be there just to watch the finals ever basketball player has to be watching this game that dude who said that just wants to get noticed

  18. @illmatic-1: Don’t forget Jackson’s comment on Farmar’s dunk in the 2nd quarter — “Jordan Farmar with a contested layup”… He’s so awful, it’s pathetic. Let him and Doris Burke reverse roles!

  19. that triangle pen thing destroyed any credibility you may have been building for yourselves with this whole score thing hahahaha

  20. I guess I agree with the general sentiments about the officiating………It’s hard to say that either team is being favored (although I think Cs fans felt it more in game 1 with Ray and LA fans more in game 2 with Kobe), but one thing we can all agree on is that it sucks to see this many whistles.

  21. Tas-

    like your shirt. where did you get it from if you don’t mind me asking?

  22. nice watch guys, but i dont think allen was shut down per say in the second half. instead the celtics used him to fake run off screens and then set his own screens which is how pierce and rondo got so many open looks in the second half. even if pierce couldnt hit the cows arse with a banjo when he did get the ball

  23. @james – you’re right, but fact is, they did a better job on Ray contesting his shots with a 7-footer leaping at him – mainly Bynum. Also, with Ray, it’s key to contest his first few shots and not let him get warm – that’s what worked in half #2.

    @hkc – honestly, don’t know. A lovely lady bought it for me.

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