The Jones: Mail Call X

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Join us as we discuss whether Tom Thibodeau is the right coach for the Bulls; the best phrase or call for rooting against teams; and which NBA players would dominate at classic carnival games. All that, plus Gilligan, carnies and sick Skullcandy headphones.


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Contest notes: A winner will be randomly drawn from all video or phone responses to the weekly “Mail Call” question.

Comments (18)

  1. What about Wesley Matthews and Kyle Lowry teaming up as Puffy and Mase?

  2. try this on for size: Channing Frye looks exactly like a young Barack Obama.

  3. Kendrick Perkins & Treebeard = Epic.

  4. Chris Kaman would be the best at cross-bow games because he looks like a caveman.

  5. The shooting games come on you know agent zero would kill

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  7. Perk would dominate the High Striker game.

  8. No Louis Amundson = Taylor Swift? No Baron Davis = Kanye West? Steph Curry = hobgoblin? Mo Will = John Legend? Westbrook = gargoyle? Webster = Akon? Forgot about FIddy. And Canadians are stupid, as are most of the look-alikes mentioned. And Tas breaks the headphones by dropping it. Sheldon Williams would fit in with the Carnies. His face is as asymmetrical as you can get, resembling a bulldog. At least he tapped Candace Parker

  9. Ah, I neglected to mentioned Aaron Brooks = Geico gecko

  10. Aaron Brooks and Chris Rock only have the same hairdo/facial hair…
    They do NOT look alike…

    Hell, even I look more like Chris Rock and I’m white!

    I’d love to have Perk as a mailman! Is he 6’10 too?

  11. Del Negro works, but Manu is a better Perfect Stranger

  12. My fave look-alike is Ray Allen and Mos Def (ever thought of that?). But the ones who are actually most alike each other is Korver and Ashton Kutcher, and of course Mo and John Legend.

  13. Robert Horry – Will Smith.

  14. Side Show Bob is Lopez from the Suns

  15. Manute Bol as the Moko Jumbie

  16. Jose Calderon = armoire thief from Seinfeld

    “Look, you wanna get defended? I don’t think you wanna get defended, because if you wanna get defended, I can defend you!”

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