Ep. 588: Game 3 Recap

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas breakdown Game 3 of the NBA Finals. How fortunate is Kobe to have had Derek Fisher “bail him out” on the offense end in the fourth Q? What did (a gassed) Kevin Garnett do differently against Pau Gasol? And is the league going to have to tweak the use of instant replay, or what? All that, plus Odom, Ray’s looks, a floating television, rain, and much, much more.

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Comments (29)

  1. For the Lamar Odom/Rajon Rondo play they refs called it a jump ball. I didn’t get it either.

  2. I haven’t watched yet, so maybe you guys say this, but I think the jump was called because they didn’t know who it went off of, so they didn’t have to worry about the irrefutable evidence for either way. There was, however, irrefutable evidence that it wasn’t a jump ball.

    Essentially, it made it easier for them to just call it in favor of whatever the replay showed.

  3. I feel like chatting more. Couple things we didn’t get to: Fisher’s 4th quarter massiveness, Kobe’s strong game on the defensive end / in the leadership department, and I shouldn’t have called KG’s numbers inflated. Just meant that he has trouble getting easy buckets so I don’t see another 11-16 game in his Finals future. Also, Gasol did pick it up defensively after getting burned early, but he wasn’t his usual self overall.

  4. Stop thinking about those wet girls slapping their salami! And don’t polish your pistachio! And will you shut the fuck up about this Gasoft bullshit he is a back-to-back All-Star, the most talented big in the league, the whole 9. Where are your faggot Raps? Oh yeah, stuck back in prehistoric times. And if the C’s won, it would have been due to the stupid Rondo foul on instant replay not called. And no flop, as KG is the master of illegal screens/picks, just YouTube that shit

  5. When Odom has a good game, the Lakers are unbeatable. Fisher did play a lot of 4th quarters with Robert Horry. He slides under the radar until clutch time. Kudos to the Lakers defense. Is it just me, or does the nba need a serious ref college with a high emphasis on vision. At this point I’d like to see replay booths with the final call coming from the booth at least for the last 6 minutes of the game. With all this exciting talent for the playoffs, it’s frustrating to see the finals being deflated by bad call run after bad call run. Look alike comparison question you guys asked recently and I noticed nobody bringing up Andre Miller being a dead ringer for Richard Pryor. Carnival basketball player? Big Z bending iron bars dressed like a caveman!

  6. The NBA refs are giving the NHL refs a good name. Change is needed.

  7. Jeez tas and J.E., I usually LOVE watching your show but i have to say, despite the lakers winning this game, you seemed to dog them the entire show. You never mentioned that the lakers outplayed the celts, the show seemed to consist of you guys listing the reason the celtics stopped themselves. Almost as if they were cheated out of the game or something. Bottom line i feel the lakers still outplayed the celts and are the superior team in this series. Not trying to sound like a homer fan or anything b/c i am an analyst before a fan most of the time, but i expected a little more impartiality on your part.

  8. Wow, this show has really dropped off.
    What’s the deal Tas? Can you make any more excuses for why the Celtics supposedly gave this one away? This game was ugly, but the Lakers played better defense and finished when it counted. It got a little interesting at the end but most of the game the Celtics couldn’t make a real run. In order to give a game away you have to have it in hand first.
    I know you aren’t paid the big bucks to be neutral, but whiny and sulky?

  9. What’s this weeks Overdose? The managers from BS of the Sun, SLC Dunk and Welcome to Loud City join you to talk about why their teams gave away their games to L.A.? or maybe Tim Donaghy will give his Miss Cleo predictions about how the games are rigged?
    D-League show lately.

  10. jesus christ JBT will u calm down. i don’t see why u even bring up the raps, ur the worst kind of lakers fan just because they didn’t slobber all over lakers doesn’t mean they’re rooting against them. i’ll agree with u though that kg only knows how to set illegal screens. i think that the lakers did win it more than the celtics lost it, but understand why they feel that way, 1st game at home for the celtics after having stolen homecourt they’re expected to win that one.

    Anyways i’m glad the jones called kobe out on his absolute shit game, u wouldn’t know it listening to the post game show, if the lakers had lost yesterday i’d have put it on kobe. it’s almost like he decided to pull a ron artest yesterday, play great defense on one end then hurt the team by jacking up shots on the other. speaking of pulling a ron artest i love how the celtics almost seemed to say ” we see ur ron and raise u a wallace” lol. great show guys.

  11. No idea what some of you guys were watching, but I heard a shitload of Lakers credit in today’s show. Few examples? Sure, why not? We discussed:

    >> How this 2010 Lakers team can win an “ugly” playoff game or two when it needs to. Despite the rough offensive night, L.A. hung in there (on the road) and played sound defensive ball.

    >> How the Lakers learned from their Game 2 mistakes and refused to play selfish ball down the stretch — specifically after Kobe’s final “hero shot” around the 4 minute mark.

    >> How it was nice of Lamar Odom to finally show up.

    >> How, for a majority of the night, the Lakers’ bigs got out to challenge Ray’s perimeter shot attempts.

    >> How Phil Jackson’s decision to go with Luke Walton early paid huge dividends. He helped the Lakers spacing and ball movement within the triangle offense.

    >> Finally, how the Lakers, like most championship teams tend to do, weathered the Celtics’ hot start AND that inevitable second half comeback.

    But you’re right; this show fuckin’ sucks.

    KOBE RULEEEZZ!!!1111

  12. Kobe contributed a ton to the Lakers. He set the tone defensively, with his leadership, and tons of hustle plays.

    What did Ray Allen do? He pretty much missed 13 shots and that was it.

  13. Argh, can’t edit comments…

    Kobe had a bad shooting performance and his shot selection was bad at times. At other times, the Lakers offense as a team was just absolutely stagnant. Re-watch the third quarter. The Lakers had no inside game…everything was jumpshots. It’s a pretty remarkable testament to their defense that they only lost that quarter by 6 points.

    Every time Pau was open he was 15 feet from the rim, no where near the low block. No Laker was able to penetrate into the lane and all decisions were made with great hesitation, even Kobe’s. This led to posssession after possession where Kobe was dumped with the ball with 6 seconds left and although he often times created decent looks (by his standards) they just didn’t fall AT ALL tonight.

    Regardless, Kobe still got to the line, made huge defensive plays, made huge hustle plays, and DID come up with some very clutch and timely buckets (despite missing a lot). If Kobe had gone 14 for 29 his FG% would have looked a lot better, but he actually would have been less efficient (assuming he didn’t shoot ANY FTs). Calling this a horrible game is acceptable if you hold Kobe to his own standards, but the reality was he was still playing at a level no one else on the court could touch. Seven rebounds, four assists, 2 steals, 3 blocks, and only one turnover? THAT kind of stuff is what makes Kobe a finals MVP, not just his scoring.

  14. J.E., like i said before normally you guys are up there with the top notch guys when it comes to nba analysis. It isnt even just you and tas i watched some espn analysis on their website and they were saying a lot of the same things about the celtics just missing shots. I just thought the show kind of felt like a “the celtics gave this one away” feel and i dont think thats the case at all. Love the show though keep up the good work!

  15. About the Laker/ Celtic series… I’m gonna miss The Beer Store truck. I’ve seen it a few times too Skeets. We suck cuz we don’t have them here in VA.

  16. The one call that frustrated me was Perkins’s offensive foul on the pick in the first quarter. Derek Fisher does that flop every time he goes into a screen and gets an offensive foul call every game. Perkins size really makes a difference and having to send him to the bench for weak fouls is something that frustrates me. Don’t get me wrong, players on the celtics flop as well. I feel like Perkins tends to get some cheap fouls in most series and the officiating is in this series definitely isn’t to his advantage.

    I wanted to hear discussion of putting Big Baby in at the end of the game. While he hustled as usual, managed some good plays, his size is a defensive liability every time when he’s guarding Gasol or Bynum because he doesn’t have the size to even contest. Kobe shot over him on one of his drives. I just think that Doc needs to use Baby’s hustle in the middle periods of the game and have Perk or Rasheed out there for defensive purposes at the end of the game.

  17. J.E., Sorry to make you feel like we’re pissing on your parade. I have been a fan of the Jone over the last couple of years, especially before the jump. The show doesn’t suck, it just surprising to hear it sound like a Bill Simmons diatribe.

    Your comments today were actually good, but unfortunately were overshadowed by Tas going on about Boston’s gift to L.A. If he were getting to the point fine, but I felt like I was watching the same 3 minutes of commentary regurgitated 5 times over with a little Skeets peppered in. That seems to happen more lately. Kind of like Kobe last night – he kept taking shots when he needed to pass more. And many of us complained about it.

    Anyway, I don’t think anyone here was looking for Kobe worship. Nice troll impersonation though.

  18. I’m sort of surprised but I haven’t seen a single person mention what I thought caused the Celtics offensive problems (other than Ray Allen borrowing Tony Allen’s jumper) – Rondo’s fouls.

    He played totally different in foul trouble. The only way the Celtics can score with the Lakers is to run and get easy baskets, which is why they won Game 2 even with a few botched fastbreaks (reductive, I know). Better to have Rondo going full steam, but he seemed afraid to push like that after his 2nd foul in 1st Q and Doc left him in for most of the quarter anyway. Without throwback KG (and later Big Baby) making some shots in half court they might have struggled to score 70.

    Also Tas, it might be inaccurate to say Pierce had an “off game” as that’s three in a row now. I think this is pretty much what to expect from him given the matchup.

  19. Also Sheed had a terrible game, I have no idea what Skeets is talking about. Especially first half. Never got it going offensively but at least second half he was alright defensively.

    Otherwise great show though, GO RAPTORS

  20. I reckon it was just the fundamentals last night that got the Lakers the win.

    - 5 more free throws from the same number of attempts (almost the winning margin right there).

    - Battling for loose balls… Kobe made up for his misses by chasing down some loose ones.

    - Rebounds… KG had a good game offensively, but needs to get more than 4 defensive rebounds.

  21. Wow, heated comments! The show doesn’t suck. It’s awesome, even if you don’t always agree with it. I was angry when I heard the show saying the heat gave one away to the Celtics back in round 1, and I expressed it. But, the show definitely is awesome.

    You can understand where Tas is coming from. If a couple plays go differently, or if Ray Allen hits two shots, the Cs win. But, I can understand Lakers fans being upset with “the Celtics gave it away” because (much like the Cs down the stretch in game 2) the Lakers made the plays to get it done at the end.

    However, the Kobe stuff is right on. I thought the Cs were going to pull it off simply because Kobe would keep shooting and missing (and in 2008 that would have happened).

  22. …also, I think Derek Fisher’s beard has a lot to do with his fine play.

  23. As for all the Tas bashing, I agree with him about the Celtics shooting themselves in the foot on offense. That being said, the Lakers played good D. I guarantee that if Fisher gets away with a flop, he’ll keep it up all night! Somebody has to take over on offense for the Celtics for each half. Pierce is due for a breakout game. I wouldn’t bet against the Celtics in this next game. Good show guys.

  24. see this goes back to the kg/pau ref call in game 2
    pau fouled kgs hand so he couldnt grab it

    same concept
    it was the right call the game 2, game 3 it wasnt

  25. Not hatin’ mang. I check this cracker shit almost every day, just make sure to get your shit right, like doing some extra hw instead of drinking some booze(r) ;)

  26. I think the point that everyone is missing is..Why is skeet’s forhead so shinny today?

  27. +1 drinkalot. It t’was. I blame it on the new Footy Show lights.

  28. Where did the link to your shirts go?????

  29. if you can do anything to get rid of that TV, please do. It’s distracting and pointless. It’s also killing the show for me.

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