Big week ahead, team. Big. Week.


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Comments (10)

  1. great news!!! thnx!

  2. Sounds great!

    Oh, and btw, I envy you guys for the Toronto weather.

  3. will the mock draft be available in video form later on for the people who will miss it live?

  4. Wow. At the risk of sounding pathetic, this might be one of the greatest things that could have happened. It gets downright depressing in late July scowering for NBA news. This will be the fix we need.

  5. @Gibber. Yes. Yes it will.

  6. for whatever its worth, I doubt much will be cooking some 12 hours after the beginning of free agency. the big time free agents will do their due diligence and probably take a couple weeks to make any kind of decision. doing multiple hours about it on july 1st will probably be a pretty fruitless undertaking. but i’ll listen nonetheless!

  7. diggin the shirt skeeters.

  8. Could you pls post the webcast link before noon ? Not all of us are twitter-junkies:)

  9. I would hazard a guess that this is the link:

  10. SummerJones… I can’t wait.

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