Note: Mock Draft fun starts around the one-minute mark. Enjoy the Dolly Parton!

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  1. Whoa boy! I’m excited!

  2. I’ll be watching from Adelaide, Australia… it’s already 1.07am here.

  3. I am checking this out for sure.

  4. You guys are kings among men.

  5. waitin’ in new delhi, india

  6. “Kings take Cousins at 5″ has been on my mind for all too long now.

    We are going to will him down to the five, or cry trying.

  7. Next year we need a pre-mock draft show with all the bells and whistles….LOL

  8. Please feel free to sing along while we get ready to start.

  9. TBJ LIVE! yeah!!!!!

  10. You guys feel like eating some Vaseline?

  11. I hope i see some skin!

  12. London 5:05pm….

    RYAN RICHARD’S for the draft !!!!!

    - phil -

  13. Hoping to see Cole Aldrich at #7 for the Pistons. Didn’t think I’d be hoping for that a few months ago. The drop off after #5 is that significant.

  14. first TBJ Live ever!!! Spain 6.06 pm!

  15. John Wall with the first pick!?! Whaaaaaaa!

    Everything we knew about the draft just went right out the front window!

  16. LOL at matt just popping out from nowhere

  17. Damnit. Campus streaming sucks. Sorry guys, I’ll catch it later this evening.

  18. What are you wearing? Oh, that’s right … I can see you right there.

  19. Best comment so far: “They have a Target and everything there.”

  20. Cousins is not going to the Wolves, he would not even work out for them…Johnson is the pick

  21. Wow, TBJ. It’s awesome. If only those other guys would answer their phone^^. Also great right after soccer here in Germandy.
    Keep up the great work!

  22. Osten’s on fire(crotch) with the Sac(town) pick.

  23. Darn ! Avery Johnson coach of the Nets likes Cousins. I hope he falls to #5 to the Sacramento Kings. Hope Sacramento Kings get Cousins.

  24. “Joe Dumars likes to have a lot of one thing”.

    Like hot dogs.

  25. “The Villain” was coined by Club Trillion:

  26. Nooo, I’m late. What are the picks so far?

  27. I will weep for a thousand years if the Hornets select Cole Aldrich. And they won’t be tears of joy.

  28. Hey guys its not Xavier, its pronounced ZA-via (french)

  29. Credit Club Trillion for Evan Turner’s nickname.

  30. Luke Babbitt was a MCDONALDS ALL AMERICAN, how do yall not know who he is?

  31. Kings will not get Monroe , it’s all wrong Guys , Like Cousins won’t go to the Timberwolves. Cousins did’t work out for them , Monroe was not Impressive with Golden State , we don’t want him in Sacramento , Your Board should read Sacramento Kings Cousins he is my Pick and Tyreke Evans , Please get it right. Johnson is going to Timberwolves.

  32. “If I’m wrong the internet is wrong” – Matty O
    Instant classic

  33. It’s without the S in the name, by the way. Everybody gets that wrong, but I’m used to it.

  34. @ Dan: the Hornets are supposed to be most interested in Aldrich, Patterson, George, & Henry. I think they’ll be conservative. You may be weeping.

  35. how can one replay that? ustream doesnt really allow me. will you republish the recorded thing?

  36. that was awesome

  37. great show! check out my blog: PLEASE!

  38. @ticktock6: Oh I know. I had heard at one point they were truly enamored with Paul George, which would make me happy, but the closer to draft day it gets the more and more likely it seems Cole Aldrich will be the pick.

    If they want to go conservative, I hope they go Patterson.

    Just please, no Aldrich.

  39. I think a lot of teams are going to move up in the draft so predictions will turn inside out anyway. Watch NO, Portland, Houston and possibly Boston leapfrog come draft time

  40. Replay now available. Starts 55 seconds in. Thanks to all those who followed live!

  41. It’s really annoying how much everyone hates on Aldrich, I have to assume primarily because of his looks. He’ll be a solid pro for 10 years+, IMO.

  42. great show guys! keep up the great work

  43. Nice, nice, keep it up

  44. Spelling, teleconferencing, Oasis hatred, in-depth scouting reports & nicknames. Very nice.

  45. i may be nearly 24 hours late…but awesome shit guys.

  46. Just watched now. Great work all around. A perfect way to get pumped and ready for the real thing.

  47. So, when are you guys gonna start posting videos? In the programming note you said to check back “WEDNESDAY through Friday”…

  48. Something coming in about an hour, Melo. We’ll start with that.

  49. Hahaha “They have a Target there and everything.” This is amazing.

  50. Hey Skeets,

    Whats the deal with the Ed Davis comparisons. On what planet is Amir Johnson a better compliment than PJ Brown or Alan Henderson. PJ was a solid defender and 9-9 guy virtually his whole career and Henderson was even a better offensive player until he had knee problems when he turned 30. I guess, being from Canada, you’re able to see Amir Johnson’s future and he wins the MIP award sometime soon.

  51. Love the interactive mock draft – 90% of the team bloggers are way smarter than the fools at ESPN. If only you guys could allow the bloggers to actually make trades with each other. Hell, maybe Kahn could learn a thing or two from these guys.

    by the cannis lupus is the scientific name for wolf.

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