Draft '10: Behind the dreams

Tas takes you where no one else will — primarily because you never asked to go there.


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Comments (9)

  1. We need to see more of Megan!

  2. the best part was Tas’ mini-interview w/ @shegotgame

  3. +1 for Megan. Get her on the show.

  4. I’d tap that ass. Beefy arms though, but long-sleeve and problem solved

  5. Uh, thanks, Buck for making it really awkward.

    She definitely was the highlight. Even rolled with Tas messing up her last name….

  6. Thanks, boys! I appreciate the feedback. Hopefully I’ll get to work with the TBJ guys again soon.

    And Buck, I’m not sure you noticed but I’m holding a giant moleskin notebook, a recorder, pens and notes under my arms (my purse is on the draft floor) so my arms are squashed. Thanks for picking on me when it’s 40 degrees in NYC. And you wouldn’t get to tap it, sorry.

  7. ha ha ha ha ha ha

    that post made my day

  8. Well someone has to keep you boys in order ;) I’m just kidding around, of course.

  9. [...] are from two different Neiman Marcus locations, and the shoes are from Atlanta. Also, check out my mini-interview with The Basketball Jones for more Sager stories.I could keep writing but that’s what stood out for me at this [...]

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