If you thought the first round of the NBA Draft was exciting, wait til you see the second round! It’s a doozy!


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Comments (4)

  1. Only gonna post this once but it goes for all draft videos: Nice job guys! Great coverage of the draft! The “Behind The Scenes” and the Steve Nash interview were my favorites. Keep up the good work.

    Will there be an overdose this week?

  2. I’d like to echo unagi’s priase. Great work, guys! It’s cool to see you get better and better access over the years.

  3. Yep really enjoyed your draft coverage. It was one of the less exciting drafts, but you worked with what you were given.

  4. Ebanks and Caracter, mother fucker! Got damn, the Draft theme is sexy, is it on iTunes yet? And this draft was pretty predictable

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