Draft '10: 'NYC Suite Talk'

Live from an uncomfortable couch in midtown Manhattan, Skeets and Tas reminisce about Steve Nash’s “Showdown in Chinatown,” David Blaine’s magical cameo, awesome pants, the NBA Store, and much, much more. All that, plus a few winners (Bulls, Kings, Presti) and losers (Wiz, dumb media questions) from Thursday’s exhilarating 2010 NBA Draft at MSG.


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Comments (9)

  1. Good stuff guys. But, I think the Wizards are actually winners in this draft, since it looks like they’re landing Kevin Seraphin, and rumors are that Arenas is gone by October. I really like the moves they’ve made now. Seraphin could become the best player out of this draft. Well, I suppose anyone COULD, but he’s pretty amazing.

    I’m pretty sad to see Webster get traded from the Blazers, but I think he could average 18 ppg in Minnesota if he’s starting and getting 35 mpg without having to worry about his spot in the rotation. Hopefully it works out for him, great locker room guy and a guy who always busts his ass. Now I’m a bit worried about how Babbitt’s spot in the Blazers rotation; another young guy who might very well deserve minutes. Over Batum? No way. Does Babbitt get Cunningham’s minutes? I don’t see how, with what Dante brings.

  2. What about the Clippers? Should we just assume that misfortune will inevitably negate all good moves they’ve made over the past two drafts? Getting Bledsoe was huge (there’s no way I’m going to try and type the name of the guy they took with their actual pick).

  3. Media members can be trolls. Never thought of that.

  4. Am I the only one who found it kind of awkward how the Bulls and Heat got rid of players and picks “just” for that cap space? I mean both of those teams obviously achieved what they planned to achieve but still… I find that whole situation kind of awkward/weird/risky – I don’t even know how to describe it. I now one thing though: I will seriously LMAO if both teams get ditched by the major free agents.

    As for OKC/Aldrich: If size and rebounding is really all they were looking for then why didn’t they try to play BJ Mullens last season?

  5. Bledsoe was below average at his position last year in College, I don’t think he’s a huge win for the clippers. Al-Farouq Aminu wasn’t a bad pick though. They’re going to be good,, but it will really depend on how Blake Griffin performs. I don’t see them making the playoffs.

    Aldrich is obviously the best C the Thunder have had in their short history. It means they can start him over Kristic – a guy who didn’t really block shots or rebound very well. Aldrich is going to be a monster shot blocker and rebounder, but he might have a rough rookie season.

  6. Regarding, Nate Robinson’s speed, he played DB for UW in college. Great athlete…
    Kings with the young nuceus… following the lead of OKC
    And yes, Cole Aldrich adds one more degree to OKC’s future prospects as the next great team in the NBA

  7. Ed Davis, Richmond, VA, respect. Good luck with Ed, he should do Rap fans right.

  8. Why don’t you suck his wang already? And Luke Hobbit looks like a lesbian on roids. Oh, thought you guys were morons, but after the story you said, that guy needs to die. Morons are everywhere. Drivers, cousins, neighbors. Yin and Yang. Ha ha, Gabrielle!

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