Goaaaaaaaaaal! Skeets and Tas take you behind the scenes of Steve Nash’s charity soccer game in NYC. Find out why Nate Rob came uninvited, which NBA star Tony Parker would choose as his starting goaltender and watch Brandon Jennings miss an open net. Like, wide open.


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Comments (11)


    Wait..someone misses watching Heroes?

  2. NateRob is a total clown…… you could do a whole ‘Best of Nate Rob’ interviews.

  3. i decided to see what heros was all about two weeks ago (only cuz hayden panettiere is in it) and yesterday i finished watching them all..
    and then out of no where nate rob just has to go and say that..
    my head blew up

  4. i honestly think nate rob will be a great colour commentator one day. every interview i’ve seen with him he just…comes across as someone who’d be entertaining as hell (and he did a good job when he did a quarter of…the rooks/sophs game??? at the all-star weekend).

  5. Do you guys have footage of Nate’s backflip after scoring???

  6. hahah… Claire Bear….

    PS guys i was thinking do you think Matty O looks like the teacher from Glee but you know shorter…

  7. Nate Rob is the man. He has by far the best twitter (especially when he started getting in to Lost) in the NBA, if not in the entire world I would say. I wish the Celtics would have him back just for that purpose, but apparently they don’t have the flexibility to be signing guys just for comic relief.

  8. I think Nate Robinson and Steve Nash need to make a regular appearances on TBJ. They are the two best interviewees by far.

  9. After seeing that I now want Nate Rob in Atlanta. We could use the personality.

  10. Knick fan now living on the island of Jamaica, missing Nate, real fun guys who plays from the heart, I was sad when he got traded, but I think his stock grew as a result…..

  11. OMG, the things I would do to Hayden Panetierre…anywho, nice bit. And Heroes lost me after season 1.

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