Skeets and Tas react to Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh teaming up together in Miami.


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Comments (21)

  1. Bosh is getting a lot of hate right now and I don’t agree with it. I don’t like the way he left or the twitter messages he was posting, but that’s no reason to discredit 7 years of service. Will I cheer for him? No, not really, but I hope he doesn’t get booed.

    Ultimately this is Colangelo’s fault for trying to surround Chris with stars but ending up with players like Jermaine O’Neal and Turkoglu. I’d like to see what he does with the team now that expectations are lowered and we have time to rebuild.

  2. It would seem like Bosh has changed his mind about wanting a max deal – which was pretty much the only bargaining chip that the Raptors had to use against all the teams with cap space like Miami.

    But it’s still possible they do a S & T, if the Raps take back they’re unwanted litter like Beasley.

  3. Lame. Don’t tell me I can’t be pissed off at Chris Bosh.
    He has chosen, rather that stay and build a winner, to bail and go ride the coattails of D-Wade.

    Bosh isn’t a champion.

    End of story.

  4. 58:00 a UFO falls from the sky between skeets and tas?

  5. meh, who cares.
    The vast majority of pro ball players are self absorbed, front running, circus freaks. You can count the number of guys in the league with heart and dedication on one hand. 7 years of failing to lead, failing to inspire and all the while collecting a king’s ransom for a salary. Can’t win on the road, can’t defend home turf. I have no anger for Bosh and no love either.
    I simply no longer care about this sport at all.

  6. @Mike: It’s Bosh’s personal flying basket. Came to pick him up and remove him from Toronto.

  7. I don’t see Lebron joining Wade and Bosh. Lebron wants to be the head honcho and that’s not gonna happen in Miami since the Heat is Wade’s team.

    A few days ago I would have put my money on James staying in Cleveland but it’s clear now that the Cavs won’t be able to win the East in the next few years (with or without James). I still think that Cleveland is the front runner to retain him but the Knicks and Bulls are looking better and better.

    Also, what is up with that attention wh0re announcing his decision on ESPN? That’s a dick move IMO – especially if he decides to leave the Cavs and then rub it in their faces on national television.

  8. You guys are full of shit. Don’t hate on CB, really?? It’s not the fact that he is leaving, that’s his choice. But how he went about it. Twittering like a silly school girl about how happy he is about this “game”. Really? Raptor fans loved this guy and treated him like a superstar, when he clearly isn’t one. He showed no respect to the fans of Toronto. he can be mad at the organization, but he showed no class when it came to the fans.

  9. Besides, you guys will defend this fool and every other NBA player, because that’s your job to kiss ass so you can keep getting interviews, or not offend anyone so you can keep your Twitter followers. Tas, you suck, but Skeets, I expected better.

  10. As always, it’s the guy named “Vinsanity” that provides the most rational and reasonable explanation.

  11. Wow… such insight into the Bosh signing. Whatever happened to real sports journalism? I am glad that Bosh is gone. The immaturity and narcissism he showed his fans from the All Star break onwards was sickening. Good luck to him being second or third fiddle on (US) National television.

  12. your hair is lookin better pineapple man

  13. This is clearly a great pick up for the Heat. I seriously doubt they’ll be real contenders this coming season. Basically, they’re strong at the starting 2 and 4 and have nothing anywhere else. And I don’t see them filling all the holes this summer. On the other hand, Wade and Bosh are young enough that the team should be able to build around them. They should be able to build a championship team around those two guys within a couple years.

  14. Now that boozer has signed with the Bulls, I think LeBron will join him. LeBron, Deng, Rose, Boozer and Noah is a hefty starting lineup.

  15. Looking forward to hearing what you guys think about some of the other signings. I’m especially intrigued by Amar’e going to the Knicks. The Knicks are basically the Pittsburgh Pirates of the NBA–perpetual losers. Even after being at the bottom of the East for the umpteenth consecutive year, they pick behind playoff teams in the draft. That front office is either completely apathetic or completely incompetent. If Amar’e knew LeBron was signing there, that would change how I view the situation. But otherwise, it looks like Amar’e chose money over basket-ball. I guess I can’t totally blame him. He might just realize he’s not a championship-caliber player. Why not be real about your capabilities and make some dough, instead of stubbornly and unrealistically trying to be something you’re not?

  16. riverman,
    You have LeBron starting at the 2? I guess he could probably do it. If I were the Bulls, though, I’d either have Deng coming off the bench (which would strengthen the bench) or try to trade him for a catch and shoot kind of 2 guard (LeBron and Rose would be enough guys wanting the ball in their hands, plus Boozer can create his own shot).

  17. Good for Wade; staying loyal and reeling the help in. Definitely will be interesting to see how the Heat fill the role player positions.
    I have no home-town bias about the Lebron deal, just hope he stfu and goes to the Nets. As a fan the turn-around that team could make would be great to watch.

  18. Ooo wee ooo I love me some Bball Holly, uh oh and you’re Mary Tyler Moore! Betcha don’t know what song I am referencing! o_O

    Anywho, so Ed Davis, ftw? I’m Ron Burgundy? I actually like him, at least for fantasy purposes. So it’s official: Toronto has no place in the NBA, and needs to relocate…to Seattle since they were robbed of the killer OKC squad! Vancouver went to Memphis, and they are up-and-coming as well. Sorry Canadians. This FA fiasco is about to die down starting Thursday. Too bad the “King” can’t be low key like my boys Durant and Kobe. LeBron special, tell me how my assets taste!

  19. Dear Jay.

    I don’t understand what you mean by “real sports journalism”. Please explain.

  20. Jay,

    You are an ass clown.

  21. To change the subject, isn’t Holly’s hair lovely? Yes, I thought so aswell.

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