While LeBron James is set to unveil which team he’ll play for next on Thursday, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are reportedly teaming up together with the Miami Heat.

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  1. eh?? okay….. wat abt lbj?

  2. if lebron goes there will we be treated to a ‘three’s company’ photoshop?

  3. Bosh with the silly long-barrel pistol/sawed-off shotgun is a keeper

  4. This was decided 3 weeks ago when I made a clutch nerf hoops shot deciding Bosh’s fate.

  5. TBJ ustream tomorrow for post-LBJ announcement analysis and drinking.

    Do it!

  6. i feel for u guys raptor fans i think tas should break out the recorder again for quick montage of bosh as a raptor set to the titanic song.

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