In an exclusive interview, J.E. Skeets talks to Multiple Sources, the man behind every NBA free agency rumor. Who is this mysterious informant and where does he get his information? His answers may surprise you.


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Comments (28)

  1. That was great.

  2. I’m a little disappointed that Andy Rooney didn’t appear at the end of this clip. “You ever notice that Dwyane Wade spells his name with the Y before the A? Why is that? Shouldn’t it be pronounced Dwy-ane Wade?”

  3. The talking-head-attention-hungry-whore-I-think-I’m-a-reporter-types act like somehow claiming credit for “breaking” news first (while remaining big pussies by avoiding naming their “inside sources”) is more important than getting on with the damn story.
    Chris Broussard more so than others. I remember one such appearance on ESPN:
    Blond host lady: “Breaking news coming out that Phil Jackson is returning to the Lakers. Here’s Chris with more.”
    Assard: “I also just got off the phone to confirm that Phil is indeed returning. I’m a self-centered prick who can’t get over the fact that I didn’t break the news first, and I certainly don’t want to credit the other prick who did. Now onto the story, but first Shelley Smith reporting from under Lebron’s car. I wonder how she fit down there”
    OK, I made up the latter portion, but you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

  4. nice suit skeets. couldn’t you have given tas a girlie voice?

  5. Various and unnamed .. Ha!

  6. Super-full of win. Great stuff as usual.

  7. LOL in all fields, good job on this one.

  8. zoom-in/air quotes @ 1:59 is killing me. multiple sources’ voice sounds eerily like obama

  9. LOl that was funny as hell. great job guys, had me laughing the whole time.

  10. frakin “hilarious”!! i miss skeets on BDL..

  11. Good satire. I’ve starting following the free agency stuff over the last two days, but up until now, all the speculation was just completely annoying. Just a lazy way of trying to take advantage of LeBron’s star power that doesn’t require you to know or do anything but say “I think he’ll go to BLAH”.

    What do you think about LeBron’s decision reality show? Seems pretty lame to me. I think it’s a PR mistake. He was just severely humbled in the playoffs. Now it’s time to shut up and focus on improving and developing the right mindset. Not only because that might help him win, but also as a PR move. This might get him recognition with the tween casual fan, but if he doesn’t win a championship this coming year, he will look like an arrogant fool in the eyes of people who care about basket-ball.

    On the other hand, I read Bill Simmons’ column wherein it is argued that LeBron’s decision reality show will be, if LeBron leaves Cleveland, an act of genocide against the poor, defenseless Cleveland sports fans. Can people please quit it with that shit? Basket-ball, football, and baseball are games. There are bigger problems. I get that people get passionate about their teams, and I get passionate about mine, but calm the hell down.

    I kind of feel that way about people trashing Bosh for his twitter question about where to play. Bosh played hard for TO for seven years. That’s all he owes the TO fans who pay to see him. That’s all that integrity demands of him. He doesn’t owe you a second round in the playoffs and he can do whatever the hell he wants on twitter. You’re not his girlfriend, so he can break up with you however he wants. Boo freakin hoo.

  12. Do all white Canadian males look like Steve Nash?

  13. Come on, Skeets. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like you used both the top and bottom buttons on your jacket in the opening. Never use the bottom button. That’s Gentlemanship 101.

  14. Multiple Sources = Darth Vader?

  15. He’s going to Miami

  16. This has a 20-20 aesthetic to it. Great job!

  17. Gold! Gold, Jerry, Gold!

  18. “LBJ to Chicago” (tomato sauce)

  19. pissin in my pants. that was hilarious!

    “Breaking News…. This is Ridiculous!”

  20. Very clever, JE Skeets! You’re one of the hilarious people around. :)

  21. Ah! Thank you, guys. Whether you’d ever admit this or not, I take this as a spoof on motherfucking Adrian Wojnarowski (rumor monger, not journalist). A couple of the ESPN guys, too, but mostly Adrian Wojnarowski.

    And funny, he calls Skeets hilarious and tweets a link to this! OMFG, Woj, Oh Em Gee.

  22. NIce! My vote for skit of the year is in.

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  24. Hello. I hit on your website by chance when I was browsing Yahoo for something off topic. I am overjoyed I found this material. Its so difficult to find anybody who knows what they are talking about. Regards.

  25. Still funny after all this time. Good idea of Trey linking this thing to a early 2012 article.

  26. still laugh-out-loud hilarious two years later. thanks for tweeting this today skeets and tas!

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