Police stand guard near a larger than life photograph of LeBron James after the announcement that James will play next season for the Miami Heat July 8, 2010 in Cleveland, Ohio. The two-time Most Valuable Player made the choice to play for Miami next season. (Photo by J.D. Pooley/Getty Images)

There were a number of ways LeBron James’ decision could have gone that would have made a great story. If he re-signed with Cleveland, the state of Ohio would embrace him as their greatest citizen. If he signed with the Knicks, most NBA fans would have to admire his desire to resurrect the basketball mecca. If he signed with the Bulls, he would be trying to follow in Jordan’s footsteps.  Any of these outcomes would have been great because of the compelling storylines they would create.

Unfortunately for people like me, LeBron isn’t interested in narratives as much he’s interested in winning titles, building his brand and making as much money as possible. He chose to play with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat next season, and now we’re faced with the possibility that a city that was 15th in the league in attendance last season could be the host to the next great NBA dynasty.

I’ve been to Miami and there’s no denying it’s a great city — fantastic weather, beautiful women, exciting nightlife. What’s not to like if you’re a rich and famous athlete? It’s not hard to figure what would draw LeBron and Bosh to join D-Wade in South Beach.

But when it comes to the “legend of LeBron”, millions of NBA fans wanted him to be more than a great basketball player and lucrative corporate pitchman. Everybody following this story had their own reasons for rooting for LeBron to end up somewhere — even if you knew your favorite team wasn’t in the running. You could have admired his loyalty if he stayed in Cleveland or his ambition if he signed with the Knicks or his respect for NBA history if he signed with the Bulls. When he announced that he was joining Wade and Bosh with the Heat, it wasn’t just anti-climactic, it was a colossal bummer.

Unless you’re already a Heat fan, what kind of person is going to root for LeBron and the Heat now? A frontrunner, a bandwagoner, somebody who only cares about being on the winning side and doesn’t care about what it takes to get there. With his announcement Thursday night, LeBron James succeeded in galvanizing the fans of the other 29 teams against the Miami Heat. Every championship they win will be nauseating to the majority. As I tweeted last night: “The Miami Heat LeBron jersey is about to surpass Ed Hardy t-shirts as the de rigueur clothing item for douchebags.”

I was talking to a colleague, Aaron King, about LeBron’s imminent decision yesterday and he pointed out that if LeBron joined the Heat, he would be like the “A-Rod” to D-Wade’s “Jeter”. Like Alex Rodriguez, LeBron comes off as a soulless mercenary — someone who has become very difficult to admire and very easy for most fans to hate. Yes, I know that “great attracts hate”, but you can hate somone like Kobe Bryant and still respect his accomplishments. No matter how many titles LeBron wins in Miami, most people will see him as somebody who tried to take a shortcut to the top rather than trying to create his own legacy.

With his decision to join Wade and Bosh with the Heat, LeBron accomplished the seemingly impossible by making Kobe Bryant an underdog that many NBA fans will be rooting for next season. It’s certainly possible that the 2011 NBA Finals are not an already predetermined Lakers-Heat matchup, but how much money would you be willing to bet on any other scenario? And wouldn’t any other result be kind of a letdown?

I’d like to think that Kobe watched LeBron’s announcement with his hands bridged under his chin in anticipation, and that his cold eyes narrowed and his lips curled into a thin smile when the decision was revealed. Say what you will about Kobe, but I guarantee you that he’s not afraid. On the contrary, he fully realizes how his legend will grow if he can conquer this three-headed beast.

Just when I thought he was about to begin a gradual fade into retirement over the remaining four seasons on his contract, Kobe now becomes a more compelling figure than ever. He has a new challenge to inspire him in case he needed a reason to keep working hard for that sixth ring. Now that he’s beaten the Celtics, LeBron could be his final great conquest — and that’s all the motivation he’ll need to wring every last ounce of greatness out of himself.

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  1. Well said, Sir. A succint and poignant summarization of what has been a crazy period in the NBA lifespan.

    LeBron signing with the Heat leaves me ambivolent. I will not cheer when they win, but will barely care if they lose.

  2. Your take on this whole thing seems… like you’ve watched too many epic movies, and are detached from real life. Or perhaps you’re just a Bulls/Knicks fan? I don’t know one non-Bulls or Knicks fan who actually thought that Lebron going to NY or Chi was more exciting than him going to Miami. There’s always some ugly hidden agenda.. like they’re a Lakers fan who doesn’t want any real competition.

    But I’ll stop now, because you said it best yourself. LeBron isn’t interested in narratives as much he’s interested in winning titles. If you’re more interested in narratives, go read a book.

    If you’re a real NBA fan, you’ve got a huge sports hard on right now. LBJ, Wade, and Bosh all on the same team. If you can’t enjoy watching that…. what’s the matter with you?

  3. As a Lakers fan all I can hope for is that Miami get enough vets to sign for cheap so they can make it to the finals.

    Miami-Laker clashes for the last years of Kobe’s career would be an awesome way to go out.

    Also, this “loyalty” thing is blown way out of proportion. Lebron owned them nothing. They were a weak organization and they payed for it. Instead of saying “This is what we are doing Lebron” and laying out a plan they got his approval for just about everything.

    You cant give a guy full run of your organization then cry when he gets an Ego. He thinks he was that important because he was told that everyday for years.

    And another point for them being weak. Dan Gilbert says people have always been covering for him and hes always been crappy. I think that makes him even worse if hes willing to put up with all that as long as LeBron was HIS guy.

  4. It would have been fun to see how LeBron could have turned out but now he’s just the Pippen to Wade’s Michael, the Worthy to Magic, his stats won’t be astounding now that he’s on Wade’s team, there go the stats, the scoring titles, the MVPs, buh bye. They better rattle off a couple of championships or else this will all have been for nothing.

  5. I wholeheartedly agree with Sterling. I’m skeptical that Miami will make it to the finals before Kobe’s body gives out and he’s forced to retire. If we’ve learned anything from the past several years, it’s that teams with key, non-superstar pieces make championship runs. Yes, the Celtics had the Big 3 in ’08, but their Big 3 certainly isn’t comparable to Miami’s new Big 3. They had cap space they used to fill their roster with talented role players that weren’t simply mid-level guys and their three superstars had dramatically different playing styles that didn’t require each of them to score 20+ per night. They didn’t really run into spacing issues because of this and I fear that Miami’s Big 3 will. Then, the Lakers. They had a deep team that, like the Celtics, didn’t have players that overlapped. Even when considering their bigs, Gasol, Bynum, and Odom have completely different playing styles that only seldom overlapped to cause the team problems. My guess is that this Miami scenario will play out the opposite way the Cavs scenario played out with, ultimately, the same result. Instead of having trouble finding all-stars to surround LeBron, they have too many, thereby severely depleting the rest of their roster. I think they’d be fortunate to win more than one championship in the next five years, especially if OKC keeps improving steadfastly every year, if Prokhorov takes his pronouncement seriously, if Chicago keeps surrounding their young all-stars with talent, if Cuban keeps adding pieces to surround Dirk, etc. I’d be nice if this rivalry could materialize, but it’s a long way from becoming a reality.

    Finally, two cents on LeBron v. Kobe:

    The difference between LeBron and Kobe/Jordan/Magic/Bird/Russell/Wilt: they didn’t have to be happy to win; their happiness came from winning. I think that that was the most telling part of the entire press conference last night.

  6. Your introduction is entirely wrong. Didn’t you read that LBJ would make nearly 2 billion $ had he signed with the Knicks? His signing has to do with winning and can nobody deny this is what great players are all about. As for the narrative, if you can’t find amazing interest into narrating the evolution of the greatest super trio the game has ever seen, quit your job, seriously.
    Is LBJ self-obsessed, probably. But aren’t every superstars egoistic?
    This signing is colossal. Pardon me, but to me, its his signing in NYC that would have been a betrayal to sport in a way. Three is the magic number. So throw away your all-ready papers about batman and robin. Com’on be creative. This is phenomenal. Except for Cleveland fans or others teams’ fan that could have landed LBJ, I don’t see any reason to be disappointed. There is no reason to be all “LBJ, How many dreams did you trashed today” about it. I think this trade is the best argument for liberated fandom (cf. Bethlem Shoals and freedarko.com)

    Com’on NBA writers, a great team might see the day , a legacy could emerge. In the words of Barney: This could be -wait for it – legendary Don’t write it off just yet.

  7. What I wonder is how does this affect Wade’s legacy. Everybody seems to be saying that LBJ is going to take the back seat to Wade’s Jordan, but what if it was the other way around and Wade sacrifices for LBJ. We’ve seen DWade’s passing acumen will he become more of a facilitator. Or will LBJ be the Magic to DWade’s Kareem (as in first scoring option even though they don’t play the same position. Riles should tell Spoelstra to start using his old Showtime offense with these guys.) Simmons once wrote that “Wade might be the best in the league, we don’t know yet cause he has had such a crappy team” well we still might not ever know that because he might have to dumb himself down to be the better man. It is a strange situation.

    I also agree wholeheartedly on you with the way Kobe sees this. Kobe never needed a lot to perceive slights of character on his person, just as Jordan didn’t need that much to get riled up for a game. Kobe can totally make this as “so you need all three of you to come after me? Well bring it!” Kobe might have a monstrous year of clutch performances to show these guys that they are not anything special. Though Kobe’s never liked being the underdog in any situation, and in this one more so in any year he has been in he will be thought like that.

  8. Bit of a stretch dude. Miami is still D.Wade’s team to me so I’ll cheer for them. Lebron is going there to get the stank of championship on him. Three years from now he’ll be somewhere else knowing he can win. I wouldn’t cheer for Kobe if it meant saving the world from devastation. Kobe is on his way down and each year after this will be moew grueling as those injuries begin to take their toll. Miami will decapitate him and prepare the way for a new king.

    In any case, the power shifts back to the east.

  9. Hmmm there are some things that are quite left off since the announcement:

    1- Will any of these Heat guys take a “paycut” so that the Heat can actually sign a couple of utility players above minimum. A sign-and-trade for Bosh and/or LeBron may not be out of the equation either (sending Beasley out to a team that’s desperate to not give up a star for nothinbg, like the Raps) and could bring cap-space…

    2 – These guys will have to change the way they play… No more “LeBron (or Wade) vs 5″, and a lot less ball-handling for either Wade or LBJ. But th thing is: these guys can play a léot of different ways: you could have a big lineup with Wade at the point, LBJ at the 3, Bosh at the 4, and a 6’6 guy at the two (who can ideeally shot and defend) + a 7footer as center (who can defend); or you can play small, with Wade playing the 2, LBJ at the 4 and Bosh at the 5, with the 6’6 guy playing at the 3 and a smaller, more team-oriented PG.
    Of course you still havce your “normal” lineup of PG, Wade, James, Bosh, Center.0
    Idk, imagine Pietrus as the 6’6 guy, Haywood as the 7footer and Felton at the 1. That’s a pretty fearsome team! You just need a filler-big (even Joel Anthony) and a guard of-the-bench who can shoot (hello Eddie House!).
    And Pietrus is the only one here who’s not a free-agent this summer (I’^m pretty sure there’s someone who can take his place ‘tho), And I would bet you a basketball for a banana that most of these guys would take MASSIVE paycuts so that they have a (big) chance at winning something. They are not big names and they are poised to win champs.If they still have a little cap, they will be ok.

    3 – People overstate a little that “we have never seen something like that” thing… Sure we haven’t seen it at that magnitude or happening entirely via FA, but there are teams in the past (and present) with 3 hall-of-famers, or more, sometimes in their prime.
    *80s Lakers with the bestPG and inside scorer of all-time, plus a revolutionnary James Worthy, Michael Cooper, who was 1 of the best defenders of his time, and others. 3 Hall of Famers at least.
    *80s Celtics with Bird McHale and Parish, but also Dennis Johnson. 4 Hall-ofFamers at least.
    *1999 Rockets With Hakeem, Barkley, Pippen still close to their prime. Did not work out so well. 3 Hall-of-Famers.
    *2004 Lakers With prime-time Shaq and very close-to-their-primes Gary Payton, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant and Mitch Richmond. Add to that glorified role-players like Horry, Rick Fox, Fisher… Didn’t work out. 4 Hall-of-Famers.
    .*2008-2010 Cs. KG and Ray were still Alpha dogs on their teams (lousy teams) the year before 2008, same for Pierce. With 3 crappy teams, an MVP this is close to what we have here. Add to that Rondo who is prolly a future all of famer.
    *2010 Lakers Kobe, one of the best 3 Bigs in the league (Gasol), maybe the best defender of his time (Artest), a former All-Star and one of the most vesatile guy of our time (Odom). At least 3 Hall of famers close to their prime here.

    The special thing is it is like an expansion team, but that starts a fantasy draft with the 3 first picks.Since they’re very young there’s a future that can be build here, but it could also turn out bitter if they can’t get it right (supporting cast, defining roles, winning!) or if they do (a roster so good that they win it all for 10 years and bore everyone out of watching bball).

    There have been precedents to the whole “(re)build-a-team-from-scratch-using-only-money”, but in european Soccer, where’s there is no cap (Real Madrid, Chealsea, Manchester City among others in recent history). They won’t find mercenarioes that easily with limited cap, and even if they do sign a perfect roster, there’s ablolutly no garantee they will win it all. In soccer it was proven by FC Barcelona (OKC Thunder) vs Real Madrid in the early 2000s.

    Aaaaaanyway, what a loss of time XD

  10. Oh, and yeah, Kobe is poised about this, ‘tho he still has the better team right now (of course).

  11. I forgot to say this: it’s hard to judge this decision, because at the same time, it’s a pussy move (you shouldn’t have to build a dream-team to be able to win it, you should be able to be the centerpiece, ala Jordan), but it’s an intelligent move: basketball is a team-sport, and if you can put your ego aside and make your decision about winning, that’s what people usually call a smart play, and that’s a big example of team spirit (if this works out of course)….

    We’ll have to wait and see who they sign and how they play before judging too much… Can’t wait ‘tho…

  12. Has anyone read the crap the Cav’s ownership wrote on their website , you should read it to see how lose of a sure thing will make people ignorant. While I don’t agree with how James did it. To call one of the most talented Stars of the league disloyal and to blast him for doing on his own, what you as an organization couldn’t do is the shame. He played seven years for you but instead of building a team around him you collected dividends on his being there. Are we that naive to think that because it was home he’d stay there in a losing effort forever?

  13. “With prime-time Shaq and very close-to-their-primes Gary Payton, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant and Mitch Richmond. ”

    You must have been watching a very different Malone than I was – he was surprisingly effective, but in a Charles Oakley “going to bang a little and maybe make the occasional jumper” sense. He wasn’t anywhere near what he was in his prime.

    Payton was closer, but even then it was obvious that he’d lost several steps. Detroit exposed him pretty badly in the finals.

    Right now, the Lakers are a godawful matchup for the Heat. Artest and Kobe can at least slow down LeBron and Wade, and Bosh trying to defend Gasol? Please. They don’t even need Bynum to be healthy for their inside game to thrive against Bosh’s matador approach to interior D. The Lakers might drop a couple, but they’re practically built to take out a no-PG, no-interior-D team like this Heat lineup. If the Heat manage to land a quality PG, or LeBron decides that he’s going to be more like Magic than Dr. J, then maybe there’s a case to be made. But right now, as long as Kobe stays healthy and the Heat can only add minimum-salary guys, the Lakers are clearly the better team.

    Heck, I’d bet they’re still more worried about the Thunder than anything else.

  14. These signings will put the Heat over the top in NBA Jam.

    Seriously, are people forgetting that basketball is a team sport, with 5 players on the court at any one time, and 9-10 players to make up a rotation? It doesn’t matter who else they sign beyond Miller, I would still take the Lakers top 7 over the Heat’s eventual top 7, and there is probably a few other teams I will say the same about once all the dust is settled. There has never been a team win a championship with half of their rotation comprised of rookies from the second round or the D-League, and no interior defense. I don’t expect the Heat to be the first.

    And Derek Fisher is balking at the Lakers offer of 2.5 million per. That’s Derek “one good quarter in the Finals a season does make” Fisher. Do you really think there are quality veterans falling over themselves to join this Heat team for the minimum, especially with the new CBA on the way? Live in the now, as Garth Algar would say.

    I may be looking at the world in purple and gold tinted shades, but 2011 will see the Lakers 3peat and Kobe claim his second MVP. Phil Jackson’s last season, a healthy Kobe after the summer off, underdog status, righting the wrong that has Steve Nash ahead of Kobe Bryant in the MVP stakes… It’s a lock.

  15. I agree with becquer. There’s no Lakers/Heat rivalry until they play each other in the playoffs (i.e., finals). I think there are reasons to be skeptical about LeBron and DWade’s on-court chemistry in particular. Both are perimeter players who like to dominate the ball to drive into the paint. Neither are especially good jump shooters. Neither has ever been the screener in a screen and roll before, and those are the two skills you’d want to put next to a slashing perimeter player. To me, putting those two guys on the floor at the same time is kind of like putting Shaq and Duncan on the court together. Or Steve Nash and Jason Kidd. If you put a great shooter on the court with LeBron, you creat space for his drives. How do DWade and LeBron help each other?

    There are obvious questions about the supporting cast (can they control the paint defensively if Bosh is their center?). And Spoelstra hasn’t proven anything as a coach.

    So to act like they’re already Eastern conference champs is ludicrous. They have potential, but they haven’t proven anythign as a team. To me, the Magic and the Celtics look like the favorites to win the East next year.

  16. Scott Carefoot?! Who the fuck are you? Because I would rather watch paint dry than piss and whine about LeBron’s decision. You can’t judge, Gayfoot.

  17. I’m just as confused as to when two new members joined TBJ? I missed the memo.

  18. Very well said. I cant agree more with this article.

  19. Sean: I wouldn’t call Holly and I “TBJ members” exactly, but we are going to be contributing to the blog.

  20. Sounds like a good gig… can I get in on that???

  21. I wasn’t going to renew league pass for next season… now I don’t really have a choice, i just have to watch this team

  22. this article is bullshit. the only good part is the kobe bit at the end. grown men shouldn’t cry over sports. i was hoping lebron would go somewhere new. cleveland isnt winning a title anytime soon. i love watching lebron and wade play. probably more than any current players. they remind me of jordan more than anyone has. kobe is amazing but i just dont feel that guy. i wanna see those guys win. understandably they want to win asap. they will win. we will watch. i ,for one, will cheer. Down With LA. Off With Their Heads.

  23. Kobe is more like MJ than Wade and especially LeBron.

    One thing is for sure, Jordan would never have signed with Jordan to win that elusive first title. There’s a massive difference between demanding help and being the help.

  24. Man i’m so disapointing of lebron’s choice i’m a big fan of the lakers AND I ADMIRED KOBE BRYANT! i think that LeBron didn’t need this new team to beat the lakers and win a championship! is the same thing that happends with the Celtics LeBron will be an other one on a super star triangule! he will not leave a legacy as Kobe who won championships with his team mate Shaq and when he left the lakers EVERYONE said that he would never win an other championship and at the end what happend? yeah kobe won 2 more and he is coming for the THIRD GO LAKERS AND GO KOBE!!!!

  25. Come on guys, it’s obvious, lebron realized that he doesn’t have much time to win a lot of rings…6 or more, this is his shot, he knew he could not do it in Cleveland, so going to NYC or Jersey…come on it;s a joke, may be in chicago, but Miami with 2 big superstars, he does’t have to wait he gets a shot at the title right the way and start his own legacy with Miami, what makes legend is titles, they know it, they accept it to make less but become immortals/legend of basketball, he will do it not alone but who does it alone, no one, kobe won with Shaq fisher etc 3 rings then he had to wait to get Gasol and fisher etc to start winning more ….so give Lebron a break, first he’;s not a king, he has no crown or ring, he’s a great player that needs other great player to win rings.
    As the Lakers, i love Kobe, i think he’s better than Lebron but, i am sure Kobe must be upset in a way, he thought he could win another 1 or more rings before retiring, well, slow down Kobe, there3′s a new sherif in town it’s Miami, those guys may be talked and said to each other, are we going to let Kobe / lakers win more rings when we have to opportunity to play together and stop this for the next 5 to 10 years…i say, Bravo guys, you made the right decision, at least now you know you can win, you will be the favorite team to win next year like the celtics, and you can not even compare this big 3 to the celtics, this is a big 3 on steroid, when you think about it, very scary one….each of them needs a double or triple team to guard them,they all can run, block shots etc…
    I can not wait to see them becoming a monster team.
    It’s great for basketball to see that and how they will become, i predict they will win the next championship like boston, Boston could have won more titles, but they let 2 great scorers leave, eddy house and james posey, and it shows even this year, they lost becos they could not score, great team defense but not points.
    Anyway, Miami should be unstoppable for years ……. like the celtics, they know it, they can taste it already and they will win if not next year the year after.

  26. >but how much money would you be willing to bet on any other scenario

    i actually bet my friend Stavros 100$ that there will be no Heat-Lakers finals.
    I hate taking money from the mentally feeble especially friends but he begged me.

    When the Celts got their big 3 together, I went “Oh fuck!” because it made perfect basketball sense: three guys who bring different skills to the game, I thought even with the retard as a coach this could be trouble if Ainge could get a few key role players. It made perfect sense.

    How does this trio make any sense except in fantasy and video games?
    You have two guys who NEED to have the wall in their hands. A LOT.
    Remember how we laughed when some genius taught that getting Starbury and Stevie Franchise in the same backcourt would work? (ok, bad analogy, both were as insane egomaniacs as their coach)
    These two arent guys who are accustomed to do the off the ball stuff that isnt demanded from star players,.
    Isnt having two stars of interchangeable talent and position a bad thing usually? You want the two stars to COMPLEMENT each other. Kobe doesnt need another shooting guard but an all star center center or pure PG? Hell yeah.
    Its all about getting the most out of the talents of each star and unless they can play with two balls, there will be a lot of talent wasted away running decoys and picks out there during the isos after isos and isos they will run.
    The Celtics three C-O-M-P-L-E-M-E-N-T-E-D each other perfectly. These dont.

    Oh yeah, Chris Effin Bosh.
    Ok, so you say to yourself “Sure, it doenst make much sense to get two star players with the same skill sets but if we can get a third star that can do that kind of low glamour stuff (think kirilenko in his prime, Pau Gasol, Crazy man Artest, KG) at an all-star level that isnt glamorous but that is neccesary for success in the playoffs, who could we get? Who could we get to to crash the boards, fly over the court like a wired Varejao (but a guy with talent) headfirst into the floor , or a defensive presences a la Artest and KG (not a franchise guy. Oh shit, James is KG at best if he wins a title.).?”
    And what do you get?
    Chris Effin Bosh? How does HE complement the other two? What does he bring to the table to compensate for the overlapping skills of the other two?
    He can barely play defence for himself never mind to cover for others, he is physically weak, hates playing center (Dwight Howard and Amare say hi, btw.), misses a dozen games per years with bad knees (do these ever get better?), needs his 15-18 shots to get in a shooting groove and needs plays drawn for him unlike some star power forwards who can go and get 15pts every night on their own. He’s like a skinny Chris Webber minus the watery eyes..

    Even your third star (!) doesnt complement the first two!
    Its not fucking Nintendo.

    Can Riley pull a rebuilding miracle? If anyone can, its the greaseball but he will need two offseasons minimum to assemble anything that looks like a team to go deep in the playoffs.
    If things go as he hopes he is thinking about coaching again by 2013.

    How long does Spoelster last? if things dont go well, 4 months. If they go better than expected, he will see himself be thanked for his work by being fired by Riley by end of year 2. Pat aint getting his hands getting dirty until he has a real team on his hands.
    Will the players even listen to him knowing that Pat will be biding his time to get back when the goal line is in view?

    And bravo to Maverick Carter, he has managed to get his client hated across the continent by fans from cities that had no horses in this race. Fucking his hometown over on national tv the way he did (i can believe how dense some people are, no one hates james outside of Cleveland because he left as a FA, players always do, its the FREAKING WAY he did it is douchebaggery of the Entourage level. That;s why. Follow the storyline or STFU.) , extending the comedy-charade so long has made him hated like few others have been.
    None in such a short time frame though.
    Bravo Mr. Carter.

    Some say that ESPN and people like Chris Broussard lost a lot of credibity but cmon, its sports entertainment. Just like WWE. (both are in connecticut, the clown state.)
    This was par for the course for what they are.


    We were shooting the shit on skype earlier and one friend said that since Lebron was going to King Wade’s palace, he couldnt be King anymore. A prince, a duke or a count.
    We setled on Princess James because he is D-Wade’s bitch now. He went to him.
    Jordan would have never done that. (Shaq lost all dignity before he retired from basketball a few years ago so dont bring him up).
    I was going for Princess Peach but it seems that our circle refers to the ex-king as Princess James from now on.

    I will gladly chip in a few bucks to help buy you a ticket if need be.
    We were at a soccer game in Barcelona in 2002 when their ex-scorer Luis Figo came back with hated rivals Real Madrid (he rescinded his contract to join the others) and amidst the constant and I mean constant 90mins of non-stop boing and puta this and puta that someone threw a pigs head on the field while he was taking a kick (good distance too) and it was THE most intense game Ive ever witnessed from the stands and ive watched basketball games in Greece (and noooo one does crazy like the greeks at basketball games!).
    I think for that day only the Cavs should allow those instruments of the devil: the vuvuzelas.
    Think about it, you dont blow air normally in those fucking annoying (i thought thunderstix were the most evil asian gimmick ever) things, you do it like blowing a rasberry. The irony would probably be lost. My friend who lives in Ohio would love it if all the fans could turn their back to the field during his pregame introdcution but at minimum promises to go to the game dressed as a woman with the name Gloria printed on his shirt and a buddy of his will wear his Delonte shirt and wig and depending how drunk they get, it could be quite funny.
    Or disturbing. Its win-win really.
    Just like this latest power trio. Could be the greatest idea ever or could be a spectacular failure too. Win-win.


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  30. They are both great players and I think LeBron definitely made the right choice in going to Miami.
    Kobe has always had a great supporting cast and now LeBron has the same. When they play I don’t think its going to be a blowout its going to be a close 100-103 game.

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