Why is no one talking about this? /sarcasm


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  1. I really don’t care where LeBron goes, I just want good basketball on my 52, and with this team I will get it.

  2. - Jon Barry was the best part of the show last night. Skeets, the arguement that the Bulls would be the fav to win it all if Lebron joined is justified, they have a complete team with a great coach, Miami now has 4 players (no big man) and a so-so coach.

    - Isn’t it funny how all men run home to momma in their darkest hour? Lebron knew how much hate he would get from bailing on Cleveland so he brought his mom into the decision saying that the phone call with her helped him make up his mind (did he hear Delonte West in the background when he talked to her?).

  3. Why are people so caught up on this macho “cant be the help” thing?

    Scotty Pippen wasnt just “some guy” he was a top 50 NBA Player. Thats ALL-TIME NBA.

    Being smart enough to say, “Hey,Im great and so is that guy. If we team up we can slaughter EVERYTHING!” doesn’t make you “weak”. It means you want to win, whats wrong with that?

    Get over it people. Nobody wins alone. Plus seems stupid to say “Play somewhere your whole career THEN after all that sucking you have permission to join a team as a veteran for a ring”.

    Why? Ask KG how having title shots only come when your body is breaking down works out. Sure you might get one but your body shutting down can ruin everything(a la their repeat).

    Try to win when you can people cause nothing is promised.

    Also for the Shaq rumors might i remind people. “……Bosh is the RuPaul of big men.”-Shaq If he shows up its 100% just to try to piss Kobe off.

  4. Its awesome to be able to play on your home town team – I would love to play hockey for the Montreal Canadiens. However, at some point I’d also want to win a Stanley Cup or at least play for a contender. Kudos to Lebron for making a move to get himself a ring.

  5. Had Lebron stayed in Cleveland people would bitch that he took money over winning. He had an opportunity to go to what on paper looks to be the strongest 3 players on a single team in NBA history.

    Clevland’s owner is a jerk, Lebron played his heart out in Cleveland and tried to win them a Championship but he fell short. To now criticize him and say that he “quit” in the middle of the playoffs is BS. If he did “quit” why would you want to resign him in the first place? No one is Toronto is burning CB jersey’s cause he left. We understand, he was not winning here and he has an opportunity to do so now. Lebron’s situation is exactly the same. Sure I understand Cavs fans being upset, who wouldn’t want Lebron on their team, but this outright hatred is pretty disturbing.

    As far as the the Cavs’ owner guaranteeing a championship win before the Heat….uh what is he thinking? Come on now.

    The show or ‘special’ was stupid, it was just an exercise in inflating Lebron’s ego even more.

    Oh and Stuart Scott sucked balls. “Lebron…. on a scale of 1 to 10 how stupid is this question?” Answer: Thirteen.

  6. Yes, if Lebron chose CLE, the show would have been justified. Had Lebron chosen anywhere else, the show would and is terrible. It’s okay to televise public displays of loyalty. It’s not okay to televise public floggings of a tortured franchise.

  7. Chris Paul just announced he was switching to LRMR. Will he change his mind about that after this debacle?

  8. Tas, you are assuming that the new CBA will have exceptions. Imagine if they institute a hard cap in the new CBA, which is a very likely possibility. Hollinger mentions this. Thus, this is one of the biggest roll of dice we have seen.

  9. Also I have a question for you Skeets/Tas since you are Toronto fans.

    Am I wrong for not seeing him as a SuperStar? Whenever Id see him on ESPN(which admittedly was rarely) it would always be shots 1 step inside the 3 line(Why not just step out and get the extra point?) or being school’d on D.(Like when Old Man shack tourched him for 45 while he was in Phoenix)

    What would he bring to the table as a max player minus being wade/lebrons friend?

  10. reggie miller said it best. lebron using an hour special to tell everyone hes not picking cavs is just a huge slap in the face. ive always rooted for kobe and will still root for him this year but i actually hope the heat dont make it to the finals, orlando and boston will hopefully stomp them out. everyone ive spoke to about this thinks its cheap and doesnt really like it….except for heat fans of course.

  11. No, no Skeets. They won’t be skipping on the beach, they will be steppin on the beach. Should be an interesting season. Definitely rooting for 24 and company to take down this 3 headed monster, since my Stones got no shot for years to come, sigh.

  12. I want a sandwich eating contest betwenn the red rocket and tas.

  13. LeBron fell more with The Decision than anyone in sports, save Tiger Woods. His brand is in shambles. Huge mistake. Especially considering this was planned since 2007. They all knew they were signing together for years.

    This was the best thing to happen to Kobe since he forced a trade to the Lakers though. He’s going into the season as the good guy for the first time in his life.

    I also hope Shaq, AI, et al. take the minimum to play in Miami, but only if a reality show camera crew comes along too. That team would implode by Christmas. The alpha dog mentality with all those guys would be comical.

  14. skeets, say batt bodder again.

  15. few thoughts

    1) we need a better nickname that the big 3. how about: 3-heat? los tres grandes? lbjdwcb? the royal cabinet?
    2) nice watch http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/2010/7/9/lebron-james-goes-to-miami-makes-enemies-with-clevelanders-f.html
    3) why was Kanye there? http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4135/4776589965_66e55e9551_o.jpg
    4) someone talk about the defensive ranking of this new team.

  16. it sort of feels like torture to watch and read everyone’s commentary today being in cleveland, but kudos to you guys for producing an excellent constructive criticism of lebron breaking our heart on national television and dan gilbert’s crazy angry letter. i don’t know if that letter will be an albatross now, but being from here and knowing this city, it couldn’t be any other way. i cannot imagine what the first cavs/heat game at home will be like – ten cent draft night at municipal stadium redux.

  17. So the Heat need to sign a guy or two, eh? I’ll assume they’re in win-now mode, not develop-talent mode. Okay, some good fits:

    Matt Barnes
    Eddie House
    Joel Anthony, obviously
    Kyle Lowry
    Brad Miller
    Anthony Morrow
    Luke Ridnour
    Bobby Simmons
    Peja (did he opt out?)
    Etan Thomas
    Ben Wallace
    Jason Williams

  18. Random thoughts:

    - The show on ESPN was a dick move by Lebron and his “inner circle”.

    - I couln’t care less which team Lebron is joining. Also, I didn’t watch “The Decision”.

    - I like Wade as a player. I’m OK with Bosh. I’m feeling a strong antipathy towards Lebron and I will root for every team that plays against the Heat (that of course includes Kobe and the Lakers as well as my favorite team an inner state rival to the Heat: Orlando Magic).

    - Chris Paul just joined LRMR. Watch Bosh get traded to New Orleans for Paul at the deadline. (You read it here first!)

  19. You added Scott fricking Carefoot to the team? That same Carefoot that’s gets blasted on the Raptors’ forums? Geez.

  20. Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to see the cavs play the heat next year

  21. im not sure why people are pissed off, they knew from day 1 they would play for the same team,
    they are basketball players just like the rest of them, i think its smart and good luck to all of them!
    watch out kobe, this all happened cause they hate you , and wanna take over

  22. The 2011 NBA season is going to be like no other! I can’t wait for Kobe to take down the MV3!

    LeBron = LePippen

  23. I don’t think LeBron wanted to show malicious intent in “The Decision”… no matter the forum in which he announced it he was going to be roundly criticized. It was a lose lose. I believe he thought it would be a win win… if the announcement also benefitted another entity other than himself and the sports news outlets that would be reporting it… that being KIDS! Remember all the money generated from the show went to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. He was trying to be altruistic in order to take some of the sting out of the decision. He was never going to make everyone happy. But I’m sure those organizations are.

  24. Thank you guys for a different take than most of the media covering this. There’s all this fake outrage right now that’s really just exhausting. Liked your analysis much better.

  25. My biggest problem with the Decision show (which I didn’t watch) is that LeBron just got humiliated in his last playoff series. By doing this show, he’s acting like he’s the basket-ball gods’ gift to the world. I don’t expect athletes to be humble all the time, but how about being humble after you’ve been completely humbled?

    I also wonder if playing with buddies is the best way to win. What if it’s like sharing an apartment with a friend? Whoever does more dishes and goes to bed earlier gets pissed and the friendship is ruined.

  26. Just saw the preparation for the Heat introducing their new signings on the 4 letter network. Sounds like they’re playing Scal Says there.
    Maybe it was just Simon Says. We can hope anyway.

  27. Saying guys like Kobe, Magic and Jordan “did it on their own” is a crock of shit.

    Phil jackson

    etc. etc.


    Also remember Kobe was a guy whining about leaving the Lakers because they had no talent around him. He publicly demanded to be traded. It didn’t work out that way because the team got their act together and surrounded him with better players.

    This is what Cleveland/Toronto should have done, but they failed. Should these competitive guys have stayed on their failing teams out of loyalty or some misguided sense of taking all the responsibility for themselves?

    What a load of mawkish and egotistical horseshit!

    They have a chance to win, together, and took it. Who wouldn’t want to be successful WITH friends? And why is there less glory because the people around you are competent ? That doesn’t make any of them less talented players, or the accomplishment of a championship less fulfilling. In fact I’d say it’s more so because you are sharing it with people who are closer to you.

    I don’t like the way LeBron announced it, it was selfish, arrogant, and the height of hubris. But as far as everything else, tough luck, get over it and stop lamenting how weak these guys are for playing together or who takes lead at the spring formal. None of the three will become worse players or “robin” to the others “batman”. If they win their legacies will be just fine.

    My only concern is how it might affect the entertainment value and competition of games. I don’t expect the heat to absolutely dominate their first year because of the roster issue and limited cap space, but these guys might eventually bite at the heels and surpass that 72 win Bulls team. Lopsidedness is never fun to watch, even with guys as dynamically interesting as these 3.

    Anyway, have become much more of a Heat fan and will look forward to watching them next season.

  28. Would Shaq possibly go back to the Heat now?

  29. Like so many, I thought the way LeBron left was pretty shady. However, I am all for his move to Miami because it’s a new storyline. Have we as fans ever seen three such highly talented players join forces in their youths? Maybe some old-timers have, but not a twenty-something like me. I am interested in seeing what they can accomplish, provided they don’t have to beat the Rockets to get there.

    I have seen a lot of comments about how LBJ should have gone KG’s route and labored in CLE until the twilight of his career and, provided he didn’t win anything there, shuffled off to some contender for a couple of years. Sure, that seems noble, but what do you get for that nobility? Maybe a ring, maybe nothing, and a lot of talk about whether you could be considered an all-time great with no hardware. Patrick Ewing was a terrific player, but would a young superstar want his career? No way. That superstar wants rings.

    I guess I’m saying that longevity in sports is never guaranteed, and chances like this are oh-so-rare. I can’t hate on the guy for taking it, even if he went about it in a poorly thought out manner.

  30. Lebron’s decision is perfectly fine. There will always be haters. If they win and win some more, it will be a good decision. If they lose, it will be a bad decision. Everything is determined by whether or not u win/lose.

  31. Kobe stayed and didn’t bail? He demanded a trade and then shut up once they delivered him one of the best bigs in the league. Michael Jordan, notorious for berating and complaining about teammates, would have resigned with that wretched roster in Cleveland? I just don’t believe that. The Cavs showed their true colors once LeBron left. They are a terribly-run organization who couldn’t come through for LeBron. He has played with one legitimate All-Star in his whole career, 2005 Big Z. Mo was an injury replacement and hardly deserved it. I don’t think people understand how significant that is: he has played with only one year’s worth of All-Stars in seven years and yet made a Finals and won 60 games twice. If this is my resume and I’m 25 and my body is peaking, I’m out. I can stay and scrape up one ring or two in Cleveland, but then what? People will say “about time.” Casual NBA fans don’t understand just how valuable the one ring in Cleveland is, and neither will NBA history. It has been said so many times in these comments but can’t be stressed enough, Hall of Famers need each other to win rings in this league. Jordan needed Scottie, Kobe needed Shaq, Shaq needed Kobe and Wade, Wade needed Shaq.

    In my opinion, LeBron had to make a decision: I go to Chicago or I go to Miami. In Chicago I have the best starting five in the league, win 62+ games and realistically pick up 2 or 3 rings in 5 to 6 years. Or I could go to Miami with one of the best shooting guards of all time and a future HoF in Bosh, and together we could form something that the league has never seen. I think any former NBA giant would die to have had that opportunity. These guys aren’t just competing with their contemporaries, they’re competing with the best teams in NBA history. LeBron is better than Wade. It may be Wade County but history will see LeBron as the best player on this team. That means that LeBron has the possibility to go down as the best player on the best team in league history. it was a no brainer.

    (Also, the Bulls with LeBron are better than the Heat with Wade and Bosh. I’m sick of this talk about LeBron needing to go to Wade. Wade and Bosh needed LeBron. It was a group sacrifice. Everyone says “Wade won his ring, LeBron hasn’t.” Shaq was second in MVP voting the year before the Heat won, give me a break. Wade’s ring is great and his Finals heroics earned it, but to use that to put him above LeBron is ridiculous).

    About how he chose to do it, who cares. I’m so sick of the American people turning on their idols overnight. If anything this is great for LeBron. He needs to be that villain like Jordan was. It will push him, and more importantly it will get people watching the NBA again.

    Lastly, good video. I really am sick of the constant character assaults on LeBron. I find them to be quite arrogant. Sports writers and journalists tearing down a person they’ve never even met is embarrassing. LeBron hadn’t said one word since the playoffs until last night but yet people were calling him a “classless hack” on radio shows. I want to hear basketball talk. I say save the arrogant character attacks for Rick Reilly, we’re hear for the game.

    Go Pacers!!

  32. Lebron….Dead to me. Wade….Dead to me. Bosh….Dead to me. Im going to follow, watch and enjoy guys like Durant play what real champions are made of. Unprofessional the open letter…of course but well deserved I was so happy the cavs owner called him out like that. Remember just a few months ago Lebron promised he would not leave the cavs without getting them a ring. Not only did he stap his team in the heart in the most brutal way he didn’t even finish playing for them in the playoffs. The man quit on the floor with time left. Im not kidding I was a huge fan of Lebron but this guy is completely dead to me.

  33. ugh.. Kobe and Michael Jordan should never get credit for sticking with their teams….ESPECIALLY Kobe! First of all Kobe whined his way to the Lakers in the first place. Then he whined for better players after Shaq left (which was his fault) and demanded to be traded to a contending team until the Lakers bought in Gasol. Michael Jordan wasn’t as bad but he also whined and bad mouthed his team until he saw the potential in the team and Pippen/Horace and he stayed. Now Reggie Miller was one who stayed loyal to his team and he actually held REAL team dedication values. He’s said himself that his goal of his NBA career was to stay stick with a single team..Although coming very close, Reggie even retired without a ring and didn’t even team hop to try to get one(even though he was thinking about it lol). Of course everyone wants different things out of their careers. LeBron is looking to get rings as efficiently as possible, play with friends….. and party in miami I guess. nothing wrong with either.
    I also don’t agree with LeBron being similar to Michael if he stayed in Cleveland. Michael Jordan had a team on the rise that eventually became good. Most people see the same kind of thing with Durant’s team…Who sees that with Lebron’s? He’d need some Reggie dedication to stick with that imo lol. Michael didn’t stop complaining about the team until he wasn’t damn near the only person on it. LeBron still seemed in that stage during playoffs this year. Who’s to say (besides Michael) that Michael Jordan wouldn’t bail in this situation?

  34. Lebron quit during the playoffs because Deonte just f~ed his mother, a teamate and from what i hear a friend of his. Maybe someone in the organization knew about this and didn’t let him know, some players or even Gilbert. That’s why he quit and that’s why he walked away.

    He doesn’t care for his trash mom he just keeps her for PR, he mentioned her so many times on ESPN just to gain credibility but that whore doesn’t deserve respect, and yes i think lebron is a great guy. As they said all three will sell tickets wherever they will go.

  35. “The Decision” was like Lebron leaving his pregnant high school sweet-heart for a hot slut in Miami on national television.

    I don’t like the decision because it defeats the purpose of the salary cap (best players should be paid the most and talent needs to be spread across the league so more games are intriguing) and it taints Lebron’s legacy (his statistical no’s will likely go down and he won’t win as many championships as Wade + Miami is an ordinary franchise.

  36. I always tought LeBron could be a better “1-B” than “1-A” player. He likes to rebound, pass the ball and defend, and he has holes in his half-court game.
    He’s more like a much better Pippen than a Jordan. Only thing is: there’s no such thing as a better Jordan to team-up with, so this is the next best thing.

  37. I actually think Lebron was pretty passive, not so much with all that marketing, but with Wade and Bosh.

    So imagine you’re Lebron, if you knew Bosh and Wade are going to be playing in Miami who you’d play against 4x a year, you can either join them, or know that there’s a good chance you will never win a championship staying in Cleveland with no other all-star, a questionable coach or Chicago, who has no coach yet. And since moving to the Western conference wasn’t really an option unless you want to play against Kobe Inc., there’s no other option left than Miami.

    Lebron is also obviously overcompensating when people kept saying he wants to be “the man” and Nike’s pressure on paying the highest amount of money to someone who has never won a championship and actually not selling enough shoes. “The Decision” is simply out of fear for failing.

  38. Lebron is a PUSSY!! Some say “more of a competitor” . Are you kidding me? Tas, dead right when you say the jordan discussion is over, because Lebron is not even close. Bush League move.

  39. When will this myth of Michael Jordan, Magic, Byrd, etc. winning championships on their own be dispelled?!

    Case in point: Scottie Pippen was better, and was on the floor more consistently than Dwyane Wade.

  40. [...] five days ago, but reactions from esteemed sports writers and culture critics are still coming out. Tas and Skeets shot a 20-minute show with their reactions and I provided my take on Friday, and here are some of the more compelling [...]

  41. Kobe has to win next year. Phil Jackson’s last year, ties Jordan’s six rings, three-peat, beats The Big Three finally meeting LeBron in the Finals… it’s everything.


  42. I agree pretty much 100% with Skeets’s take. I can’t possibly wwrite one coherent post about this, so here are a bunch of thoughts.

    1.The consensus among fans is that Lebron is the best player on the planet. If thats the case, then why is it automatically wade’s team juust because he was in miami first? Sure wade was there first, but if Lebron is the best player isn’t it still his team? lets say hypothetically jordan had decided to sign with houston in the mid 90′s. would that mean it was still hakeem’s team?

    (wait for it)

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OF COURSE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just because wade is thge one staying put doesn’t make it his team if he’s not the best player!!!!!!

    2. i find it reeally hypocritical of all the fans who are criticizing lebron for “not having the guuts to win it on his own”. wait a minute, don’t we ask our athletes to prioritize winning, winning, and winning above all else with no exceptions? So shouldn’t we praise lebron for going out of his way to join a potentially historic team instead of taking more money to go to a team that has a smaller chance of winning but where he’s the alpha dog??? We always criticize players who put being The Man over winning. Well he did that, and now suddenly we’re questioning his manhood? so maybe he’s not as hyper-competitive as jordan in the sense that he doesn’t have this machismo complex that we all want, but rather he’s more like bill russell or tim duncan in that he has a singular devotion to simply winning rather than winning while also having the be the alpha dog. what’s wrong with that?

    3. ok im ready to criticize him. i have no problem with him choosing the heat. i have a problem with him choosing his team like this. that stupid show was such a dumb idea – how can you stab cleveland (the most tortured sports city in america, the place in which he grew up, the fans that gave him their heart and soul for seven full years) in the back like that?

    4. if lebron had left after 2009, when he played out of his fucking mind but his teammates failed him against orlando, then i would understand. but to leave after he quit on his team like that in the playoffs – that’s disturbing at best, despicable at worst.

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