It’s been said a couple of times in the past few days, but seriously, where are the Miami Heat fans on Twitter. I haven’t seen/heard from any of them since Chris Bosh and LeBron James decided to join Dwyane Wade and bring championships (yes, multiple, if we are to believe James) to South Beach.

Hopefully there are lots of Heat fans on Twitter that I haven’t discovered yet who are enjoying these tweets. If not, these tweets are just digging the knife a little deeper into the hearts of Raptors fans who are dealing with his departure. No, there have not been any burned jerseys around the city (to the best of my knowledge, and I’m hoping I’m correct on this one), but are these tweets really necessary? No. They’re about as necessary as Bosh and Bron being given keys to the city of Miami before giving one ounce of sweat to the organization.

With respect to the above tweet about his grandma being excited about watching him play on television this season: Vince Carter played in Toronto and he was on TV a lot, so the issue isn’t the city. Actually, I’ve got two more words in response to that tweet: League-Pass.

If I can afford it, he most certainly can.

This makes me frustrated and I’m not even a Raptors fan. It’s never fun to lose a superstar. Bosh acknowledged this in his message to Toronto fans on his website. Since he knows, maybe he should keep that in mind as he’s enjoying this next step in his pro career.

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  1. Damn, you got that written up quick.

  2. @Chris: That’s how we roll around here :)

  3. Wow! Good blog!…I’m 100% behind you. I’m not apart of the Raptor nation but I feel your pain! You’re right! Where are all the Heat fans on Twitter? I’ve yet to find any myself! I just hope these recent aquires by the Miami Heat are good for the NBA in the long run. O yeah and one more thing…I don’t think the Heat will win a championship (or at least I’m hoping not) I wanna see the Raptors or Cavs win one before the Heat do! I’m out!

  4. Jeez – this is probably the most exciting time of this guy’s life. Not because he’s leaving Canada, but because he’s part of the most exciting team in North American pro sports right now. People are expecting him to act like his dog just died? Give the guy a freaking break! He played his heart out for you guys and has been classy and thankful towards Raps fans all the way. Pu-Lease!

  5. Like JE Skeets said: Bosh is a LOSER… great post Holly.

  6. Keys to the city is kinda crazy. But I don’t think these athletes should base what they put on Twitter around trying not to hurt feelings. They put what’s on there mind and doesn’t seem to be trying to take shots at anyone. I 100 % agree with the league pass thing but to much is being made of Lebron n bosh leaving. They were FREE agents. Meaning they belonged to nobody after the season. LeBron doesn’t owe his career to Cleveland and Bosh doesn’t owe his to Toronto. In fact, I think Dan Gilbert b**ch fit Jus solidified to LeBron that he made the right decision. I kno I kinda got off topic but I had to vent a lil. Lol

  7. I’ve been kind of ignoring Bosh’s tweets ever since free agency began, and that’s mostly because they were beginning to sound exactly like the types of tweets/blog posts I hate: Ones where someone states that they like spicy ketchup, or what they ate for breakfast that morning. Simply non-relevant bullshit that makes reality-TV look like the greatest brainchild of human creativity.

    I can see how “Raptor-Nation” is hurt that they lost a superstar. But now that Chris’s mentality seems to have shifted dramatically (the guy gets pretty bold when he’s standing next to two buff superstars), I’m beginning to think that I don’t mind him leaving. I’m not going to boo the guy when he comes back to the ACC to play, but I’m certainly not going to show him an ounce of adoration either.

    Last point is the thank you post on his website. Message is fine, but is still annoying because of the crude photoshop of the Miami Heat jersey onto his frame. It’s visually obvious and also, we know that he had cut his dreads before the announcement.

  8. @Jason and @Joseph G

    The fact isn’t that he left. The issue is mostly cheap shots towards the city of Toronto. Bosh has lived here for 7 years and so he should “know” that the issue is not the city. Therefore you can’t even legitimately say it was a slip up on his part. I’m referring to his “grandma” tweet. You might argue that Raptor fans are dissecting and reading too much into his tweets. Fact of the matter is that these are public broadcasts and if there’s one thing I hate it’s the spreading of misinformation about our city.

    In the case that this was a genuine mistake; that just means he’s severely incompetent public relations wise.

  9. How’s he misinforming anything about the city? Basically what the man said is he knows Miami will be put on ESPN and all kinds of national tv schedules next year. (which they will) and that Toronto never got that kind of love. (which they didn’t) He’s not talkin down at all. These guys r living a dream right now n all anyone wants to do is bring em down. I agree 100 % with Holly about the league pass thing, so it wasn’t really necessary but that doesn’t change the fact that ppl r lookin for reasons to bash these guys. If u were Bosh and u had a chance to leave Toronto to play with LEBRON JAMES and DWYANE WADE come on now.. in Miami. Come on, ud be crazy to stay. He gave hall his best every yr. Never gave up on yall, its ppl like turkoglu that yall should be bashing. Not someone who gave as much as Bosh did.

  10. @Joseph G

    I’ll play along a little bit. But firstly I’m not criticizing Bosh for leaving. It’s pretty obvious you haven’t read my previous posts or understand my position on Bosh leaving. Therefore I just wanted to clarify that. For the sake of correctness, please understand that Bosh signing with Miami and him making stupidly pointless tweets are two separate events.

    You do realize that Twitter is a public broadcast and that anyone who wishes to can read those messages (excluding those living under the umbrella of totalitarian dictatorships of course). You cannot deny that the tweet could be interpreted as a slight towards Toronto, especially for those who simply don’t know much about the city. Try to think on a grander scale here.

    I still respect Bosh for the work he put into the organization, so don’t place false accusations on me.

  11. Ey holly, any way to watch the summer league games for free? Or do you know of any websites/twitter that provide constant updates to the game?

  12. Bosh’s twitter statements have been annoying. It started with changing is location to “everywhere,” he then posted the message “where should I go.” From there on, he sounds like a giddy school girl, that’s happy to be a number 3 on a team where no one cares about basketball. Then, he changes his number from 4 to 1 because it was a “fresh start” and he cut his locks. He’s implying something, and it has such a strong sense of annoyance to it. Before he “thanked Toronto” on twitter, he posted messages about how he joined the Heat how excited he was etc. For me tho, I’m happy tha dude left, gives more room for Bargnani, DeRozan, Johnson, Weems etc. Kind of like when VC left Toronto. Peace Bosh, you will not be missed.

  13. I love how we’re supposed to feel bad for franchises that lose big players. Knife in the hearts? Give me a break. As a fan of a terrible franchise, I would die to have LeBron or Bosh play for my team for just ONE season. It would make watching games so much more fun, it would make being a fan so much more enjoyable. All these fans are acting so entitled and ungrateful. You had them for seven years, enjoy the time together and get over it. It’s just like any other relationship. Burning jerseys and whining about tweets makes you guys look much worse than the players who departed, regardless of the terms they did it on. There is no rule book for how to leave a team. There is a rule on being a fan, though. The rule is suck it up and move on.

  14. @quinnthology ahhh preach! Refreshing to finally see someone with that kinda thought process…… Damn….
    And @Adrian Hung I got u man. To be completely honest with u I’m Jus kinda venting on here n everything I put to either u or holly isn’t really directed at yall. The conversation Jus kinda led to everything that’s goin on n the things I’m referring to is everyone else’s stupidity. If u read my txts ull see I always put ‘everyone’ and “why people”

  15. @Beno: You can watch the games on Raptors NBATV here in Canada, I’m sure NBATV in the US. I think you can order a pass to watch online and there are a TON of people you can follow on Twitter for updates.

    I’ll be there starting on Tuesday :) so check @stackmack, but for now, check out @coachthorpe, @ryanmgreene @sethpo @MikePradaSBN, just to name a few. I’ll send some more when I get there and see who else is hanging out to cover the action.

    I understand that Chris, LeBron, Amare, etc, etc all have the right to take their career wherever they are wanted, I just think it’s important to remember the fans who supported you as you built yourself up to BE in a position to be able to go to any team for max money. Chris is a solid guy and I’m sure he’s just innocently expressing his feelings as he takes this next step, I just wish it didn’t have to sting so much for the fans he left behind.

  16. No problem Joseph. I agree that fans “should” grow a thicker skin and just move on. The problem with people is that they are human beings, so you can’t fault them for growing attached and being passionate towards specific players who they might idolize. I guess we’ll just have to put up with it.

  17. @Holly This is the part I don’t quite get. The fans did not build LeBron up. He made himself a superstar in Cleveland, he could have done it anywhere. The stadium could have been empty every night but LeBron would still be 28 8 7. He put Cleveland on the map, Cleveland didn’t put him into the record books. Fans love to overvalue themselves in sports, but at the end of the day we’re just spectators. Maybe in the WNBA the Phoenix Mercury’s x-factor (the fans) have a say, but in this sport stars make names for themselves. Have we made LeBron rich? I guess in a general sense, yes. But he has generated millions in revenue both for the franchise of Cleveland and for the city of Cleveland.

  18. @quinnthology

    Let me get this straight, you believe that because of some natural talent or social status, that people are entitled to disrespect their supporters when they move on? There’s such a thing as ethics, a moral compass, or simply professionalism. I guess it’s becoming more and more a rarity nowadays. Only a few superstars like Kobe or Kevin Durant seem to respect the idea of it.

    Your argument doesn’t make any sense to me man. Besides she didn’t say that fans “built” Lebron but they supported him on his personal journey “as he built” himself to where he is now. If you’re any sensible human being you should show respect to those who believe in you, even if their presence doesn’t provide you with any tangible benefit.

  19. @Quin: Bosh built himself up, too. It’s up to a player and the work they put in to become a superstar, but when you’ve got a 18k people coming out to see you every night, also giving their support, I do think you owe them respect, even after you leave. You don’t owe them the best years of your career, but you do owe respect. Without fans, the NBA and these large contracts wouldn’t exist.

    As for LeBron generating revenue for Cleveland, I’m with you. That’s why I thought Dan Gilbert’s letter was extremely shortsighted.

    Respect needs to be given both ways, imo.

    @Adrian KD is the BEST. Wish his parents could teach some parenting seminars, haha

  20. @Adrian Hung
    Kobe? You mean the guy that spit in the face of loyal LA fans when he demanded a trade two years ago? The radio call-ins that day speak for themselves. Kobe couldn’t handle playing for a terrible team so he tried to complain his way off of it. There go Kobe’s ethics, as for his morality……

    If the fans want to take responsibility for building LeBron up and supporting him, then they need take just as much responsibility for failing franchises and mediocre players that play in empty arenas every night. No one came to Cavs games prior to 03. Bandwagon fans swooping into Cleveland and acting like they own LeBron is comical. But fans don’t take any responsibility for the other side, because fans love to overvalue themselves when its convenient and disappear when it’s not. LeBron played hard for seven years, brought that franchise to relevance and barely once even complained about the lack of talent around him. I think they’re even, to say the least.

    I agree this is a business and that ethics do apply. But all that went out the window when fans burned jerseys and cursed his name and the leader of the organization he played for wrote that letter. If there is a moral high ground, neither side is standing on it. No player has been even close to in the type of situation LeBron was in since Shaq in 1996 (and that was a totally different era of communications), so it’s hard to say his conference was all that wrong and that other players wouldn’t have done the same thing. Just because something is unprecedented doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Likewise, no other franchise has had LeBron, and so it’s hard to compare their reactions. However, I’m willing to bet that more players would if possible do a one-hour special than owners would write such a despicable letter.

    The two sides had an obligation to one another so long as they remained under a contract. That expired. Teams trade and decline to re-sign players all the time. They often trade them with absolutely no notice whatsoever. Sometimes its not until a trade is announced on Sports Center. Sound familiar? But it’s okay if it’s the other way around. Or more specifically, if it’s not LeBron.

    I think this whole thing has been way blown out of proportion by the media. They put him in the same light as Tiger and even Kobe after the rape case. With regard to the show, LeBron had to balance disappointing the city of Cleveland with making the most important free agent decision in NBA history. From this decision a dynasty is potentially born that could run the NBA for years. One hour on ESPN? That’s it? Yes, LeBron mismanaged the balance of those two things, but to say he is an egomaniac for realizing the severity of his decision (which every other NBA player also recognizes) is just wrong. It’s not debatable that the show was a failure, the general public is disgusted with LeBron. But just as the situation was mishandled by LeBron, it has been misreported by sports journalists and misjudged by the general public.

    Just my 2 cents.

  21. he did put a lot of work in the franchise…and what he did to canada is not the same as lebron did to Cleveland but i don’t feel the same good luck feelings to bosh as i did to the Doc cause he was in T.O. for 12 years and never made it in the playoffs. i don’t think that 7 years is enough.

  22. I am not happy that Bosh has left Toronto, but at least he had the class to say it when he decided. The way that James did it leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, whether you are a Cavs fan or not. It reminds me of the way another “super star” left Toronto. Maybe they should be called Lebron Carter and Vince James.

  23. Anyone who says Bosh did this correctly is naive, and an asskisser. Contentious? No, just take a look at Roy Halladay; and adored player, who had a very similar situation, and we LOVE HIM STILL. He was classy, and did things properly, and we felt empathetic enough for him to move on without animosity. In fact we respect him more. I cheer for Halladay still, even though I am a Jays fan, no doubt. Bosh is just self-centered, and has a lot to learn about winning people’s hearts.

  24. Nice post. What do you think about trading away Tas for Barbosa? PHX must have like 50 swingmen now…

  25. If i paid for my grandma’s league pass, she still wouldn’t know how to work it. Com’n.

  26. It really is kind of amazing how events like these really show the true nature of people. I was always pretty neutral towards James and Bosh, but both of their actions in this free agency have been pretty immature. I don’t care that they chose the path they chose, but their actions before or after the decision have been a bit pompous and show very little respect towards their hometowns that cheered for them for 7 years.

    PS. Not to sound mean, but Miami is a bit silly, I mean giving 2 players keys to the city just for signing a contract, and retiring Michael Jordan’s jersey number when he never even played for the team!

  27. Leave Cris Bosh alone. He was a great athlete in Toronto. Too bad Vince Carter didn’t stick around to play with Bosh because they would have made some noise in the playoffs for sure. Cris Bosh left to play with some of the greatest players to play the game. I don’t blame the guy for paying with D-Wade and Lebron. They seem like class acts and the most exciting basket ball to watch. I think the Toronto Raptors have some of the best young talent in the game and if they can keep these guys around they will have a playoff team in a few years. Demar Derozan, Ed Davis, J Bayless, they should build around these 3 guys and they will have a great team. Calderon is ok but he just freaking annoys me and is the my least favorite raptor. He could never run the point with the speed and make shots like Bayless will.

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