It’s been said a couple of times in the past few days, but seriously, where are the Miami Heat fans on Twitter. I haven’t seen/heard from any of them since Chris Bosh and LeBron James decided to join Dwyane Wade and bring championships (yes, multiple, if we are to believe James) to South Beach.

Hopefully there are lots of Heat fans on Twitter that I haven’t discovered yet who are enjoying these tweets. If not, these tweets are just digging the knife a little deeper into the hearts of Raptors fans who are dealing with his departure. No, there have not been any burned jerseys around the city (to the best of my knowledge, and I’m hoping I’m correct on this one), but are these tweets really necessary? No. They’re about as necessary as Bosh and Bron being given keys to the city of Miami before giving one ounce of sweat to the organization.

With respect to the above tweet about his grandma being excited about watching him play on television this season: Vince Carter played in Toronto and he was on TV a lot, so the issue isn’t the city. Actually, I’ve got two more words in response to that tweet: League-Pass.

If I can afford it, he most certainly can.

This makes me frustrated and I’m not even a Raptors fan. It’s never fun to lose a superstar. Bosh acknowledged this in his message to Toronto fans on his website. Since he knows, maybe he should keep that in mind as he’s enjoying this next step in his pro career.