Dancin’ Hedo is back! And this time, he’s so excited about being traded to Phoenix he’s partying his way across the USA.


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Comments (59)

  1. These things get better and better. Well done boys.

  2. Let’s see if Nash and Hedo can reach the awesomeness of their doppelgangers from Toronto.

  3. toronto raptors is the most loser team in the nba.

  4. you will cry a lot.

  5. The sad/funny thing is that I’m pretty sure Tas is in better shape than Turkoglu. Hedo wouldn’t even make it down the street dancing with those suitcases before somebody would have to bring him an oxygen mask.

  6. Is this supposed to be funny? You raptors are so pathetic. Paying Hedo 53 millions and using him as a static shooter, intead of the leader. If Calderon is the playmaker, why trade him? With Bosh went away, you can make more videos for fun, because your team is unwatchable. And make a video of your faces too, when you see Hedo and Nash rock the West this season.

  7. It’s all good Raptors fans. I suppose that all the negative comments (e.g. from tolga, hayri and inci) are coming from turkish “fans”. Orlando had to put up with similar comments and a lot of insults and hate from turkish people when the Magic sign-and-traded Hedo to Toronto. But Otis Smith knew all along what he was “giving up” and now Bryan Colangelo realized it too.

    I feel really sorry for Phoenix Suns fans.

  8. inci is clearly Hedo trolling sites that mention him

  9. After feeling the butthurt from Tas’ ongoing mockery while in Toronto, Hedo is “taking his talents” to the valley of the sun to team up with Nash, in order to see if they can compete with their clones up North.

  10. Lol, Inci, now that was worth me reading, simply so it could brighten my day. You do know that the Phoenix Suns just got EXPONENTIALLY WORSE this off-season right? And you do understand that Steve Nash is old, and although great, has not brought a championship there either? You are gonna be eating those words eventually, and I hope they taste like stupid, cause you are what you eat.

  11. Look at all the butthurt Turkish people flooding the comment section. Yo Turkey, your boy Hedo sucks. He’s a fat, lazy alcoholic who smokes cigarettes and cheats on his wife with sluts he picks up in nightclubs.

    I feel sorry for you Pheonix fans!

    Also, hilarious video. It captures the essence of that turkish bum perfectly.

  12. I love all of the Hedo/Tas stuff you guys do. Touching on Unagi’s post, I hope the Nash-clone makes an appearance in a future episode.

    If I might make a suggestion. Have some Phoenix fans attempt to take a picture of Hedo in a nightclub and have him try to break a camera with his bare hands; resulting in a self-inflicted injury.

    As for the proposed move; I just don’t see how Turk works in systems with playmaking point guards. We saw what happened in Toronto with Turk playing off of the ball with Calderon and Jack, and he’s going to be doing the same thing in Phoenix. I believe there’s even talk of Hedo shifting to power forward? What a bloody joke.

  13. He kinda went the long way, but he got there.

    Who you gonna be this year Tass?

  14. Yayer! It was meant to happen! Skeets and Tas reunited at last!

  15. I hope you pulled this move at The Score staff party…

  16. i know why tas melas doing that videos…there are no greek players in NBA like HEDO looolllllllllllllll he is too good to play for POOR RAPTORS!!!


  17. Hedo is the best, therefore, I obviously will continue to emulate the great Turk, even in to his days of retirement back in the motherland.

  18. By the way guys. Here is Hedo’s reaction if the deal doesn’t go through:


  19. I agree with Adrian. Nash is obviously Phoenix’s main playmaker/ball handler. If I’m Gentry, I’m more concerned with developing Dragic than stroking Hedo’s ego.

  20. Adrian, I also agree with your youtube post. Damn.

  21. Oh! c’mon shut uuuup. What is this, we torontonians are acting like shit too. Then we ask ourselves why any decent player wants to come to toronto??? Guess why?

  22. First of all this is maybe the funniest work in TBJ history.
    2nd: Hedo is laziest player ever to play the game. I watched him on last Euro chamhionship and it was unbearable. Turkish fans tell me if he isn’t showin effort for his country why do you think he is going to do that in Phoenix?

  23. start respecting turk, we r on the rise again

  24. This is great! saw your other hedo party dance video and it was funny. Keep them coming

  25. to Inci, yea I’d personally like to see Hedo failing in PHX if that’s what you mean, congrats. cause i mean, he’s gonna make a huge difference with his sweet 11.3 PPG and 4.6 RPG. Its because of stats like his that make him such a strong leader, or a sack of shiit on PHX.

  26. there *are* Greeks in the NBA, Konstantine Koufos!

    Great stuff Tas. Let the haters hate on.

  27. @ mudal, any decent player’s name doesn’t have Hedo Turkoglu in it

  28. damn you got me when you ran to your closet and dumped it all in one suitcase with the booze

    well done

  29. Leading Magic on the way to the nba finals, and a big disrespect from Otis Smith. So he came to Toronto. He went to that club, because his TEAMMATES called him up there! His injury was not that big, so he joined them. That is what he said to Turkish media and we believe him. Since he had a baby girl just recently, you can think and wank that he is a party boy and whatsoever. I understand he was too good for you Raptor fans. Your organization simply cant get anything out of stars like Vince, Bosh or Hedo. And all you can do is booing, crying, chilling out there ha ha.

  30. “Stars like Vince, Bosh or Hedo”?

    Hate to say it but:

    Vince > Bosh >>> Matt Bonner > Primož Brezec > Hedo

  31. As a Suns fan, here are my expectations from Hedo Turkoglu the coming season: hilariously awkward post-game interviews (“Ball”), several DUIs, and a fist fight with Robin Lopez (ending in the hospitalization of Turk).

    Anything short of this, and the trade is deemed a failure in my book.

  32. LOL. Absolutely made my day!

  33. I don’t get the Turkish guys on here hating on TBJ and the Raptors and Toronto for this video. It’s a parody of Hedo Turkoglu’s time in Toronto. No hate for Turkish people intended. Get a grip.

    That out of the way, this video was probably the funniest thing I have seen in awhile. I’ve been up 30 hours waiting for conformation on a Charlotte Bobcats trade was won’t happen because Michael JordHAAAN! will veto it with the powers of David Stern, so I really needed a laugh.

  34. do you really beileve raptors an a nba team come on hahaha

  35. As for this video, Keep it on the youtube. I don’t wanna see this shit on the score. ….Colangelo should see if Mavs are interested in shipping Chandler, Nowitski wants shaq. So here it is,,, The point guard timeline if the Mavs get Calderon… Kid stays around for his last 2 years or so and meanwhile Calderon picks up and learns from Jason Kidd, then Calderon around the age of 30 in his prime becomes starter. Then Calderon leaves when Mavs dcide Beuabois is going to start. thats a good timeline. so Calderon for Terry. Evans is a straight up trade for Chandler but Belinelli and Eavns for Chandler and MAs will have room for shaq.

    Calderon Belinelli and Evans for Terry and Chandler ( Then the MAvs would have room at center to sign shaq.)

  36. Fuck this asshole in this video, Have some respect and integrity. This is as much of the Raptors fault as Hedo’s if not more… you don’t sign a 10 year veteran who gets better every year and than try and change him. you knew what you were getting with Hedo and they tried to change him. fuck that. wonder why he averaged 12 points 5 & 5 / because the Raptors failed to use his abilities correctly. from the GM to the Coach to the players that failed to get Hedo the ball at the right times. fuck you and fuck anybody who hates on Hedo jus because he didn’t work out as a Raptor.

  37. Tas, awesome job.

    As for the subject of your parody, Turk will always have a place in my heart for insisting that his difficulty in adjusting to the Raps’ system was based on the fact that he was the point guard in Orlando. Point guard. Ummm yeah.

    For our Turkish readers, allow me to translate: Hidayet is make crazy talking, is not fault of Raptors fan’s and Raptors boss’es. Hedo never meets reality,,,makes interview fun but not useful on wood’s floor. Sagliginiza!

  38. Ash: I think you won the Internet today. Nicely done.

  39. Ash just made my day with that second paragraph. I’m still laughing out loud.

    Furthermore, I’m starting to wonder if Candyman has a van…..a creepy van….

  40. You should of had this is up when MJ canceled on the trade. Tas would of had to dance back to TO, then get the call again to go back to Phoenix

  41. BC is the best GM, Since coming to Toronto he try everything to make the team better… Adding guard Leandro Barbosa another good move, now he has lots of money to acquire whom ever he pls

  42. This is my first time at this blog.

    In a single post, it has become my favorite Basketball blog.

    Welcome to Phoenix Turk… You’ll fit in just fine here.

  43. slowly but surely, the comments section of the jones is becoming less enjoyable to read, and morphing into espn-style territory.

  44. Since we Michael Jordan fucked themselves and The Raptors with that Chandler depaucle this trade isn’t so bad… I have to say this, Hedo’s season is as much The raptors fault as his own… You don’t sign a player who has gotten better every year in the league and 10 years into his career, sign and try and change him. You knew what you were getting… See More… See More, if you weren’t willing to give the ball to him then you should not have signed him!!! How many games did I sit through watching Hedo fly up the side lines with his hands out trying to get the ball and it never came… & the way he’s being treated then and now is un professional and immiture. We have this stupid commercial on the score about hedo leaving. You know what if you want to do that shit keep it on youtube, you wanna know why players don’t wanna come here because the media and fans are of the most immature and prudent judgmental fan base in the league. He came and it didn’t work out. move on!!! So if another big free agent comes and it doesn’t work out, are you going to kick his ass out the door by making fun and being disrespectful? Have some respect, Have some integrity. Hedo is going to light it up in Peonix cause he is a great player and he’s goin to play with professionals not Jaret Jack and Belinelli who want to have the ball more than hedo. Nash will gladly give Hedo the rock to do what he does. You guys have no clue how much fault this is on the raptors part. Welcome barbosa and let’s get this team in fuckin order!!!

  45. I sure hope Hedo packed all his ‘papers’. ;-p

  46. Water came out of my nose when Hedo dropped all that alcohol off into his suitcase.


  47. JD, Matt or whoever is responsible for the audio — can you tell me what the song in the background is? Thanks!

  48. toronto didn’t appreciate hedo…

  49. @mellowman: It’s one of the royalty free tracks from the service we use (APM). It’s called “Hit and Run”. You may be able to find it on iTunes. We’ve seen APM tracks show up there before.

    @Dave: Welcome!

    @andrew the former bogut hater: The price of popularity I guess.

    @Candyman: No one has more integrity than Tas Melas. Respect is earned in this town.

  50. are you guys on vacation? Whole lotta nothing here recently.

  51. This Video needed to end with Hedo (Tas) meeting Nash (Skeets) and proceeding to remake the Steve Nash/Baron Davis classic Youtube skit lol

  52. You’re going to regret not giving the ball to Hedo last season, you don’t sign a10 year vet who has gotten better every year in the league and try and change him. You knew Hedo Handles the ball at least 50% of the time and he only got the ball as much as an average swingman last season. bullshit! AT Least Hedo is going to play with some real pros!!! who understand what he is and has to offer, they will allow and help Hedo exceed & be a great player. They won’t hesitate to give him the ball because they know in this league, there is nothing better than having a 6’10 player who can play every position and has outstanding court vision and a great ability to play the point.. Somebody who can do it all if givin the ball!!!. all he wanted was the ball!!!. & nobody wanted to give it to him in Toronto land. so fuck the raptors for that and all those players and coaches who did that to hedo. Well I hate what happened to you Hedo but, I hope all is well in the land of the suns and show everyone whats really good… & I welcome Barbosa to the Raptors, we need to get this team together. Were loosing all free agents that we need. Something needs to happen.

  53. keep drinking the kool aid candyman, lol r u fucking serious man, hedo sucks ass get over it, look beyond the fact that he’s turkish and see that he’s not as great as u think he is. You do know that that when ppl call him the turkish jordan it’s joke right, yes he has his moments but come on. And yea im sure he’s gonna be handling the ball alot in phx it’s not like they got a guy named nash that runs the whole offence over there lol

  54. You guys are going to regret hating on Candyman. You don’t make fun of a 10 post vet who gets better with every post and then try to change him.

  55. I wanted a little bit at the end where he says, “Ball” and there is a white guy with long hair that just dribbles right by him.

  56. Well, gbminn is a douche bag.

  57. yes, lets give respect to the person who makes turnovers when he has the ball in a tight situation, and give respect to the person who says he wants to make the all-star but never seem to put in the effort. Hedo’s prime was in Magic’s when he’s the only veteran on the team. other than that he’s just a 6″11 pylon

  58. turks rock and thats all u need to know

  59. “Gall”


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