San Antonio Spur, Matt Bonner (aka “The Sandwich Hunter“), stops by to make Tas the greatest lunch of his life.

Join Matt on July 16 at the Hold Steady show in Toronto and help him raise money for The Boys and Girls Club.

Ed. Note: The Hold Steady are one of TBJprod’s favorite bands and he promises it’ll be an awesome show.


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Comments (32)

  1. I live in San Antonio, and I swear the people here just don’t get Bonner’s awesomeness. Sure, he looks hilarious when he plays basketball, but the guy dunked last year. Dunked! Matt Bonner! Matt Bonner dunked! Anyway, I’m glad we saw him get an extension. For a team as “boring” as the Spurs, they could use somebody with a little personality. And a pretty good three-point stroke.

  2. Excellent Bowie shirt, Mr. Bonner.

  3. he forget how to easily open a bag of chip?

  4. “which is shocking to me ’cause its delicious” hahaha Classic.

  5. Count me a new Matt Bonner fan. Funny guy.

    @ACE: Kettle chips are tough to open the traditional way, so you kinda have to use the little corner tear move that they’ve started for you. Those are some good chips.

  6. Nice. Somehow a solid vid without the exploitation / objectification of Tas.

  7. The Spurs have some incredibly lovable individuals in Red-Rocket/Sandwich-Hunter, Timmay/Big-Fundamental, Manu-Voodoo-Batman, Tony-Frenchie-TP-Parker, Dejuan “Bear” and they just struck it lucky (again) with Splitter.

    But man do we Suns-fans hate that boring hacky bunch as a team! (who we finally swept last year)

  8. This is incredible. How did you make Matt Osten appear so tall?

  9. Yo TBJprod, saw the Hold Steady show last night in Detroit. Very solid stuff. I think Gaslight Anthem outperformed Hold Steady though. Just my opinion

  10. Forgot to mention this, after I bit the sandwich, we asked to record him saying, “I’m Matt Bonner, you’re watching The Jones…” He suggested he take a bite of the sandwich after he said the line and asked me, “You don’t have cooties, do you?”

  11. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed how he oddly opened the bag of chips… it just makes it so much harder to close the bag afterward.

  12. Matt Bonner is my new favorite player.

  13. I too, noticed the odd chip bag opening technique. But now at parties when I open my next chip bag, I will do it that way and call it the Bonner technique. @Adam, perhaps he never plans to reseal the bag b/c he might finish them all in one go?

  14. >Another Matt: How did you make Matt Osten appear so tall?

    HA! I was thinking the same thing.

  15. Great stuff. Matt Bonner seems like a rad dude, which as a Spurs fan, I already knew.

    Tas, you’re completely right about tomatoes making the bread soggy. When I pack a sandwich with me to take to work, I always put the tomato slices in a separate container and insert them before eating the sandwich.

  16. Footlong, who had the footlong!

  17. PHENOMENAL. Oh and that chip bag if you notice has a slight tear already in the bag where he opens it. If you’ve had that brand of chips then you know. It really isnt practical though if you want keep them fresh.

  18. Hahaha, I really like Matt Bonner now. “Orrr what is it in Canada? A one fourth meter?” good stuff!

  19. Think he drools when he imagines sub sauce?

  20. for a really great sandwich you need the pickle and onions with mushrooms grilled in olive oil, sprigg of celantro, and some bell peppers! the bread looked great though!

  21. that was great!

    Matt Bonner seems like a really cool guy

  22. @Another Matt – you’re onto something here. has anyone ever seen bonner and matty-o together at the same time? no? is this like some sort of hulk thing – mr osten, when he gets hungry, rages out and turns into a 6-10 3-point-shooting sandwich hunter? “you wouldn’t like me when i’m hungry…well, actually, you probably would, as i’d make you a delicious sandwich”

  23. lol matt bonner is hilarious

  24. Fuck, I love Matt Bonner. Still have a #16 Bonner jersey from his Toronto days. Wish Toronto got a chance to sign him this off-season. Congrats on the new contract and even more impressive, San Antonio considers Bonner a part of the team they want to keep around. It’s understandable on the off-season side but they liked him on-court they consider him a piece they want to keep. Years ago, Raptors fans didn’t think he was worthy of staying in the rotation.

    CONGRATULATIONS TO MATT BONNER! He’s even got a Canadian citizenship and lives in Toronto now. Fantastic guy.

  25. Matt Bonner is awesome … nuff said.

  26. Bonner is chill. He should be like the guy from Man v Food, but for NBATV. Matt v Footlong. Oh yeah, Suns forgot to acquire Bonner, I mean they already have Nash and Hedo. Are you just fucking w/ us? Is this a conspiracy? =D

  27. What is in this sub-sauce Bonner speaks of?

  28. 27 comments and no one say how awesome the Hold Steady are? Be prepared for an awesome show and if you see the guys after wards be sure to do a shot of jager with them. They did one with me in Tucson, but I was wearing a Duluth shirt and I think they dug the Minny connection.

  29. that was bonnerlicious!

  30. @Frank

    The Hold Steady killed last night. Really great show.

  31. Great Skit MALAKA. Just curious, did bonner and you ride the red rocket afterwards?

  32. [...] I think we’re all a little confused about where tacos stand on the sandwich scale. And if noted sandwich aficionado Matt Bonner can’t even figure it out, then what chance do we have?Even more troubling is the [...]

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