In Las Vegas for Summer League, Marc Iavaroni confirmed that he has accepted an assistant coaching position with the Los Angeles Clippers, joining newly appointed head coach, Vinny Del Negro.

The move to LA comes after Iavaroni spent the past season on the Toronto Raptors bench, serving as an assistant to Raptors head coach, Jay Triano. Iavaroni first gained national recognition while working under Mike D’Antoni in Phoenix with their high-octane, “seven seconds or less” offense. It will be interesting to see whether Iavaroni’s history of working with uptempo offenses will mesh with Del Negro’s more traditional offensive principles in Los Angeles.

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  1. Yeah, so they’re still left with 2 incompetents in Carlessimo and Triano.

  2. “Opponents almost shot 48% against the Grizzlies and the Grizzly players didn’t look like they cared. Iavaroni just looked befuddled”. Raptors didn’t do any better let’s see how the Clippers do.

  3. Nunya you’re an idiot. Carlesimo was an assisstant with the Spurs from 2002 to 2007 in which time they won 3 championships. Triano was hired by USA basketball to help with their Olympic team. None of which speaks to either of them being incompetent coaches. I am sure you could do a better job.

  4. Nunya is indeed an idiot. How does an incompetent coach get hired in the top basketball organization in the world then? Who let the 5 year olds on this forum?

  5. Is this a Raptors blog now or are the article just more raptors-centric? If an assistant coach left OKC there probably wouldn’t be a post about it. I’m not trying to be a dick, I’m just curious.

  6. @WTF: It had nothing to do with which team the coach was working for, it had everything to do with Holly breaking the story. We were the first ones to report on this – if we were the fiftieth, then it wouldn’t have been posted, and if we were the first to find out Maurice Cheeks was leaving the Thunder bench, we would have posted that too.

  7. @WTF

    If you think about it logically then there will be a larger ratio of Raptor-related blog posts simply because they merged “Nothing Easy” with TBJ and they have Holly on site covering the team. I’m a little bit curious as to “We’re talking about practice” posts will be received once the regular season starts. It won’t go over well. They will definitely have to change up a few things in terms of how the posts are organized so as to not be overbearingly Raptors focused.

    On-topic: Marc Iavaroni was redundant for the Raps since they now have Carlesimo. Both Iavaroni and Del Negro can now share a few brews in the warm weather while contemplating their mutual non-relevance in the league.

  8. Iavaroni only came to the Raps in hope of taking over once Triano got canned. Now that PJ is the lead assistant, he’s not fiirst in line for the job (also he blows so there’s that too). With it being Del Negro and the Clippers Iavaroni saw a better opportunity to steal VDN’s job since he was also offered lead assistant coach.

    Also, Iavaroni sucks.

  9. Actually, Iavaroni was considered the defensive guru in Phoenix while Mike D’Antoni was mostly in charge of the offensive schemes. Considering the defense was pretty woeful throughout his tenure in Phoenix, I’m not sure how much this will help the Clippers.

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