Andy may be a little blurry, but the likeness is uncanny.

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  1. Seems like a meth addict’s before and after pictures. Ouch. Just kidding Skeets.

  2. Skeets could outplay Andy.

  3. lol @ the girl standing behind Andy making him look like he has a mullet.

  4. @drinkalot Err.. that’s a very muscular neck for a woman.

    @Holly Good choice on the Skeets photo where he’s looking extra glazed over. Although not sure how you captured Andy with the Keanu-Reeves-WHOA expression.

  5. I’m seeing it.

  6. Skeets just looks a bit tanked with the 100 yard stare goin on.

  7. not really seeing it.

  8. before; aspiring basketball star.. after.. meth addict. good call Geoff. Sorry skeets

  9. hey skeets? drunk much lol
    i noticed the andy/skeets similarities during the NBA draft

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