Amar’e Stoudemire: Dave, what’s up man?

David Lee: Hey, Amar’e.

AS: You’re making me look bad in New York, Dave. Attending people’s funerals and stuff.

DL: Well, Scott was a good guy.

AS: Yeah, I was there too. Signing autographs.

DL: Really?

AS: No! You can’t charge for autographs at a funeral, man! [Laughs]

DL: Right.

AS: Just wanted to say congrats on signing with Golden State. That’s huge!

DL: Thanks, man.

AS: You know, the Warriors almost traded for me last year – were gonna give up Curry and Biedrins. That’s a lot.

DL: Oh, right. I heard about that.

AS: What did they give up for you?

DL: Azubuike, Turiaf, Randolph.

[Awkward silence]

AS: Well, Golden State got a really good deal. Gotta run, Dave. Good luck this week!

DL: Yeah, see ya.