Amar’e Stoudemire: Dave, what’s up man?

David Lee: Hey, Amar’e.

AS: You’re making me look bad in New York, Dave. Attending people’s funerals and stuff.

DL: Well, Scott was a good guy.

AS: Yeah, I was there too. Signing autographs.

DL: Really?

AS: No! You can’t charge for autographs at a funeral, man! [Laughs]

DL: Right.

AS: Just wanted to say congrats on signing with Golden State. That’s huge!

DL: Thanks, man.

AS: You know, the Warriors almost traded for me last year – were gonna give up Curry and Biedrins. That’s a lot.

DL: Oh, right. I heard about that.

AS: What did they give up for you?

DL: Azubuike, Turiaf, Randolph.

[Awkward silence]

AS: Well, Golden State got a really good deal. Gotta run, Dave. Good luck this week!

DL: Yeah, see ya.

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  1. How come no one talks about Amare’s Mr. T chain?

  2. Sure, Amar’e wanted the money that New York had to offer, but you have to remember that he signed before Bosh or Wade committed. He did plan on being the highly paid star on a weaker team. Don’t criticize his character like that.

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