D.A.R.E. to believe, Timberwolves

ESPN: Kahn says Beasley smoked too much pot in Miami, isn’t smoking anymore

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  1. Why is the hat so small?

  2. @timbo – optical illusion, his head is too big.

  3. If Kahn really believes that, he’s not just a crappy GM, but an idiot.

  4. Hes not smoking pot anymore because there are just so many activities in Minnesota. He simply doesn’t have time in his day.

  5. David Kahn compared Darko’s passing to a prime Chris Webber. David Kahn is a fooooool with an awesome job!

  6. Pot makes you better at basket-ball.

  7. Can someone just put Kahn out of his misery, and fire him already?

  8. I don’t know… The Darko signing seems really stupid, but Beasley: “for us to be able to land him for … two second-round picks — that’s the kind of risk that I’ll take any day of the week” says Kahn, and you have to agree with that.

    Plus a lot of NBA players have had issues with weed, i mean: C-Webb and “Uncle Cliffy” Robinson got busted for that a few years ago (when they were still close to their prime)… The kid is just 21, maybe he’ll understand that a pro athlete has a responsability to take care of his health and to keep weed for “offseason trainng sessions”.

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