“ESPN’s Arash Markazi managed to attach himself to LeBron James and his crew for a night in Las Vegas and wrote of a 25-year-old living life like some sort of Caligula of the Cuyahoga.” Then the story disappeared. Then The Jones recreated a part of LeBron’s night.


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Comments (6)

  1. wonder who asked for the story to be pulled from espn.com?

  2. the worst casting job in the history of tbj guys! yesterdays post sounded like espn lite! I know it’s off season and slow, but your fans expect your A game guys!

  3. WHOA! Does TBJ not pay during the summer? Why is Tas waiting tables in Vegas??

  4. Oh come on! Matt and LeBron are basically twins separated at birth!

  5. Kinda wish you’d taken the paint Matt black route. It wouldn’t have take too much paint he’s not very big.

  6. The actor playing LeBron in this piece actually does look exactly like the real LeBron James.

    - Jeff

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