The month of August is hot, humid and hellish for a basketball fiend. There’s nothing going on, no fresh news to cover and it’s hard to come up with things to write about. A lot of content depends on the ability to get players/front office peeps on the phone. Something that can be difficult during the season, in the summer it can be damn near impossible. So, what do I spend my day doing? Good question. Sometimes the reality of it hurts my heart because I come up with dead ends when I just want to find some news that I can pass along to you.

Here’s a brief rundown of how I’ve spent this past week:

— I spent a few days trying to track down Big Baby’s number after he graced us with his fantastic video teaching us how to dougie. I’m also slightly embarrassed to admit how much I’ve watched this video. This search for his contact info has taken forever and is considerably more time than I’ve ever spent trying to track down someone’s phone number. Maybe that’s why I’m not great at it. Alas, the search continues.

— I spend way too much time going through Getty Images, looking for things that could be good ideas for a photo post. My newest obsession is with track suits from the early 90′s. You know, the track suits that bring back glorious memories of Brent Barry in the ’96 dunk contest. 1996 was a damn good year for the NBA, wasn’t it?

— A good chunk of the day is spent texting and emailing with other writers/bloggers/agents and NBA peeps as we float ideas back and forth, exchange info and links and of course, track down phone numbers. I’m learning it’s all about the digits in this business. I already don’t like this part, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon.

— Watching NBATV replays of the best games from the past season is fun … until you realize just how much you miss the regular season and then you just feel depressed.

— A few times a day I feel inadequate when someone else posts a killer piece that makes me wonder: A) Why didn’t I think of that? B) What the hell am I going to write? and C) How many more days until preseason?

Bugging my rumored boyfriend (emphasis on rumored, no romance between Melas and myself) Tas Melas, J.E. Skeets, Scott Carefoot and crew over at the The Score by email/text/Twitter, trying to come up with story ideas. Shout out to them for putting up with me.

— Making more calls to try and track down the validity of Internet rumors that end up popping up every few seconds. While I’m thankful every day for this lovely world wide web, basketball rumors could drive a person crazy. Especially when they change before you get finished asking about them.

— Growing more thankful for Twitter. Before the days of social media, the NBA offseason was so much more quiet. I’m sure some media members are on the other side of the fence here, but for me, it’s a gift to be able to discuss withdrawal symptoms with fellow bloggers/journalists/fans/players while also feeling like I’m still in the loop reading about training and pick-up leagues and the like. Twitter, you own a piece of my heart forever.

— Checking Sham Sports and HoopsHype to try to get all of the offseason moves straight in my mind and to marvel over the fact that Rashard Lewis is making more money this season than every NBA player not named Kobe Bryant. Ooof. That doesn’t even seem possible.

— Splitting my time between NBA and Canada Basketball and then feeling guilty about not fully staying up on USAB. Spreading my wings a little bit and taking in some high school action that I don’t normally get time for during the regular season is fun, actually. Maybe the only plus to the offseason.

— Writing posts like these while I continue to hope and pray for some NBA news to break or for some of these players to call me back. I promise more entertaining content soon! Even if I’ve gotta make the news myself.

What’s important though, is that I wouldn’t change a second … except for getting players to call when they say they will and speeding up the wait until preseason.

Tell me, how are you all surviving the offseason?