It still tastes great …

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  1. the shaq pic deserves a post of its own. perhaps even a career-spanning retrospective

  2. Who is that actor impersonating Shaq in the bottom half of that picture? No 12 year old I have ever seen – actual, or in Shaq’s case emotional – is capable of a facial expression anywhere near that mature, sober, and contemplative. If the Big Asshole would just grow up emotionally and act like an adult except when it is appropriate to act like a kid (e.g. while having fun at Disney World or joshing and bantering with friends or family), I would consider excusing his previous inappropriate adolescent behavior and misbehavior. But until that unlikely growth happens, he stays in the chapter “World Class Punks” in my book “Assholes, Phonies, and Punks Among Professional Athletes.”*

    * “punk” as in “callow” not “catamite

  3. Ælfræd (Elf Counsel): Im sorry but you are loonie. How can you dis Shaq like that!? He is going into the HOF and he has definitely earned his spot and earned the respect to act however the F*** he wants. Big Cactus, BIg Aristotle, Big Nascar or Big Joker, he will forever be……………………………. THE BIG RESPECT!


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