On Tuesday, LeBron James tweeted this:

Early this morning, The Basketball Jones got their hands on the extensive list of “haters” which LeBron has compiled:

  • Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, the city of Cleveland, DAN GILBERT, Fefe Dobson, guests at Carmelo Anthony’s wedding, Savanna Brinson, Anthony Tolliver / Paul Rudd / Steve Carrell, Arash Markazi, Brian Austin Green, Jason Kidd, Charles Barkley, Stan Van Gundy, Dwight Howard, Rajon Rondo, Bristol, Connecticut, Justin Bieber (but that’s cool, I really like him, he’s performed with Drake).

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    1. I think all the haters should get their own championship ring in 2011, after all they’ll be partly responsible for fueling lebron to go all the way

    2. LOL – Good to see I somehow dodged being put me on the list… ;-)

    3. There goes Fefe Dobson, running her mouth again…Stupid little tramp.

    4. You forgot Bill Simmons.

    5. Add me to that list please…

    6. LeBron needs to make another mental note to himself.. Nobody really hates you for going to Miami, they hate you for HOW you left Cleveland…

    7. I’m glad my job doesn’t involve having to read Twitter feeds like James’. I think it would drive me towards several personality disorders.

    8. king of what? self proclaimed king of nothing.. ur now d wade’s sidekick so shut the eff up!

    9. I think queenjames said it best – I’ve been asking the same question over and over numerous times over the past few years – King of What?!!?!? And having a song written about him that says “Understand nothing was done for me…” WTF?? You’re good and talanted OK, that we can give you – but all the best players were also great people, get it?

      Mental notes of people dissing him?! How arrogant can one person be… This dude is gonna make me hate my favourite team just by boing there. Sheesh…

    10. Add me to your list. You suck LeBrand.

    11. I would like to deliver a personal message to this perverted individual (Lebron). Nice sucker punch today. You show up again, and you see what the F*ck happens OK? I will murder you! I will f*cking murder you! You’re f*cking dead! I use mace and tasers! F*ck you!

    12. you are now the most arrogant sidekick in the nba.. prove your worth before you talk smack.. career ending injury please..

    13. mental notes? thats surprising.. do u even know how to think right?

    14. Wow if you hate lebron that much but u still suckin him u got ya name inSpired by him..

    15. We need to leave him alone! We the people are the reason why he is the way he is! Big headed! Let him live is life! I know that you are living and doing what the hell you want to! At the end of the day he’s the one who has to deal with his choice!

    16. A comment for Stefan, how can Miami already be your favorite team if they haven’t started the season yet? Son, don’t be a bandwagon jumper….it’s really pathetic….as pathetic as Miami will look once my Celts, (fan since 1984, yeah that’s 26 years chump) dispatch them in the playoffs.
      And as far as lebron and his public relation blunders….live n’ learn….
      GO CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. Oh, and Hung, 2 words, ANGER MANAGEMENT…Green is the color of calming….also the color of Celtics…..the real team to beat…

    18. Shut up lisa curtis. I had nothing to do with LeBrat being the way he is. I have never liked his punk ass. He’s always acted like he’s something special but I don’t see any rings on his fingers.

    19. i like the way some fans boasts how long they have been fans of a certain team like its a badge of honor, as if its really worth anything lmfao

    20. What a biiiatch!!!!! In the NBA everyone gets talked about at one point or another!!! You weren’t complaining when Jerry West called you the best player in the NBA!! You weren’t complaining when you won the past 2 MVP awards.

      But you complain when you lose a playoff game and act like a child (i.e. Qrlando hand shake) and now you pound your feet and pout like a little child complaining about people telling the truth about your awefully thought out ‘desicion’

      Grow up LeBitch! Take it as constructive criticism or competitive fuel and just maybe you may win a ring now that you are on D.Wade’s team. But only after Kobe retires.

    21. Easy illmatic,
      the transparent and obvious jealousy of a bandwagon jumper….that’s ok, I’m sure the starch creases of your Miami jersey will fool most, and if they fail to win it, you can jump to the next best next year….
      It’s not a badge of honor you wrench head, it just happens to speak volumes about the attention spans and depth of the average new generation fan….sad….so go lyfao in your Miami jersey you silly little cockroach……there, I’m done….

    22. Man, I remember when the people that posted on The Jones left intelligent comments. What happened?

    23. Just wondering Celticzrul, how can you call bandwagon jumping pathetic, and then in the very next sentence admit you became a fan of the Celtics in 1984? That must have been a real tough time for you. Good for you, becoming a Celtics fan in the mid 80′s and sticking it out like that!

      Plus the guy you were making fun of didn’t say he just became a heat fan, he could have been for awhile.
      Plus Celts suck

    24. JJohnson, thanks, that comment was very insightful….any other epiphanies for us?
      And ‘rolfs , use your melon feller! The celtics went 22 years without a championship after the 80′s and I never gave up on them…Inevitably one must choose to become a fan at some point, I was 11 yrs old and it was the !st televised games broadcasted in my area, plu the closest NBA team to where I lived…So before you get your back up and start defending the rest of the knuckleheads, gaze in the mirror eh…
      And yeah, I have no real idea if Stefan is a heat fan or not, valid point….you almost ended with a glimmer of intelligence, then you blew it…
      Love ‘em or hate ‘em one thing may be said, the team that loses without their starting center in game 7 to the champs, in a close game cannot suck now can they…Did someone suck the last of those brain cells out of your head?
      Think before you type OR… stink you do of hype….

    25. Celticzrul, lolzyrolfs said it right ;)) I’ve been a heat fan since Tim Hardaway, Dan Majerle and Jamal Mashburn so please pack it up and stop flaming ok? I was a fan when they were wining 30 games, and when Wade was fragile as a china doll, stop putting words into peoples’ mouths ok?

      I do not have a problem with anyone here, not c’s fans, not cavs fans, not nobody… I have a problem with a certain arrogant dude that messed up my team, alright??

    26. Add me to the list. If it takes “haters” to fuel him maybe all the people taking pics while he threw up his stupid chalk before game 5 versus the Celtics should have been giving him the finger. He sure quit on Cleveland in the playoffs and had the audacity to rip out their souls on a prime time TV event.

      The guy can rot in hell with the rest of the best team Miami can buy. He can’t tear his achilles fast enough for me, and I’m sure as heck not a Cleveland fan.

    27. brian scalabrine, didnt he heckle lbj?

    28. “the city of Cleveland”

      Nero LeBron

      It’s all about partying, and rigging the game like wall street, he learned from society oh so well growing up.

      He didn’t take less money, when you concern yourself with the all more important…metric…how much ACTUALLY goes INTO your bank account.

      He screwed them over, but it’s their bad, now he’s going to make them pay. Welcome to Nero like insanity Lebron. Goes along with your pitiful wish to be the richest man in the world. (something your stupid ass can’t possibly achieve, about 400 TRILLION short)

      LeNero “King” James

      Are you gong to ditch the Heat too if you can’t win a championships after ANOTHER team goes out and puts together this team for you? Like Cleveland did for you? An Owner than re-signed you to a max deal as soon as he could after your rookie season. Gave you the keys to the team in every way. Hell there was even a website named something like lebronthegod.com or something like that. It was an entire cleveland sports scene blog, but adorned HIS name. This is the sort of love Cleveland gave him.

      You were seen as a god in Cleveland. (WERE)
      You are now seen as a sob (FOREVER)

      Valid conclusions from LeNero’s scumbaggery. He chose it, and broke new ground spinning that there is no I in ‘TEAM’ when joining the Heat….but as LeBron is so clueless about …..there is a ‘M” and a “E”

      So just like Nero, fans are irrelevant. Who cares about THOSE, I’ll gain just as good ones HERE. Nero anyone?

      I ain’t even a cleveland fan. My team lost Amare. But Amare to Phx is NOTHING compared to LeNero with CLE. 1000x more special. It’s just amazing what LeNero did. No one will forget, and he’s just going to have to man up and live with it.


    29. Fair enough Stefan, I eat my words with you, but none of that excuses the garble loizyroifs spouts out above…Hardaway was awesome, and Dan the Man was a force….

    30. @ celticzSUCK: and here’s where i get my laugh, i’m a lakers fan jackass i live socal, i hope ur still butt hurt from the finals u celtics bitch because i’m certainly still laughing my ass off by the way ur old geezer team chocked away a championship lol

    31. @illmatic your making yourself look like an idiot….

    32. Illmatic, are you serious?
      You think a game 7 squeak by minus C’s starting center will ever topple the biggest season turnaround en route to a championship. Dude, the fricken Raptors squashed LA in Toronto and lost by 1 point in LA. Believe me, 10 years down the road, what will be remembered most, you wanna talk choke? How about the biggest playoff comeback and biggest Laker home beating EVER? Yeah fool, I know you remember that, I’m sure you feel like last season avenged that right? Well, get ready for a usual average Celts record during the reg season followed by a run to the finals, followed by another green banner….Time will tell….
      Anyway how can i be chapped that a team that went 19-19 to end the season, upset 2 big teams and went 7 with the lakers. If the lakeshow is so great why did they barely, I mean barely beat a team that stumbled into the playoffs? Answer is simple, Perkins got injured and the lakers got lucky…this year they’re luck will run out? better order your C’s gear ahead of time…those “geezers” are gonna finish the job this time…

    33. Ugggh I reluctantly agree with you Nick wat was I thinking, Internet fighting everyone is a retard haha I do see the appeal tho, very easy to get caught up with it. The NBA season cannot start soon enough :\

    34. How come no one blasts Bosh as much as Lebron. Its all a conspiracy and controversy!


      P.S. Why is Lebron king when he hasn’t won yet. And since he is on the Heat, isn’t he prince now?

    35. Can’t we all just get along….ok that was bad…

    36. I know Lebron will take it ALL …. my only question is: Does he swallow?

    37. I am originally from Cleveland, but I have lived in the Chicago area through the 90′s when the Bulls took all those titles and MJ knew how to close out teams and close out a playoff series.

      That is something that LeBron has never been able to do and that stood out against Boston.

      Congratulations to the Celtics this year ever though you kicked our butts!

    38. Jiggy, noone blasts Bosh because he came from a franchise that never did and probably never would have done anything significant. On the other hand the Cavs had one of the the best records in the league, Finals appearance, Conference Finals appearance, Leage MVP twice… Can you imagine MJ saying to himself sometime around 88-89 “Oh, I cant beat the Pistons or Boston, maybe I should join them…” Sure he never won anything alone, he had help, but he was the Foundation of that monster of a team that the Bulls were in the 90′s. He never backed down and never quit on the struggle, he conquered it ;)) You get the subtle difference don’t you ;)

      My theory is that untill KingNothing grows up and realizes that he is not the center of the universe he will never win anything. You have to be a leader, you have to trust your temmates. He jumps out of the building, dunks as if the rim told him YoMama jokes but he is soooooooooooo far from being a leader. Even if the Cavs got more held than just Jamison and The Diesel, he wouldn’t have won it anyway. It’s one thing being the best athlete in the physical sence and a completely different thing being the Leader of a team.

    39. @Stefan Vasilev. I agree with you still but Bosh is a superstar just like James. Its just that his accomplishments are not as big as James’ and he doesn’t have all that hype that James has. To me, they are still just superstars that haven’t accomplished the accomplishment. They ain’t got s*** on Wade!


    40. Of course they don’t have s*** on D’Wade and that is my whole problem, they tagged along a player that has proven himself rather than them being that player for their respective franchises. If it is such an honour to play with LeBron, how come noone significant ever came to the Cavs? Because most players know that he is a spotlight junky that just wants it all for himself :)

      Torn ligaments and all is a bit too harsh for me, but I just want King Nothing to do one of his trademark fiasco media crap stunts and be gone from the Heat ASAP! I thought Riley was smarter than that.

    41. Put me on the list you CRYBABY PUSSY!! The bully is taking names of the people that told the tru…. I mean picked on him. Give me a break.

      (You want intelligent comments….. find Charlie Rose’s website)

    42. You have to add Betty White the 138 yr old old biddy from Hot In Cleveland to this list.

      She`s still a feisty little firecracker and surprisingly hot if you have any granny fetishes.

      Im sure she would call him Princess James to his face….

      >Bosh is a superstar just like James.


      >Its just that his accomplishments are not as big as James’

      Yes, Im just as good a player as Kobe, its just our accomplishments arent the same.
      Bosh is not a superstar, he is a Pau Gasol/Lamar Odom sidekick.
      A star is an all star player like those mentioned, a superstar is a franchise player, a guy you built around.

    43. Reading these comments has been a wonderful experience.

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