Terrence Williams of the New Jersey Nets

This is the slow time in the NBA off-season, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start looking ahead to the 2010-11 season and which players might surprise us. The Slept-on Files will feature some of the players you might have overlooked or written off — and give you reasons why you shouldn’t.


Career numbers: One season:  22 MPG, 40% FG, 31% 3PT FG, 72% FT, 4.5 RPG, 2.9 APG, 8.4 PPG


Why he’s being slept on: Last season was a nightmare for anyone on the New Jersey Nets roster. For a rookie, though, it was even worse. Imagine coming into the league for the first time, everything is new to you, every single detail matters, and you end up on a team where nothing mattered by the end of the season. A dismal, dismal record, questionable decision-making and a franchise waiting for that number one pick — that they didn’t win, naturally — and while the franchise is looking for the next big thing, their supremely talented rookie swingman gets lost in the shuffle.

Of course, Williams may have contributed to his below-the-radar status by making headlines for the wrong reasons. T-Will posted some remarks on his Twitter account that Nets’ officials didn’t take to and was punished as a result, giving content-hungry reporters fodder for weeks. For a rookie trying to prove himself, any and every slip-up is huge because it’s magnified 10 times. Luckily for Williams, his off-court decision-making skills took a backseat to his on-court ones during the final six weeks of the season.


Why he shouldn’t be slept on: Last year, for the first time in NBA history, four rookies recorded triple-doubles. Of those four players, three were guards in the rookie of the year race: Brandon Jennings, Stephen Curry and award winner, Tyreke Evans. The fourth was Terrence Williams. With a 27-point, 13-rebound, 10-assist performance against the Bulls, Williams reminded everyone that the season, the record and all of the crap that the Nets went through didn’t define him. What’s more, as New Jersey descended further and further into the depths of basketball hell, Williams played more and more minutes, making the most out of the extra time and scoring in double-figures 19 times over the final 25 games of the season.

Williams is an interesting player because he can score and rebound, but also has a natural feel for the game and is a fantastic passer for an athletic 6-foot-6 guard-forward. With a bigger role this season, guidance and support from new coach Avery Johnson and room to grow, Williams is going to be a player to watch. Don’t expect a sophomore slump from this one. He’s focused after a season of complete and total disaster and he’s ready to show the basketball world all that he can do when he’s on the floor.

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  1. Nice work Holly, I agree that T-Will will break through this year. Apparently the Nets are going to give him more time playing the point, and I know Summer League is far from the actualy NBA, but he looked great playing the point there.

    He’s extremely athletic and versatile, once he improves his decision making skills and his jumpshot he should have a solid career. The Nets have some great young pieces, they just need to pick up a big time scorer (Melo I see you) lol..

  2. You convinced me. I didn’t expect to be convinced.

  3. God, I miss him…..

  4. I worry a little about how he will mesh with the first string. Clearly, he was the star of the second team last year and didn’t have to worry too much about adapting his game to other, more important team mates’ games. Perhaps playing with Lopez and Harris will make him better. I just hope he doesn’t get out of rhythm waiting for his chance with the ball as the 3rd or 4th option.

  5. Great story! Terrance williams will be looked at as having unlimited potential after nets win there 35 games this year..

  6. T Will still play like Coach P said….he’s jus having fun & it shows! He’s gonna make the game interesting cause he’s also a High Flyer so pay close attention, cause he really do have an all around game….I watched as I worked EMS @ the Great Freedom Hall, I wasn’t a Card Fan but watchin tht team was Great!!!!!! Now I’m looking forward to the next chapter in T Will Book….Get It Man I’ve Talked To You A Few Times, I Believe You Deserve This….


    GO NETS!

    ..chance he may not be a Net though if we deal for Anthony..

  8. @Brett: I’m hoping T-Will can continue to build on the summer he’s had. He’s a unique player with a cool skillset. Such a great passer/distributor.

    @Patrick: Haha! Not trying to convince, just giving a heads up…. Watch him this season. :)

    @Louisville: I bet you do. He was fun in college, wasn’t he?

    @Will: Here’s hoping. I think, with the second half of the season he had, as he gets minutes, he’ll naturally produce, whether its as a scorer, distributor, etc. He can do a bit of everything and HAS, every time he’s gotten the playing time.

    @K.Lou: I’m looking forward to the next chapter, too. :)

  9. I miss the Real Basketball Jones.

  10. Twills a Beast Hopefully he gets the starting role he could be a great player we will see but D collison had a triple double also.


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