On today’s inaugural 2010 FIBA World Championship episode, Skeets and Tas set the Jones September schedule before discussing the tight USA-Brazil game. Topics include: Coach K’s questionable subs, Durant’s rhythm, Splitter’s solid performance, turnovers, mechanics, pockets and more. Ah, it’s good to be back.


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  1. Team USA’s pick and roll defense was horrendously bad the whole game. The guards are going to have to do a much better job against someone such as Rubio (less chauncey please!). If Huertas and Splitter hadn’t gotten into foul trouble it could easily have been a Brazil win.

    Was excited to see that Barbosa was playing well; seems as though he’s going to arrive at training camp in top form!

  2. Easy win for Greece against Turkey? Really Tas? We’ll see tomorrow who will beat the hell out of Greece, we’ll see.

  3. You should definately discuss other games a lot more. You have an international audience! Buy or get “The Score” to buy the Fiba pass if you haven’t already.

  4. Missed you guys!!!! Welcome back video show!

  5. where can I watch these games in Canada? I can only find the team Canada games on tv.

  6. @The Stro Show Lots of people in Canada who can’t get ESPN watch streams of it online. Just watch this:


  7. are there differing quality sparkplugs in existence?

    welcome back!

  8. Good to see these guys back doing a video. Missed my Jones.
    Cheers from Japan.

  9. Will you guys be steppin’ on the beach anytime soon?

  10. you’re from toronto, talk about kleiza a litle bit ;)

  11. Nice to hear from you about the World Championship! Brazil didn’t have the killer instinct they needed to close their battle against USA … I guess a Spanish or a Greece team would have closed it up pretty easily. But very interesting game anyway, and like you said it’s all good for the US to get this kind of challenge. Great games happened there. I loved the image in Germany – Serbia game, when Greene got an interception with 10 sec at +3pts but his foot slowing (on slow motion) slipped to the edge of the court… and you know what’s next … 3pts from the Serbian on the inbound, and overtime, but hopefully for Germany, at the end, it’s a difficult, but much needed, double overtime win.
    Sorry but I’ll go Bleus this afternoon :D … Have fun!

  12. Thanks guy for breaking down the FIBA championships. It really is a shame that we can’t watch other games in Canada on either Raptors TV or some other station. Also I am not sure if FIBATV works in Canada, because I tried watching the Greece-US friendly from Athens and it was restricted. Thank god we have streaming feeds.

    I am disappointed in the play of the Canadians so far. First of all, regardless of our talent level, we should be able to close a team out if we are winning by more than 15, but it is a learning experience for the team. Also, did we fail arts and crafts, how were our jerseys falling apart against Lebanon, pathetic.

    Cheers fellas and if anyone knows how/where to watch the Greece-Turkey game, let me know.

  13. Aussie Aussie Aussie!!

    Australia had tough loss to Argentina, and a lucky win first up (how that fuck does that work?), and destroyed Germany. Lets hear something about the Thunder from downunder!

  14. WTH – Lamar is the perfect big for them. He rebounds and can take it up or outlet it. You’re such a hater!!!

  15. Love the new table guys… lol. cant wait for the Season to kick off

  16. No more vimeo? Lazy ones like me loved the embedded video in Google Reader.

  17. Why such an interest in world championship all of the sudden? No previews, no roster discussion, non of the regular NBA stuff, come on guys! Love the game analysis.

  18. @sri racha: Don’t worry- all that stuff’s coming. FIBA coverage is a bonus.

  19. Is there an rss feed for the video podcast?

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