On today’s FIBA World Championship episode, Skeets and Anastasios Melas tackle a busy day of international ball. Topics include: the *real* “Michael Jordan of Turkey,” Greece’s struggles vs. the zone, Canada shittin’ the fourth-quarter bed (again), Spain’s “defeatening” loss, Diaw’s chocolate gut, Bulls’ pick Omer Asik and more.


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  1. hey fellas.. tough loss for u tas.. turks won oh yea!!! 1 numara sampionlar!!!!
    any ways its pronounces omer ashik not as-ik

  2. the reason why spanoulis didnt have that much of an impact was Omer Onan’s tough defense he slowed him down crucially. Spanoulis was the most feared Greek player but Omer Onan just stopped him and won us the game alongside Ersan, Kerem, Asik

  3. No more vimeo? Lazy ones like me loved the embedded video in Google Reader.

  4. Sorry for you Tas! You could be the unluckiest person all over the world, unless there is another Greek living in Canada with Spanish descent.

    Our old-fashioned coach is in charge since 2003 and that guy isn’t a story of success for sure. It’s his last shot in front of home crowd, and he just can’t screw this up. Anyway he seems mentally healthier this year, although he is in fight with cancer. No more crazy experiments, no more 12-man rotations or another Tanjevic mumbojumbo. I mentioned to Tas about him trying to use Ilyasova at SF during preliminaries. Thank God he gave up after Ilyasova had shown his disappointment clearly.

    It’s obvious that Hedo only hurts the team right now. He’s so unshaped that could be another level even by his standards. (Pizzerias everywhere in Turkey, who could blame poor Hedo?) But still, Tas, you shouldn’t let your hatred possess you! The guy had a major role in that 2-1-2 zone defense, and his physical presence really mattered although he played like shit on offense.

    Ömer Aşık — man, I wasn’t aware that you guys talk about Aşık at first. But it wasn’t a Dragic thing, really hard to pronounce. Aşık has some great talents, but some areas of his game never got better. My expectations were higher 3-4 years ago concerning that he started to play when he was 15 years old and his learning curve is promising. But last 2 years he couldn’t improve his game, his lack of fundamentals and an NBA body could be an issue. Maybe they can send the guy to D-League early in the season — they still have Taj Gibson and Kurt Thomas for bench minutes, right?

    Abercrombie & Fitch jokes never get old, but the guy has some game and an exceptional vertical jump.

    I hate Anderson’s cocky game at pthoint and Rautins could be the difference maker against France. Olynyk looked great but I wonder why in the world Famutimi can’t get any chance. I watched him in Turkish League and he looked like a solid player for any team in Canada’s caliber. And I agree with Tas on English, he fits very well into FIBA basketball.

    OK, apparently I need to translate this into Turkish and publish on my own blog. Keep up the good work. And don’t worry Anastasios. I expect from your guys to lose intentionally against Russia and play Lithuania instead of Spain. Greek people do this kind of things — we see your “Megali Idea” and raise it :)


  5. Hey Tas are persona non grata in Turkey… you know being a Greek and all.

  6. ocean–i–a, not oceana tas. and theres more than 2 countries in it (though i don’t know if they even bother to try and qualify).

  7. Lithuania is 3-0

  8. off-topic:
    Did Bosh marry Lil Kim?
    She looks like a 6, or a drunk 7.

    Oh yeah, fuck Turkey (and I dont mean in that ‘drunk at Thanksgiving’ kind of way) and the res of the pisokolitos.

    Just like in soccer, the worlds are too diluted and the Euro’s always give a better show.

    And is Canada the only country on the planet to take part in international team sports but not have leagues in those sports?
    No soccer league, no basketball league, no volleyball, handball or waterpolo league.
    How the hell can you expect to do well in a sport when you have no pro leagues?

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